Bumps on back side of tongue

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Avatar f tn On January 19th I was sprayed in the mouth directly by a skunk and on January 24th my tongue was very irritated and I noticed large bumps on the side of my tongue. They do not bother me too bad unless I drink alcohol, salty or spicy foods and if I touch them it kinda sets of my gag reflexes. I went to the doctor and she said they look like warts but she's not to worried about them if they don't get any larger. Which they haven't.
1855970 tn?1325827213 The past few days I've noticed bumps on the back of my tongue... they were just visible if I stuck my tongue out far and didnt hurt or anything. But today, one of the bumps toward the left side just feels annoying. Like when a popcorn kernel gets stuck on the back of your tongue... thats what it feels like. I tried using a toothbrush to kind of 'brush' it away, and it didnt work.
Avatar n tn It felt like a popcorn husk stuck on the back of my tongue and when I looked I found the bumps. Just like you, a couple on one side and about twice as many on the other. No pain, they don't look ulcerated, just bumps. Also, like you, when I researched on the internet, it just scares you what you find. I'd love to hear what you found out about your's and if they have cleared up.
Avatar n tn Hello, A few days ago my throat started feeling irriatated, and just yesterday, the back of my tongue on one side started bothering me as well. At first I thought it was just a blister, but when I looked in the mirror this morning, I found multiple bumps of all different sizes covering the back of my tongue. I know for a fact that I have never had any bumps like this before. What are all the possibilitys of what this could be, where it came from, and how it could be taken care of?
Avatar n tn I have recently developed some painful raised bumps on the side of my tongue on both sides towards the back. I got 2 teeth bonded this past weekend and I didn't know if it could be a reaction to something used during this process. Please let me know if it is possible to have this type of reaction.
Avatar f tn ) on each side of my tongue but only on the very back of it. I seen a doctor but she said they were the color of my tongue so they were probably enlarged tastebuds. I need a second opinion and whatever information I can get on this issue.
Avatar n tn I was on it for approximately 6 days, taking 400mg for the first 3 days and the doctor took me off it due to all the problems I was having with it. I still have the white tongue and now have white spots on the back of my tongue which are uncomfortable as I can feel them...my tongue feels alittle swollen and uncomfortable. This medication seems to stay in the system for a long period of time after it is discontinued. Do you think these white spots are from the medication?
Avatar n tn A couple of days ago I noticed that on both sides of my tongue towards the back and curving over the sides there are several raised bumps. They are not painful. They are oddly very symetrical. If they were just on top then I would not worry but since they are kind of on the side I wanted to ask. I know this is not something that I have just always not seen. It must be recently that they have appeared. I do have have chronic allergies, eczema, and asthma.
Avatar n tn are u talking about that bumps which are on both sides left and right side of the tongue.....?? i think they are normal and each of us have that at lasssst of the tongue someone notices that coz they have big and someone don"t coz small...
Avatar m tn after this incident, my tongue became white and looks like i have oral hairy leukoplakia on the sides of my tongue. i also have big red bumps at the back of my tongue. i am very worried. please help me.
Avatar m tn Hey i'm only 15 and i have 4 big white bumps on the back of my tongue (2 on each side of my tongue) and i have searched everywhere on the internet about these white bumps and every web site has different crap on it and now im freaking out about it a lil bit and my mother told me that she will take me to the denist when i have my next appointment which i would have a heart attack by than. Now i know all about the V shaped bumps in the back of your tongue that mak you taste sweet, bitter,etc.
Avatar n tn I have these weird, raised, and various sized bumps on my tongue towards the back and on both sides of my tongue, on the lower half. My tongue feels swollen on both lower sides of my tongue towards the bottom... It is somewhat painful... Just very irritating. Please, someone tell me what is wrong!! I am a very paranoid person in nature and the slightest oddity of my body stresses me out. All I can say for sure is that these bumps are not normal and werent there in the past.
Avatar n tn today i took a flashlight and found tons of bumps on the back of my tongue and lining my throat. i was worried what these were and if i should go to the doctor or just wait it out. they are red, kind of big, and there are tons of them. they hurt really bad, feel something in my throat, and it hurts to swallow. i also might have a fever and have been sneezing alot with a stuffy nose. im not sure if these symptoms match, but im worried about what i might have.
748964 tn?1233259779 But it's never happened before and I've experienced the stomach problems for years. First red spot appeared on left side and severe pain at the base of my tongue on the left side, and two more spots appeared near the tip, now there are small bumps all over my tongue and it feels like it's burning. I'm thinking I'll have to go see the doctor because I can't find any info online.
502686 tn?1210503477 I figured it was from stress or from smoking. I haven't had it for quite some time now, but now there's one on the inside of my lower lip on the left side. I popped it with a needle and clear liquid came out, but it came back the next day. I don't have a dentist, so I can't very well ask him. Here's how I would describe these mysterious bumps: -about the size of the head of a pin, but round..
Avatar n tn Upon farther investigation I found a line of bumps/cysts looking things. I recently had an outbreak of HSV-1 ON my mouth and I'm scared that I transmitted to INSIDE my mouth. I also had the two lines under my tonue inflammed. 1. Whats along my tongue? 2. Can I contract HSV-1 in my mouth like that? 3. Under my tongue? I really haven't been eating or drinking lately. I have been scared and nervous of spreading HSV-1. I don't get them that often so when I do I do, I freak out.
913040 tn?1242939263 i have two bumps on each side of tongue i know that it is nomally doc said something bout papillaes or something like that but not only do i have those two bumps i also have these large red bumps majority of them on right side going down my throat my throat has been sore for bout a month if not longer now including my earaches that ive been having ive been taking antibiotics the throat and ear pain seem to come ago its been coming and going for over amonth now and i dont know what to do everyo
Avatar n tn it started with a bump on the top of my mouth closer to my throut and it had a white dot almost like a pimple and then i have been getting alot more of them like on the side of my tongue near the back and it looks like there is some in my thought and it seems like it bothering me when i swallow almost like its swollen
Avatar n tn yesterday, tiny bunch of white painful bumps near the edge of my tongue... one bigger than the rest, with a new one appearing to be starting up at tip of tongue. Now, today, the other ones have all but disappeared and don't hurt, and the newest one is damned big (relatively) and hurts quite a bit. Totally white with a red center, no raised red rim. Absolutely wasn't remotely this big this morning. We'll see!
Avatar n tn They are quite prominent to anyone who looks in my mouth, and unusual. One of them along the side of my tongue rubbed against my tooth and caused a small chunk of skin on my tongue to open up and caused me some pain and irritation, and then went away. When I first noticed these mouth bumps, I was also experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, and other flu-like symptoms which may or may not be related.
Avatar n tn I had a sore area way back on the side of my tongue which felt like I bit but it seems to far back to have done that, now I see several small flesh colored bumps where my tongue connects to the tissue at the side of mouth and I can see the tissue behind the molars and under the tongue seems a bumpy to the touch with a yellowish color. This started a couple of months back and it is better but still there with tenderness under the jaw. I saw a ENT who saw nothing unusual and sent me on my way.
Avatar f tn Ok solast Thursday I gave me boyfriend oral sex tht lasted a minute.& 3 days later (sunday) I went to sleep & had my fan on high& windows open. In the middle of the nite I woke up& my throat was super dry& hurt. i drank tea& went back to bed. Then when I woke up in morning my throat hurt a lil & I looked in& on the way back of my tongue was bumps there are 3 on each side forming a V & way further down on my tongue are just a bunch of bumps.
Avatar m tn I can't see this bump but i can feel it and it seems like its where the tongue connects to the back side of my mouth near the tonsil on the right side of my mouth. It feels like something is stuck under/behind my tongue but its the bump. I also have a canker sore that I can see on my right tonsil. I'm not sure if the bump and canker sore on my tonsil are related or not. I also started getting an earache in my right ear about 2 days ago. The right side of my jaw has a slight pain too.
214105 tn?1265938759 I noticed that I was getting spots on the tongue where the papillae (small bumps on the tongue) were missing resulting in smooth patches on the tongue. I went to the doctor and he seemed more interested in explaining why it was called geographic tongue - because the patches look like countries.
Avatar n tn I recently noticed two raised bumps/lesions in the back of my tongue, closer to the side of my tongue and not in the middle. I have researched and it stated that it could be "lie bumps", which are taste buds that are inflamed and get larger and they can become pretty large in the back area. Not sure if it could be HPV or not. The bumps are pretty defined and one is round and flat, about 1/4 or less, the size of a penny.
Avatar n tn I have not drank in over 3 years. A few weeks ago i started, got a buzz and then stoped. Few days later noticed "Acne" like pimples in the back of the throat, right at the end of the tongue. The tongue has this burning feeling just where the pimples are. two weeks later drank again in moderation. The "Acne" moved on the side and under neath the tongue. I don't know if my drinking is related. But this "Acne" hurts and i don't have a clue of what it is.
Avatar n tn there is handful or so of them. I have a few tiny ones on other areas of my body like one tiny one on the side of my nose, and a tiny one by my big toe. I'm naturally horrified and anxious to figure out what cause them. I have a few on the back of my tongue as well. Should I be concerned?? I'm about to get married in th tropics and don't want these showing! Please help!