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Avatar n tn I recently also noticed that i have bumps all the way on the back of my tongue there is alot of them and they are slightly raised and are kind of big. I have had no pain and they are not red at all.They are the same color as the rest of my tongue.I have been researching online and im not sure what it is. My friends think it is just my tastebuds. Im more skeptical than that especially after finding out i have genital warts. Im nervous and worried is this anything or nothing at all ?
Avatar f tn At 10 day mark I see doctor and they give 4 azithromycin and 1 Suprax for precaution. Next day I have yellow tongue and bumps on back and side of tongue with redness. Additionally I did gargle with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide without diluting it and had been using mouthwash, but not sure this related. Doctor says symptoms don't sound like the meds but Suprax symptoms match. I also saw HSV 1 or 2 may match symptoms but at this time I cannot tell what could be the cause.
Avatar n tn by today (Thursday), I've got a cluster of 5 tiny whitish or fleshy bumps/blisters on the tip of my tongue, which hurt whenever they touch food or my teeth. No raised red area around them. In the center of them is a small redish dot. I can't tell if there's any liquid inside (I'm not going to try to puncture one). The description sounds a lot like "lie bumps", but could this possibly be a primary OB of HSV on my tongue (only?
Avatar n tn i recently got over strep throat, but i noticed shortly after recovering that my tongue is coated with a whitish/yellowish coating... i also have raised red bumps on the back of my tongue that hurt when i eat and tingle when i'm not eating, and there's white/red spots on the roof of my mouth in the back, and on my uvulla/tonsils. i'm very concerned about this being an STD becuz i'm also experiencing vaginal discharge.
Avatar n tn I had protected sex about a week and a half ago with a new partner and a few days ago noticed a red, smooth lesion on my tongue. The next day it was accompanied with small raised white bumps towards the back of my tongue. They are not painful, however I am worried that it might be syphilis, any advice would be helpful.
Avatar m tn Really hoping that I don't have an HSV-2 infection orally. Small raised red bumps on tongue. Feels like a type of film is on tongue too.
Avatar f tn Anyway my 2nd oral outbreak I believe started w a sensitive feeling inside my mouth in my inside left cheek and sensation travelled to front of my mouth. Then I had all bumps on my tongue raised same colour as tongue some size of a tac some tiny raised taste buds. Also had craters at side of tongue and tip. 3 dr said not herpes one dr said maybe. Got it swabbed 4 days after presentation of symptoms 1. What does herpes look like on the tongue vs another viral outbreak or just stomatis? 2.
Avatar n tn A couple of days later, after I got out of the shower and took my second day of zithromax for a sore throat, I started to notice immediately 2 bumps on my hand, three bumps on my other hand, two on my foot and two in my mouth on my tongue. I don't know if this is a cross between a dermatological problem or an oral problem. I have never had a reaction like this while taking the z-pak, however, I am allergic to Keflex and Sulfa.
Avatar n tn My tongue is so hairy too, been this way for the past 3 weeks, and recently i developed these raised red bumps towards the back. I try to scrape my tongue and the white continues even after brushing my tongue several times over and over, gets whiter it seems. Also, when i try to scrape the red raised bumps, turns to blood.
Avatar n tn I have had this recurring problem for the past couple of months that involves a period of about two weeks where I have no issues, then the rest of the month i have either small white bumps on my tongue, that are quite painful, or one large one that is raised. I am concerned as to if it is a reaction to eating acidic foods or drinking alcohol, or if it is a serious symptom to a bigger issue. Please advise, thank you!
Avatar n tn I also noticed that it seems to cut down on the red bumps I get on my thighs once in a while. The bumps on my thighs are something I have had ever since I was a kid (on and off). They are different than the bumps on my eyes however. The little bumps on my thighs are more like pimples and come and go. Anyway, it seems like when I take the Oil of Oregano, my skin is much better looking as a whole and those go away.
Avatar n tn I have been through a stressful time and my tounge has gotten red and raw patches on the tip of my tounge. Bumps like lesions on my tounge. a raised white patch with the taste buds on them seaming hard. I find myself picking at it and using a topical pain med (gly-oxide) recomended by my PC. He assures me it will pass but I thought it was something different (STD). It seems to be getting better after a day of using this med. It helps me forget it is there and go on with my day.
Avatar m tn penis was in the vagina for like 1 minute ) I noticed a bunch of red dots on the head of my penis, they resembled broken blood vessals. However upon pulling my foreskin back I noticed red bumps or dry spots(1mm or 2mm) where they match up with the dots on the head. It doesn't hurt when I pee and they don't hurt or itch. I masterbaited 3 times the morning of the night it happened. I also went home and straight to bed, then off to work the next day. So it was probably 12-14 hours before I washed.
628151 tn?1224805243 I have since then seen a Dr and he insisted they were cists and would eventually go away so I said okay, no big deal. A week after my visit I noticed that a few red bumps had appeared right above my upper lip. They do not hurt at all they are just slightly raised but have been there about 2 weeks. Normally my acne/pimples go away within 3-5 days but these just kind of linger.
Avatar n tn i also have red bumps all over my tongue the roof of my mouth also itches from time to time and i think there me bumps up there too, what is this is this normal i looked up about the red bumps on my tongue and they appear to be pappilomas or something they look just like them, so i figure that normal but whats with the roof of my mouth.
Avatar f tn I looked in the mirror and stuck my tongue out, and behind the normal four bumps I have on the back of my tongue I saw a village of bumps. No bleeding, just a bunch of red bumps. I went to my primary care who just took a quick glance. She said it was my taste buds and probably something viral and to give it a week. I’ve been gargling with warm salt water twice a day. It’s been three days and I see no improvement. It causing me major stress and anxiety.
Avatar m tn My body felt infected, then I get aches, Swelling, skin rashes, pains. If the best route is to a dermatologist to check out the two slightly raised bumps on my groin. That have been there for over a month then ill do that. This doesn't in anyway resemble HIV correct?
Avatar m tn I still have red bumps on the back wall of my throat but there seems to also be small red bumps on my tonsils and sides of the back of my tongue (though I'm not sure if these are just the normal papillae). Any idea what the heck is going on?!
Avatar n tn Man am I glad to see other people with tongue problems. I have had pain on the side of my tongue for nearly 1.5 years - both on the left side and the right side. I have talked to two general MD's, one ENT, and two dentists about it and nobody can seem to give me a clue as to what's wrong. The left side of my tongue always seems sensitive. It seems to be foliate pappitis to me but what do I know. I do know that I have cut wayyyy back on sugar (about 90%) and things have improved.
Avatar n tn First I got this rash on the sides of my cheeks and around my nose, little red bumps (it was not acne). I tried all kinds of things and what helped the most was Caladryl on the rash areas. I would apply it at bedtime. It took out the redness and dryed up the rash bumps, but I had a mess with the dryness.
Avatar n tn 4 on index (2 on outside side, 1 the inside side, 1 on outside knuckle), 1 on palm, thumb-side of center. On my right: 2 on middle (1 below upper joint, index side; other palm-side knucklemost section); 1 palm below pinky knuckle. Small; size varies, but ca. sm. letter "o". Raised but to tell need to see in profile vs. from above. Over time recede & a flesh-colored (fluid-filled?) center becomes more noticeable. Don't itch.
Avatar m tn About two days after contact i noticed a small, hard raised red bump at the base of my penis but not on the penis. It was hard and raised from the skin. It did not have white puss or anything like that. It never itched or was painful and did not pop. I also had brown moles appear in my pubic area and on my testicle. The doctor said it could have been hpv and decided to freeze them off. He also said the bump did not "look" like the typical herpes.
Avatar f tn Just today I noticed a small blotch of red bumps it didn't look like a bunch of small bumps more like an area on my cheek that was raised with red dots. It's only on one side of my cheek and I can't tell If it's spreading or not. But I just ha a tonsillectomy less than a week ago (12/22) my question is should I be worried about possible STD or could it be from the surgery?
Avatar n tn I'm also 18 and have the same thing i have no idea what it is, its like little tiny bumps on both sides on the labia minotra that is the same color as the rest of my skin and they don't hurt the skin feels kinda of ruff when you touch it. I don't know what it is or how i got it.... maybe its skin irratation or skin tags???