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Avatar f tn I also saw a couple of red bumps on top of tongue (deep) today. And there's a little white dot on front tongue (left). I am already going through a HIV scare (had unprotected vaginal sex 4 weeks back)! (Have rashes, muscle pain, sore throat and now this).
Avatar m tn I am now at two weeks past the encounter. The whiteness on my tongue and red bumps are persisting. The swollen glands have almost gone away, but no longer have any soreness. The general "out-of-it" feeling has continued, but remains very subtle. I have been able to continue working out at the gym without any loss of energy or lifting power. I've read too much on the Internet to have a good idea of what this may be. Oral herpes? Candida?
Avatar m tn sir, could the red bumps at my tongue could possibly caused by HPV? can it be oral cancer? the oral sex happened 2 yrs. ago. is it possible for me to develop this cancer in 2 years? the red bumps at the back of my tongue are little bit bigger together with white tongue.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a 29 yr. Old female I noticed red bumbs at the back of my throat. I know HIV is one cause. But I have been tested from June - Dec. I have had to inconclusive results rich and retested where they were sent to the hospital both came back negative. During that time I noticed the bumps. The last test I took was 6mos. After I had a one night stand with a woman. Are there other causes for these bumps? They do not hurt but when I stick my tongue all the way out like when the Doc.
Avatar m tn No STD, including HIV, would cause either red bumps or white coating on the tongue, and I doubt this has anything to do with the oral sex event. But if you remain concerned, see your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have little red bumps on the bottom of my lip also little red bumps on the tip of my tongue also something that looks like a blister on the back wall of my throat
Avatar m tn I have small red bumps all over my tongue. i think they are from when i burnt my tongue but ive never noticed bumps before when i had burnt my tongue. the bumps dont hurt but it looks gross and i want to make sure this is normal.
Avatar m tn A month ago I brushed my tongue for the 1st time. A day or so later I noticed what looked like some bumps in the middle of my tongue. Concerned, I've bought a tounge brush and have been brushing once to five times a week.Now it seems that the bumps look more elongated, are harder, and theres more of them. They are towards the back of my tongue. Now I've also seen a few random longer papilliae on the back on either side towards the back.
Avatar n tn it is now 38 days since i had sex last time, i have little sore in my throat and today i noticed small bumps deep on my tongue almost near to my throat, some how it looks symmetric bumps, also i feel like there is white sticky liquid on my tongue unless i drink something , it started to bother me and i keep checking it in the mirror, i have tested HIV Antibody two times now , one after 17 days and one after 34 days and both are negative and my CRP was 3 which is in the normal range.
Avatar m tn I noticed on june 7th some rash (10- 15 red bumps) on my skin and followed by fever. I tested for all STD(including HIV) on June 17th (exactly on 21st day), all results came negative. But starting from June 30th i noticed small mild red bumps under my under lip. It was not painful or itchy. They disappeared in 4 days. Could you please help me, what is this symptoms, is my exposure enough to contract Syphilis or any other STD. Is 3 week test enough to find Syphilis antibodies.
Avatar m tn I rimmed someone a week ago and now have tiny red bumps on the tip of my tongue that hurt. If I contracted herpes from this person, could I also have contracted HIV? I have read that herpes can increase the risk of transmission of HIV. This person has stated he's clean but obviously not now that I have numerous tiny red bumps across the tip of my tongue, so I can't really believe he's telling the truth about his HIV status.
Avatar f tn I looked in the back of my mouth and noticed on the soft palate just above the uvula a cluster of bumps. They are red/yellow in color. They are not painful and do not itch. I appeared to have a few new ones in the last three days since I first saw the bumps and felt the burning. I already had a pap done two weeks ago that came back clear. I tested clear of Chlymdia and Gonarreah (excuse the spelling) I also have a few very very thin skin bumps that look like skin tags under my tongue.
Avatar m tn I would like to point out that I was not really aware of how my tongue looked like before the contact and never really bothered about the possibility of having any kind of diseases/bumps on the tongue. Therefore, there is no indication that the observations listed bellow were not present before the contact. Day 1: Nothing to notice but didn't bothered checking at my tongue. Day 2: My tongue got a little swollen/numb especially in the morning.
Avatar n tn I have some red bumps on the back of my tongue an I don't know what they are. They don't hurt and they are grouped together. I noticed them a couple days ago and thought that I could have just burnt my tongue but not sure.
Avatar n tn Go to the doctor immediately when you have sores and get them cultured for herpes and herpes type. Tiny red bumps on the tip of your tongue may be inflamed taste buds.
Avatar f tn m bit worried of this hiv now, since a week I got this red bumps on my chest 6-7 in different areas of chest and 4-5 on the wrist where it is likE a hard patch inside the skin and red bumps over it which isn't painful neither itchy, sometimes when I touch it's itchy,n bit painful. I never had this problem before and I have mild cold Which I usually have... And kind of tiredness n feel drowsy..And I think I have lost weight around 1.5 kgs. Is this the symptoms of hiv? Plz help me..
Avatar f tn I woke up the following Friday with two bumps on my tongue. The bumps are painful but do not effect the rest of my mouth. Is it possible that I have herpes on my tongue now?
Avatar f tn The dr did a bacteria culture and it came back as a staph infection and they gave me bactrim i developed white coating across my entire tongue that changes colors for example i drank a cherry soda and my tongue changed red... The dr tested me for hiv it came back negative...i had a severe stiff neck as well that is gone now... it has been 24 days since my temperature has stayed at 98.1 or 98.2 and nothing is swollen...
Avatar m tn today evening i see dat my toungue has a lot of red spots like small red bumps also have itching at the tip of my penis and very small bumps on the head of penis. I got tested for std/hiv. the std report has come negative, the hiv test result wil come after 2 days. I am very scared. I am taking medicine for stds and fungal infection as of now. the red spots have not gone or reduced.
Avatar f tn now its a whole month and a half later and i noticed my swollen tonsils, red in the back of throat, bumps on back of tongue, dark blue bein under tongue with fluid filled looking bumps . come and go, throat isnt really in pain. im just scared. idk anymore. im constantly researching information and scaring myself. ive had two dreams of having hiv. so idk if thats a sign?
Avatar m tn I have never found any type of rash, sores, lesions, or bumps on my penis or genitals. To this day my throat is still kind of red on the tonsils, but my throat does not hurt and there is no pain when swallowing. The biggest concern is why my throat seems to still be sort of red. I am curious if it is possible that I could contract any type of STD from my friend's finger when it entered my mouth. My worry is something that is not curable like HIV, Herpes, or HPV.
Avatar m tn bumps on back of tongue are noromal. they can be more pronounced at times ( and also you can just be paying far too much attention to things too ) sore throat is more likely something non-std related. see your provider for a proper work up since it's been going on for so long.
Avatar f tn I have some little red dots on my tongue here and there, and a larger one in the back of my tongue. Is this normal? If not what is it?