Reverse sneezing in shih tzu

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Avatar m tn Was going to mention possible reverse sneezing too, not uncommon in those breeds. Your dog is a mix but I suggest you do a Google search on each breed to see what health issues they can have, might help you out. Often the National Breed club web sites will address health issues also and give you some insight. If you are treating for Giardia, good thing that was discovered. Often does not show up in every stool. Make sure you wash the bowls daily in hot, soapy water or diluted bleach.
82861 tn?1333457511 Well give me something else to worry about aside from my own misery. Both of my dogs seem to have some kind of bug. Our Dalmatian, Doc Holliday (aka Dr. Spot or Spotacus) started off the festivities with horrible hacking episodes that leave him a shaking and drooling mess. It's not the typical doggie "reverse sneezes" that are basically harmless hiccups. Now our Dal/Lab mix, Maggie, joined in last night with sneezing fits like I've never seen in a dog and they're continuing today.