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Avatar n tn So, recently I've noticed random red bumps on my skin. The first cluster was below one of my breasts, and then I started noticing more around my stomach (except these weren't clusters) and on my chest. Today, I've noticed about three clusters of raised bumps on my arms. It looks like a bug bite, but after looking more closely I can tell that these are clusters of bumps on my arms. I tried popping one to see what would happen, and a water substance came out.
Avatar m tn The first sign is usually a tingling feeling, itchiness, or stabbing pain on the skin. After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain. Treatment of shingles includes antiviral drugs, steroids, analgesics and anti viral eye drops.
Avatar n tn and noticed two small flesh colored zit like bumps up were my thigh meets my crotch...a few days later 3 more showed up in the patch of skin between my crotch and buttocks...then 2 more showed up on the outside edge of my butt crack [for lack of a better word]...i also have a dark red line about 2 inches long running horizontally about an inch about my anal opening... at first i though the bumps were razor bumps or zits...but when they didnt go away i tried to pop them to no avail...
Avatar n tn I've been taking an antibiotic and using mupirocin creme for 4 days now but don't see any sign of the red bumps or slightly erupted skin on the chin disappearing . I see the dermatologist in about a week. there's no itching or soreness. the skin almost looks slightly swelled and wrinkled in the area of the chin. It doesn't seem to be spreading any furthur so I can remain calm until I see the doctor. I have never had any sort of dermatitis so I am at a loss as to the cause of this.
Avatar m tn Hello. Back on the summer, in the middle of it, once I've noticed a bumps on my skin. They looked like the bite of mosquito so I didn't mind of them, because I though of mosquitos. After a while, They appeared again and they keep appaering every once in a few days, but each time there are more of them and they are itchy very very much. Feels like my skin is burning from the itchyness.
Avatar n tn For probably about the last year I have been getting these red bumps on my eye lids. The look like pimples but the are flatter. They usually develop over night and last only a day or two. They are often painful if touched. I looked up styes but that doesn't seem to be what they are. They don't occur on the edge of the eye lashes. They have occurred near my eyebrows, near the tear duct, in the crease of my eye lid, and even on the lower eyelid in between the lash line and my upper cheek.
Avatar m tn The first sign is usually a tingling feeling, itchiness, or stabbing pain on the skin. After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain.
Avatar m tn I am getting red bumps all over my leg and the line of the but cheek on the same red leg side anyway im pretty sure im allergic. But the problem is my brother was being mean and he stepped on my bubbly allergic reaction and an area of it popped now it is sore and really like really red on my skin and its like blistery because the bubbles popped anyhow... IS THIS DANGEROUS please help.
Avatar n tn I have looked all over the internet to try and figure out what they could be, but I couldn't find anything that was similar to what I have. I will have just a few at a time. Never in a straight line or in clumps together. They just show up randomly on my body.
Avatar n tn Hi! First of all, please do not prick or poke at the bumps. Actually a subcutaneous skin (under the skin) nodule—the size of a pea and firm, is usually due to a neurofibroma (connective and nerve tissue), a ganglion cyst or a lymph node. Conditions causing skin granulomas should be ruled out. Swimming pool granuloma should be looked into first if you swim. This is caused by Mycobacterium marinum bacteria and the test is same as for tuberculosis.
Avatar n tn I noticed about 2 weeks ago I had a cluster of tiny, red bumps on the head of my penis. They don't hurt or itch, if I hadn't seen them then I wouldn't have known they were there. They went away after a day then came back. I've had them for two weeks and it seems that nights when I put cream, they dont look as bad in the morning. But it just wont go away. What should I do?
1648969 tn?1304960340 21mo old keeps getting red bumps that look like bug bites at first then after about 3 days get a hard little blister he also has a red bottom and wheezing this has been going on all year so far. In Jan he had bad wheezing was taken to doc for a fine rash on belly and fone on bottom culture showed strep. Afew days later he had red patches all over his body, excema, started using derma-smooth, white dove and free and clear laundry det.
Avatar n tn I'm currently having a flare up on the finger bumps. it's only happened one other time and went away in a couple of weeks. The doc was stumped back then, told me it was dermatitis...which I know it was not. The bumps cluster on the sides of my fingers & my thumbs, more around the knuckle joints. My index fingers are definitely the worst. The weather is very cold right now and my skin is extremely dry. As others have mentioned, I am also under an extreme amount of stress the last 10 days...
Avatar m tn You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also take some antihistaminic like Benadryl and apply a mild steroid cream on the itchy bumps. If the symptoms persist then get an evaluation done from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn I washed the area and applied lotion but after a few days, a small hortizontal line of skin colored bumps, right underneath the topside of the head of my penis, appeared. I am uncircumsized. I am very nervous. I am not showing any symptoms for any STDs, the area isn’t painful nor is it itchy. I have been in a relationship for the last year and a half and have had both unprotected and protected sex.
Avatar f tn My daughter has a small red bump about the size of a quarter, it is very bright and tender to touch. After examining her whole body, I found the same red bumps on her left & right thighs, and one on each arm. They all are very hard, and tender. Could anyone please help?
Avatar m tn but i also have these bumps that basically look like pimples and those pimples are right on the red line going up my penis... i was wondering if someone could please tell me what this is and how i could treat it!!... i need some closure because this $#@! is basically ruining my life!! please someone help me...
Avatar n tn I submitted a photo, it is pending. My skin is a little dry now, due to the weather change. However I have had the red bumps now for about 4 months, even in the summer when my skin was not dry. I do not know what you mean by scales.
Avatar f tn On the left side of my face along my jaw line and lower cheek, these litlle red bumps have turned up, they dont pop and seem quite painful when i try to i have'nt changed my skin care products the only thing i have changed is that i wash my face twice a day instead of once a day
Avatar f tn I just took a first response home pregnancy test and the second line was very faint being a positive test and I've noticed I have mosquito like red bumps that itch occasionally on my body. What could that be and is it normal in early pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Only 3 tiny ones on the head, and a small (not too many bumps) rash-like line of them going from the bottom towards the head. I have recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, last Sunday and Monday (Same partner.). I have never had this problem before, although I currently do have poison oak or poison ivy which I think may be the cause. She has been tested for STD's before and is on birth control. They do not burn in any way, only itch at times I suppose, haven't really noticed too much.
Avatar f tn I usually just clean it with alchol and it burst on its own. I also noticed at times i'll get a lump on my bikini line. Its under the skin. Its not discolored or anything or red. If i mess with it like squeeze it or something it may hurt. Its not getting bigger it actually gets small at times when ever i do have it. I put alchol on it as well. Sometimes it will come to a head and sometimes not. It'll just go away on its own. Could this be from shaving or something more serious?
Avatar m tn I try my best not to itch them, and dont usually. Along with all the bumps on my body, i also have a bunch of small red bumps that appeared all over my pelvic area. Including one that started to grow on my shaft. I have been suffering from what I had believed to be "jock itch" also, and a few days before the bumps started i had a few very small tears in between my thigh and groin which seemed to have been caused by my skin thinning out there.
Avatar m tn I tested negative for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and hiv a couple months ago. Last night I noticed 2 small slightly raised red bumps on the head of my penis. They don't itch or hurt. I immediately became scared because they involved the penis. They don't appear open or liquid filled. Today, they seem the same or slightly better, but still red and raised when looking at them. I have no idea how long they've been there. I just happened to notice them last night.
Avatar n tn I have been having a few problems with small red bumps on my legs, but they are mainly on my knickers line. I only get them when i have shaved and wear certain pants. They feel like they are filled with white bloody sells. Its very embaressing. How can i stop them and get them to go away. And what are they??????
Avatar n tn Hello, This red line can be due to dermatitis skin or perioral dermatitis if there are any bumps under the lips as well. Avoid using any lotions and creams over the face for the meantime. Wash your face with a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties like Cetaphil. Pat your face dry. Then apply a good hypoallergenic moisturizer over the area and see if this improves.If the symptoms still persist then you can apply mild steroid like dermacort.
Avatar m tn Poison ivy appears as multiple small blisters, often in a line where the skin has brushed against the poison ivy plant. The itching can be insane. The blisters often break or weep. It does sound like you came into contact with something that has given you a contact dermatitis. I would not take any medications until I had it evaluated by a physician. Your rash sounds more like a Pityriasis Rosea Rash but that is not contagious nor should the two of you experience it at the same time.