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Avatar n tn Two weeks after it happened, I got a sore throat and started to get flesh coloured bumps (kind of like small red pimples) on the wall of the back of my throat. Since then, the throat healed up as normal, but the bumps are still on my throat. I was tested for STD's in my genetal area, and they all came back negative, but I didn't even know you could test for STD's on your throat. The fact that this has been in my throat for 2 months is strange to me, but it doesn't hurt me in any way though.
Avatar m tn I still have red bumps on the back wall of my throat but there seems to also be small red bumps on my tonsils and sides of the back of my tongue (though I'm not sure if these are just the normal papillae). Any idea what the heck is going on?!
Avatar n tn I get these same type of red bumps on the tops and sides of my fingers, and on my elbows and kneecaps. I have noticed a correlation with the sun and when the bumps come. They sound the same as the bumps that are being described here- red, uncomfortable to the touch, dry. I had none of these over the winter. Now that there has been sun these last few beautiful days, some popped up again.
Avatar n tn I seriously thought I was the only person in the world going through the same thing. I too have bumps in the back of my throat. One big one on the sidwe of where my tonsils use to be and two smaller ones on the bottom of it. It also looks like I have a bunch of little ones on the other side of where my tonsil use to be but they look very different. I also have what appears to be a white scratch which a dentist thought was a lesion and inflamation. But none of which hurt.
Avatar f tn I noticed along with this that I had a couple of inflamed looking small bumps on the back wall of my throat and no where Else around inside my mouth. Additional to this, I have had white lines on the inside of my cheeks develope that she'd tissue and a ridged looking tongue that seems to be swollen. My tonsils on the sides of my tongue seem to still be swollan for several months along with the other conditions I have mentioned.
Avatar n tn But the lymph nodes still remain plus I read somewhere that the red bumps at the back of the mouth (on the posterior pharyngeal wall) is due to the immune system harboring infection added to that is the lympyh nodes that are on my neck which I only felt around three months ago after the allegedly ARS episode. Is this true? I am really scared. AM I REALLY 100% HIV FREE and can I move on with my life without any concern of infecting my wife?
Avatar f tn After trying almost every allergy medication over the counter I went to have her tested for allergies, which she had some, however they were not in season at the time, I than was referred to an ear nose and throat doctor which did an xray of the throat which there was nothing in the back of the throat to cause her to do this, he than mentioned that it seemed to be a tic. I really don't know what would be the next step.
Avatar n tn I have little red bumps on the bottom of my lip also little red bumps on the tip of my tongue also something that looks like a blister on the back wall of my throat
Avatar f tn I do have burning sensation of the back of my throat, mostly when it's cold and wet outside and usually in the morning + constant mucus production. I'm going to my dentist for a tooth filling but I will most likely ask her about this. And tbh I don't really think GPs were looking at it, they were more focused on my tonsils... Just looking at the pic.does anything come to your mind?
Avatar m tn But, today I just noticed a red spot forming towards the back of my throat near the that thing that hangs down but towards the side. None of it hurts though but it happened to form now when this thing on my tongue was around. I also have a canker sore on my gum at the front upper of my mouth, which that one of course hurts. I'm just freaking out now that this red spot formed, though the tongue looks better.
Avatar n tn Frequently the pain comes back in the evening...but thats occasional. The middle of the back, on the left side of my back, is sore when i touch it. The pain has been going on for a couple of months now. And i have a feeling that it is the mattress. Because the springs stick out quite a bit. But i have slept on a air bed for a while... I am not sure because , for some reason it is only on the one side of my back. I havent seen a doctor, because i doubt he will do anything about it.
Avatar n tn I approached my GP after my symptoms worsened 2 months ago, I woke up with chills and the final straw was when I had a few bouts of severe migraines that did not subside for 3 days, on top of that I felt drowsy and my right side of my face was partially numb not to mention increased nausea. I also became increasingly dizzy and for 4 days running I almost fell over when climbing out of bed with extreme vertigo.
Avatar m tn , left side Abdominal cramping - frequent diarrhea or lose stool (often 5-6 BM in the morning), unable to eat large meals, bloating Low-grade Depression - frequent thoughts of decreased quality of life puts me over the edge and causes stress Sudden onset of muscle twitch in upper left eyelid, now advanced to movement of the neck Facial whincing - as if anticipating pain through physical exertion - any trigger (opening a jar, bending over, sex), usually unaware Gait issues - ankle and foot pain T
Avatar n tn I dont know what this is but my symptoms are - atleast 10 red bumps on wall of throat, that sometime cause sore throat, they have been there for awhile. - one swollen lymph node under right ear, been there for awhile. - headaches - randoms scabs on body sometimes - i used to get a bump that scabs and crusts over on my vagina and it would come back every like 4 weeks but i havent had it recently. I got a shot of penicillin and was antibiotics but nothing changed! what could it be?
Avatar n tn I too have red and irritated eye lids,they are really itchy,they are watering like a faucet,they hurt, I also have really dry skin,it scalely and red, I also have a white pimple on the edge of my top eyelid , below my upper lid , I wear contacts,which i have taken out and I also have eczema. I have tried eczema cream, many other creams, I have made weak tea and used a eye cup to flush my eyes., and compresses.
Avatar f tn Last year somewhere in august after few days of hangover and dehydration I felt a burning sensation in my throat. I checked it out and noticed red bumps all over my pharynx and few small lumps under my tonsils, I was so scared that I caught HPV from just 1 exposure of 3 minutes in my whole life! After that I've been having burning sensation in my pharynx and upper respiratory wall + extra mucus mostly in cold wet days that would happen.
Avatar n tn I dont know what this is but my symptoms are - atleast 10 red bumps on wall of throat, that sometime cause sore throat, they have been there for awhile. - one swollen lymph node under right ear, been there for awhile. - headaches - randoms scabs on body sometimes - i used to get a bump that scabs and crusts over on my vagina and it would come back every like 4 weeks but i havent had it recently. I got a shot of penicillin and was antibiotics but nothing changed! what could it be?
Avatar n tn ) I wish you well on your test on the 10th. I will be thinking of you as well. Sending positive vibes....
125112 tn?1217277462 blistery looking things on soft pallet and a small glob of clear, sticky substance on tongue. Just plain weird, never experienced before.
429155 tn?1205676864 Last of the Oxy ( This is how I will refer to the drug from now on.) Nauseaus through the night. Friday 6am. Pain in legs and arms a bit of nausea, ache all over, no appitite. Friday 10pm. Bed-No sleep at all ( up and down all night ), legs arms crazy could not rest or stay still, kicking quilt off then on , the standing up sitting, oh my arms and legs were a nightmare ( worst night I have ever experienced ). Saturday am.
Avatar n tn I just had a check up and there are no red flags in blood pressure, heart beat, EKG, weight. Waiting back on the blood work. Sounds like a waste of time for MRIs, etc. I guess I will at least start taking vitamins, reduce the coffee and exercise more.
Avatar f tn we never eat with out washing our hands. we change sheets every 3 days or on and so on and so on. ...What's my opinion of doctors? The first 4 years of dealing with this I went to 5 different doctors: A pediatrician, 2 general doctors and 2 gastrointestinal doctors. After being prescribed mebendazole after mebendazole I finally gave up seeking help from them.
Avatar n tn having the same thing with my penis an I'm African American I think since I'm losing weight my penis is getting longer causing the skin to thin my girlfreind like to pull back on my skin an as soon as she does I feel my skin splits in back of my penis head an it looks like a paper cut I can't stand it an the next day the cut looks healed an after sex the cut reapers please help what is working for you guys I do t want to wait two weeks for my skin to toughen for sex
299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face… But a woman of strength wears grace. A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. Author Unknown ************************************************ Michelle: (Offer support & prayers!!!
Avatar m tn Stool sometimes with blood (if there is a lot of xerophagy); 45. If I eat a lot of sweets, can appear on the skin red bumps, usually on the abdomen. After overeating can pop up the blackheads on the body. After the soul gradually passes; 46. Wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep (in 3-4-5 o'clock), go to the toilet, then barely fall asleep; 47. Get up sleepy, tired and weak, as if hungover; 48. Gnats can fly close by (in winter rarely appear); 49.
Avatar m tn it started out with the feeling of bugs crawling on me then i got these kind of sore bumps in my armpits only and it also felt like my throat glands were bigger as well as my armpit glands. the glands/armpit bumps went away but now it feels like the bugs are goin into my ears and into my nose and now they feel like there going into my anus and i have to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stinging and intense itching in that area plus i still have them all over my body to.
20857594 tn?1543813986 - Cold insensitivity - No sense of smell, worse hearing in left ear versus right - Massive migraines tied to heart rhythm abnormalities - Heart palpitations, made worse with exercise, can result in nausea, blurring vision, passing out / lightheadedness at minimum if I keep exercising/try to push through it - Blood pressure swings too much when standing up normally sometimes, can result in fainting - Rashes on upper body that come and go, little red raised bumps, no rash beyond the litt
Avatar n tn and then just as i get off the toilet i feel like my bladder is full again and i need another pee so i go back on the toilet and about a centremetre of pee comes out, not even that much! and its well annoying, i have been told to soak my vagina in hot water with no soaps and i tried that but it failed.. I have been having this problem for almost a week now, and its not nice at all, i dont want to tell my mum or go to the doctor, so would cranberry juice and lots of water work?
Avatar n tn It is now three weeks since the op and I can at least move around more, no longer doing an impression of a ladybird on its back trying to get up... The main scar is still sore on the inside and by later in the day I get pain down the left side, still have the shelf overhanging which hoping with time and eventually some exercise will go, still quite bloated but this comes and goes seems to get worse later in the day. Hormones have been all over the place as well.
11442929 tn?1418264452 I now constantly check, and the back of my throat (very back wall of the mouth) has gained bumps. Every time I check a new bump is formed. I also notice small white spots on the bumps and sometimes they are red (only when I have a sore throat). Currently I have a itchy, sore throat and the bumps are there. I was wondering what this could be. HPV, HSV, or is this common? I've "Google researched" and I've narrowed it down to HSV, HPV or tonsillitis.