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Avatar f tn But if your vet doesn't see any reason to be concerned, that's a plus. I find the best way to handle a reverse sneezing episode (which does upset my dog a bit) is to gently stroke her and calm her without making any fuss at all. And it passes in a minute or two with no ill-effects at all.
1245588 tn?1268617856 It's a great thing that your mother has Mini at home with her...our pets are such wonderful companions for seniors! Ideally, a good physical examination would be the best thing for Mini. At 8 years old, Mini is starting to reach her "geriatric" years as, getting a baseline of her bloodwork, maybe even x-rays and the simple act of having your veterinarian get his or her "hands on" Mini could be extremely helpful.
Avatar f tn I have heard a vet say that it CAN be caused by an allergen in the environment, but if it only happens rarely and is over in a minute or two it's probably nothing to worry about. But please don't take my word for it! If what you see in the videos is not like what is happening to your dog, please see a vet.
Avatar f tn My cat Cloud was 16 years old. He began coughing and sneezing in April, and when I saw blood droplets in the sneezing I tool him to the vet. He dad strong heart, the air was going to the lungs, his temperature was normal, but he lost weight. The vet suggested MRI thinking it is cancer. He recommended Convenia thinking there was an infection.
429155 tn?1205676864 45 back to bed no sleep crazy arms/legs/sweating real real bad hot/cold coughing/sneezing, and EXTREME CRAZY ARMS/LEGS. Sunday 04;30 On computer, 60 hrs now feel clammy and sweaty and ache all over, have you heard of RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, well think of that 10 times worse ( CRAZY LEGS/ARMS. ) To be Cont.......................................
Avatar m tn Your sinuses need time to recover and grow back the good bacteria. 6. REVERSE SINUS FLUSH If you are unable to bend over safely, there is an alternate method of getting a large amount of saline into your sinuses. This method has also helped some people on this forum reach parts of their sinuses that weren't reached by a Flip-Turn Flush. One user reported his success with this method to his ENT, who informed him that he has been using this method for 35 years.
Avatar m tn Just curious, do you have a dog or cat? My doctor ran allergy tests on me and says I'm allergic to animals (I've had them my whole life too) anyway your body can start to have a reaction to your allergies and create a thick mucus in throat. Now......if I knew that was the case I'd just deal with it, but still uncertain. I am not getting rid of my pets.
Avatar m tn my concern is that my son started showing symptoms after 21/2 to 3 months after my exposure a strange allergic reaction sneezing runny nose and each each week something else has surfaced .my doctors told me i was not contagious . i have lesions on my chest and i was seroconverting i did not understand at the time you are highly contagious .
Avatar n tn I only have cooked a few veggies. Also drinking lots of water- reverse osmosis-- water that does NOT have fluoride, that is poison! I still eat meat and dairy, but not a too much. I don't plan on giving up either one, but I do have to be careful with milk drinking just because dairy makes me have alot of phlegm and it doesn't go away for like a whole day when I do drink it. Anyway, that's all for now. RAW fruits and veggis are a good way to start!
Avatar n tn I also have a dog and I read that this parasite is prevalent in dogs and NEEM is used to control it. I wonder if my dog is effecting my Blepharitis!!! I previous thought that contact with my pet caused my skin rashes & eye problems due to a general allergy to his dander. Now I'm thinking it may be his mites. After reading up on DEMODEX treatments online, I see that SEA BUCKTHORN OIL is also used to teat DEMODEX.
Avatar m tn While inhaling, produce a sound as if you are sobbing, by partially closing the glottis.(This is reverse of clearing your throat, where your are exhaling). The face muscles should not be contracted during inhalation. Abdominal muscles should be well controlled. Inhale smoothly and uniformly. After deep inhalation, retain your breath as long as possible. While retaining breath do Jalandhara bandh (lock your chin, touch your chin with your chest).
Avatar n tn On youtube I found a video regarding a Neti Pot. I went to CVS and purchased one. On the first use I noticed that the clicking/popping noise was gone but later came back. TGhis confirms the noise I am hearing is a issue with my eustation tubes either being blocked or having some type of dysfunction that causes improper function.
Avatar n tn What does the ENT say you can do about this condition? See my story below. Several months ago, I was on this site trying to find help for fullness in my ears, dizziness, autophony (hearing yourself breath and chew from the inside of your head), ringing, etc. I had already been the route of the family practioner,who sent me to the ENT specialist. After numerous tests and numerous visits and numerous doctors' bills, NOTHING was found and therefore NOTHING was done to give me any relief.
Avatar n tn I am also aware that I can't do it all the time, or all in one day. I have found that exercise usually equals pain for me. I do sneak in a yoga video every now and again when I just can't stand the inactivity. Take the time to heal yourself and listen to your body.
Avatar n tn T testing for their childrens' allergies. Most reputable chiro/holistic practitioners SHOULD have a free video or seminar that explains this and other techniques used at their offices. Mine did. Ask to see one.
Avatar n tn I was sicker than a dog yesterday with my face pressure to the point I thought I would throw up, and balance problems. Today...I feel like a normal person. I can't understand how it changes from one day to the next with no apparent reason. (But for 3 months I was sick every single day until the Prednisone saved me.) It's poured the rain here today and it didn't bother me. I have no clue! A couple of times I've been so dizzy I could not get up, and it ended up (the Dr.
Avatar n tn Chlorpheniramine relieves red, itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; itchy nose or throat; and runny nose caused by allergies, hay fever, and the common cold in adults and children over age 2. Chlorpheniramine should not be given to children younger than 2 years old because it may cause serious or life-threatening side effects in young children. Chlorpheniramine should not be given to children older than 2 years old but younger than 6 years old unless prescribed by a doctor.
Avatar n tn For the past week or so I have experienced pain in my left testicle after lying down for a long period of time. After standing up and walking around the pain noticebly improves. In the last few days I have noticed the pain starting to radiate to my lower left abdomin. I dont seem to have any lumps on my testicles. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have VERY similar symptoms (dizziness, "fuzzy" vision, lightheaded, shaking uncontrollably, not following conversation well, chest pressure, rapid heartbeat), went to the ER once and they did a ton of tests, EKG, blood work, chest x-ray, pregnancy test, and all came back normal. They just gave me fluids and sent me home. It happened again a week later on vacation, and I've had milder symptoms of it every day since for the past two weeks.
Avatar n tn Oh my! I have the same thing... Mine seemed to happen almost overnight (I have a habit of touching my scalp when I read for school). I will be going to my doctor in December so well see.