Red bumps on back not itchy

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Avatar f tn Starting about two weeks ago I started getting these little itchy bumps all over my abdomen. They itch like crazy and swell up if I itch them. They leave a dark spot in their place once they go down and take a long time to disappear. They have continued to pop up on my thighs back and butt. Most of them are randomly placed but some are in symmetrical lines. I have gone to the doctor and they aren't to much help, they send me home and say if it gets worse come back.
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and have been getting itchy red bumps on the back of my hand, about every 4 months. It can be on just one hand, and somtimes it gets on both. Only one time it spread to my knees. They are very annoying and to be specific they are from my pointer finger knucle down to my wrist. To help with itchiness, I just use Gold Bond anti itch cream. The bumps stay on there for a few weeks.
Avatar n tn 2 1/2 months ago, seemed to break out in a rash which consisted of tiny, pin-head size red bumps all over my upper legs and buttox, with only about 4 appearing on my fore arms. These bumps were extremely itchy. They did not appear in "patches", but rather more of a shot-gun pattern. They did/do not appear to be blisters in any way, they did not break or ooze. There were none on my genitals. Although they went away after a very long time, they seem to be back.
Avatar n tn 1.5 years ago I started having itchy and painful bumps on my scalp. Mostly on the back side of my scalp. I received antibiotic treatment and they went away. 6 months later they came back. I received antibiotic treatment again. They went away. This past summer they returned. I waited for them to go away. They did not. The severity varied until December of 2008. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibacterial shampoo treatment. This has not been helping.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have itchy red bumps on top of my left hand in an area about 1 x 1 inch square. The bumps are pretty close together & there are about 8-10 bumps. If I scratch it, it gets worse, but its not spreading. I had this come up a few times before at exactly the same spot on my hand then goes away the next day. I've been diagnosed with Herpes 1 or HSV1, is this related to that? These rashes actually came up after I came back from a trip to Los Angeles.
Avatar n tn Shes going again today to a different doctor in hopes to find out something different. My problem is I have Itchy Red bumps on my penis & scrotum. Some on the head(2) and shaft(5), others on the scrotum(4) as well. I've been washing with a shampoo to clear up body/crab lice. Could this be causing a problem? I've been putting hydrocortizone all over to help w/ the itching and it seems to help for a couple hours. but the bumps are not going away.
Avatar f tn He has the same bumps, same places, and itchy as ever. We took him to urgant care on Friday he only had bumps on his butt at this point and she said it was folliculitis. She treated him with an anabiotic and a cream. By Sunday the rash has spread all over his body butt, ankles then there are few on his arms thighs stomach back and neck. We took him to the hospital last night and the doctor there said it was just a viral rash that had to take it's course.
Avatar n tn My 4yr old has these 3 raised non itchy non painful pimple like bumps on her back they are not bothering her at all.. Could this be a allergic reaction? It developed all of a sudden yestorday? They seemed to fade last night then when she woke up they appered again? whats going on?
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I noticed my upper back was extremely itchy, when I looked in the mirror I noticed bumps that looks like black heads or something, but red. The itchy bumps are extremely uncomfortable and I can't stop itching them! They are also on my shoulders and arms. The ones on my arms are now the worse! They are on my forearms and are in patches. I have tried to change my shampoo, conditioner, and soaps but nothing has changed.
Avatar f tn These bumps appear at anytime and look like mosquito bites and itch terribly. They started on my stomach, then moved to my shoulders and back. The bumps then appeared on my arms and now on my legs and back to my stomach. Very weird to say the least. I have been using white vinegar to ease the itch which seems to work temporarily. I am also taking Benadryl. After a week or so, the bumps form a scab and that scab lasts for months!
Avatar m tn Woke up this morn with a few small red itchy pumps on my penis. I don't see how it could be herpes. I'm married and never had any issues. Been with the same person for 4 years. Could this possibly be herpes? How long could it lay dormant? Years? Or is there other types of rashes that could look like herpes? I know everyone is going to say call the Dr. I am this morning! But until then. I'm freaking out. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Let me start with telling you that I went on vacation and came back with ringworm on my leg about the size of a half dollar, i treated it with otc creams. A few days later I started having red itchy bumps on my elbow arms and around the site of my ringworm on the leg. I went and got calamine lotion and oatmeal baths.
Avatar f tn I have red itchy bumps on my stomach, back, butt, thighs and hand. There is two bumps in the webbing of my left hand in between my thumb and pointer finger. The bumps in that webbing look kind of like a water blister. They are small, however, if I squeeze them a clear liquid comes out. These two bumps however, are the only ones that do that. In the past year, I had MRSA. The dermatolist I went to scrapped the bumps and tested it and it came back it was not MRSA.
Avatar n tn Either she has diarreha (which lets up when she has the itchy red bumps) or the itching red bumps. A few days ago she had a solid red rash which felt like it was burning on half of her arm. Nothing is working. I just found Celiac Disease which may be a solution. Any help would be "sorely" appreciated. She can't sleep or enjoy life because she's always itching.
Avatar n tn i have these small itchy red bumps. i get them around the back of my thighs and around my armpit area and my sides. i checked online if it was scabies but i don't think it is. the bumps dont get bigger when i scratch them but they are extremely itchy. i try not to scratch them thinking they might go away. and they do, but then a few days later they seem to come back. it says online that scabies often show a pencil like mark and i don't see any of that.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I have a red itchy bumps on my face. At the beginning I thought it was acne but it's def not. It itches all the time, at no reason, sometimes I can't even sleep because of the itches. I never have any problems with my skin only after my 30's. I have seen 2 dermatologist and no one can tell me what cause this problem in my skin.
Avatar n tn It's not like a rash because it is spread out, for example, I have like one on my pinkie finger, one on my arm, one on my back, one on my ankle... etc. It's soooo spread out! They are very tiny, but very itchy. They are not blisterlike, no puss or anything. They kind of look like pimples... Does anybody know what these could be a sign of???? I thought maybe scabies at first, but from what I understand those are more localized in one area of the body... I have them scattered all over.
Avatar m tn hello, i am having small red bumps itchy and pricky around my back ,chest and neck. some dries after 3-4 days and some are coming in different areas.
Avatar m tn I have been getting red bumps on my body in different places the past few months. The bumps tend to have white heads, however, once they pop, i still have a red elevated bump where the acne was. I went to a dermatologist back in May, and I had like two on my head, she removed one and biopsied it and it was not cancerous. But I was curious to why I was getting them? Could this be stress? Alittle history though about this past year. In may, I was feeing fine. Then , in june, i got sick.
1572710 tn?1295828616 But my Doctor changed my meds last week to Celexa, and I am continuing to get these red itchy bumps on my chest, back and neck. There are no blisters. They are just itchy and heck. Could it be all of the different meds. or could it be my stress???
Avatar f tn She’s fine when she goes to bed, she wakes up in the morning with this rash that looks like insect bites. She has red, very itchy bumps, in cluster, or forming a line, or even isolated, usually on legs, belly, lower back. So far it happened a couple of times a year, usually around springtime, for three years now. We saw a dermatologist last year, he said that there was no doubt they were insect bites. He said they could bee fleas, but we have not pets.
Avatar m tn Hello, From the symptoms it look like eczema. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. For mild-moderate eczema a weak steroid may be used, whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid. Also use good quality moisturizers to prevent moisture loss from the skin.
Avatar m tn I have like 3 different style bumps, though - tiny pink bumps on hands and fingers, dry (ringworm-like) bumps on my upper arms, and tiny pin ***** bumps on my stomach.