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Avatar n tn ve got a cluster of 5 tiny whitish or fleshy bumps/blisters on the tip of my tongue, which hurt whenever they touch food or my teeth. No raised red area around them. In the center of them is a small redish dot. I can't tell if there's any liquid inside (I'm not going to try to puncture one). The description sounds a lot like "lie bumps", but could this possibly be a primary OB of HSV on my tongue (only?
Avatar m tn Here is an update. I was looking at my tongue in the sunlight just now... there are flat topped raised bumps on the very far back. They vary in sizes of about a little smaller than a pencil eraser and below. Does this sound like any STD?
Avatar m tn I have small red bumps all over my tongue. i think they are from when i burnt my tongue but ive never noticed bumps before when i had burnt my tongue. the bumps dont hurt but it looks gross and i want to make sure this is normal.
Avatar n tn I have these weird, raised, and various sized bumps on my tongue towards the back and on both sides of my tongue, on the lower half. My tongue feels swollen on both lower sides of my tongue towards the bottom... It is somewhat painful... Just very irritating. Please, someone tell me what is wrong!! I am a very paranoid person in nature and the slightest oddity of my body stresses me out. All I can say for sure is that these bumps are not normal and werent there in the past.
Avatar f tn I looked in the back of my mouth and noticed on the soft palate just above the uvula a cluster of bumps. They are red/yellow in color. They are not painful and do not itch. I appeared to have a few new ones in the last three days since I first saw the bumps and felt the burning. I already had a pap done two weeks ago that came back clear. I tested clear of Chlymdia and Gonarreah (excuse the spelling) I also have a few very very thin skin bumps that look like skin tags under my tongue.
Avatar f tn I also saw a couple of red bumps on top of tongue (deep) today. And there's a little white dot on front tongue (left). I am already going through a HIV scare (had unprotected vaginal sex 4 weeks back)! (Have rashes, muscle pain, sore throat and now this).
Avatar f tn I woke up the following Friday with two bumps on my tongue. The bumps are painful but do not effect the rest of my mouth. Is it possible that I have herpes on my tongue now?
Avatar f tn I have some little red dots on my tongue here and there, and a larger one in the back of my tongue. Is this normal? If not what is it?
Avatar m tn I'm seeing a dermatologist tomorrow. Really hoping that I don't have an HSV-2 infection orally. Small raised red bumps on tongue. Feels like a type of film is on tongue too.
Avatar n tn Go to the doctor immediately when you have sores and get them cultured for herpes and herpes type. Tiny red bumps on the tip of your tongue may be inflamed taste buds.
Avatar n tn I have some red bumps on the back of my tongue an I don't know what they are. They don't hurt and they are grouped together. I noticed them a couple days ago and thought that I could have just burnt my tongue but not sure.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the comment, but I guess I wasn't clear on the area that I'm having the problem with. Its right in the middle of my tongue, my dentist told me that that the circumvallate papilla are further back, and showed me them. They were red and sort of raised but flat. These are more skinny, sharp, moveable, and seem to be increasing in number.
Avatar f tn I looked in the mirror and stuck my tongue out, and behind the normal four bumps I have on the back of my tongue I saw a village of bumps. No bleeding, just a bunch of red bumps. I went to my primary care who just took a quick glance. She said it was my taste buds and probably something viral and to give it a week. I’ve been gargling with warm salt water twice a day. It’s been three days and I see no improvement. It causing me major stress and anxiety.
Avatar n tn s spots are small, painless, raised, pale spots or bumps that may appear on the shaft of the penis. The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland, and are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only. Hirsuties papillaris genitalis, on the other hand, presents as papules appearing as one or several rows of small, flesh-colored, smooth, dome-topped bumps situated around the glans. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I have had this recurring problem for the past couple of months that involves a period of about two weeks where I have no issues, then the rest of the month i have either small white bumps on my tongue, that are quite painful, or one large one that is raised. I am concerned as to if it is a reaction to eating acidic foods or drinking alcohol, or if it is a serious symptom to a bigger issue. Please advise, thank you!
Avatar n tn I have a patch of raised white bumps in the back center of my tongue that appeared about three days ago and are still there. They do not hurt unless I pick at them but they are raised so they are irritating. I have been rinsing with a medical oral wash but it has not seemed to help. I burnt my tongue several days ago but I have burnt it before and this has never happen. Do you have any idea what this might be?
Avatar m tn I am now at two weeks past the encounter. The whiteness on my tongue and red bumps are persisting. The swollen glands have almost gone away, but no longer have any soreness. The general "out-of-it" feeling has continued, but remains very subtle. I have been able to continue working out at the gym without any loss of energy or lifting power. I've read too much on the Internet to have a good idea of what this may be. Oral herpes? Candida?
Avatar n tn It felt like a popcorn husk stuck on the back of my tongue and when I looked I found the bumps. Just like you, a couple on one side and about twice as many on the other. No pain, they don't look ulcerated, just bumps. Also, like you, when I researched on the internet, it just scares you what you find. I'd love to hear what you found out about your's and if they have cleared up.
Avatar f tn Anyway my 2nd oral outbreak I believe started w a sensitive feeling inside my mouth in my inside left cheek and sensation travelled to front of my mouth. Then I had all bumps on my tongue raised same colour as tongue some size of a tac some tiny raised taste buds. Also had craters at side of tongue and tip. 3 dr said not herpes one dr said maybe. Got it swabbed 4 days after presentation of symptoms 1. What does herpes look like on the tongue vs another viral outbreak or just stomatis? 2.
Avatar m tn my wifes tongue has white patches and red bumps on it we have no idea what it could be it started happening yesterday and now it hurts for her to swallow...please help!!!!
Avatar f tn I saw my doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and a few bumps on the back of my throat. He explained lymphoid bumps. He gave me a Z-pak and Flonase pluse said to use Claritin. What concerns me is that one of the sub-epithelial lymphoid bumps (?) is on the mucousal piece that runs in front of my tonsils and I can feel it like something is stuck there touching my tongue. It is also a bit red there. I did show it to the doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn now i have bumps on my tongue, they are the same color as my tongue, a pinkish color. This morning i woke up to find a white spot on my bottom inner lip and upper. The spots or bumps are not painful i cant even feel them, i have been having a sore throut lately but i thought it might of been because of my alergies. I need help should i be concerned??
Avatar f tn I can't answer your question, but just posted one of my own on a related topic. Two months ago I gave oral sex to a woman (no intercourse and I did not receive oral from her). The next day my lingual frenulum hurt and had swollen bumps on both sides. Then I got swollen areas on the floor of the mouth. Then my geographic tongue (a life-long condition) got worse with lesions on the sides of it. At the same time, tiny white bumps appeared externally on my upper lip.
Avatar m tn My tongue has a rough white coating all over it with raised red and white bumps in the middle towards the back of the tongue, also, my tongue burns once in a while, I assume what I have is oral thrush, it appears to be only on my tongue nowhere else in my mouth. I have had this for a long time now (at least 2+ years) and I cannot get rid of this problem at all.
Avatar f tn I will go to the GP and have this checked out as soon as possible but from looking at the pictures I have attached, what are the odd's that it could be cancer? I know that you cannot give a full diagnosis without an actual examination. By the way, I also can swallow fine, eat fine, there is no tongue pain and I don't have a sore throat and I have no red patches on my tongue.