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Avatar n tn Not great not terrible probably less energy then I would have liked but who knows what tha was from could have been hep c could have been diabites could have been working 24/7 getting divorced, find a a new gal, buying a house oh and did I say working 24/7. The main point, I think, of my post is tx does not always have to be hard.
188500 tn?1207368551 Do most of you take sleep aids during tx? Do you feel nervous during the day? Just curious b/c I need to talk to people all day at work.
Avatar f tn Do you know what drugs you will be taking for treatment? Is it Sovaldi and Olysio with or without Ribavirin 12 weeks or Sovaldi 12wks and Ribavirin +PEG 12 to 24 weeks or something else? Good luck with tx.
Avatar n tn Does the treatment for hep c, such as the interferon injections, contain blood or blood fractions? I have hep c, and i'm a Jehovahs witness, so i don't accept blood related treatments, just wondering what the injections consist of. Thank you for answering my question, it is greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn //www.hivandhepatitis.
Avatar f tn I finished my 48 week treatment for my hep c and during the treatment had no trace of the virus finished in March 2013 by april 2013 did blood work and it was back for back to dr in October anyone now about any new treatments other the the triple treatment. and has this happened to any one else.
Avatar f tn June 3,2015 I am starting this Journal to let people know how I am doing on sofosbuvir 500 mg once a day and Ribavirin 200 3 tabs in the morning and 3 tabs at night. I am on day 6 I have not had any real problems only a rash that last for about 2 minute and then disappears. Feel a little buzzy pharm. said normally people feel tired. I have not felt tired. I get a good night sleep. I do not have insomnia as of yet.
Avatar n tn Before I started treatment, actually before i even knew i had hep c, i went for over a year, itching every waking hour - went to derm, they had no idea and what they gave me did no good. in fact after research about it, i discovered it was a symptom of something to do with the liver .Now i am off treatment and still itch, but not all of the time.The only thing that helped me at one point was the Gold's powder. Now I use Eucerin Calming Cream. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I recommend that you read as much about hep c and treatment as you can. There is a very detailed UK site called hepctrust.org.uk. Read through the threads on this forum, there is a lot of information. Then you will have to decide if and when you want to treat. Just to let you know, the only way to get rid of the virus is through conventional treatment of PegInterferon and Ribavirin. There are all sorts of alternative treatments claiming they can cure Hep C, but that is incorrect.
Avatar n tn I'm no help to your question - newly discovered hep c diagnosed. So, I'm in serious fact-gathering mode. Hope you stick around in this forum to help us newbies facing these upcoming trials and scare to death. ~..
2038871 tn?1329801810 An 80% cure rate is considered good. But that means 20% don't cure. The crazy thing with hep C is it isn't logical. You cannot compare two people with hep C, in seemingly identical positions and think they'll respond the same. When the liver first becomes cirrhotic, it compensates. In the early stages, treatment is possible. Once the cirrhosis become decompensated, then treatment doesn't work. This is ESLD. When I was first diagnosed I already had decompensated cirrhosis.
Avatar f tn Well it has been 49 day now. My GI doctor cut back on my Ribavirin to 3 tabs in morning and 2 at night. This has taken a couple weeks but I feel so much better and have more energy level is better. I still get winded when I walk up stairs, but better than it was. I break out in red spots randomly on my body that itch. Not to bad I just try to leave them alone and they disappear. I am on week 7 just 5 more weeks to go. I will be doing my next viral load on thur the 23.
Avatar m tn You are on Pegasys, Ribavirin, and Incivek (you did not mention Ribavirin). You were Undetectable at end of week 4 and end of week 8. You are now Detectable at end of week 12. Is that correct? Do you know what the viral load was exactly in numbers? I did not experience this situation but, if I were you, I would ask for another viral load test right away to be sure that there was no lab error. It is possible that the lab made an error.
Avatar f tn Wright's claim that he 'cured himself of chronic Hepatitis C' is a cynical lie. He is anti-body negative for hep C which means he never had it.At best (and I mean AT BEST) he had a false positive test at some point.I don't get het up about many things,but this character upsets me.
Avatar f tn Ribavirin, I am now SVR24 - Hep C Speak for cured! Good luck and good treating!
Avatar m tn This is hard, but it will be worth it if you can get rid of the hep C. welcome to the forum.
Avatar f tn A future without hep c. I have had so many more problems because of this hep c.
Avatar m tn What are the treatments for hep C? I know there is no cure but what would a doctor give me for it? And what would a doctor give me for my back pain considering I have Hep C ?