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Avatar f tn what could cause a rash on a child's face from playing outside at school in dirt,grass, near trees? and what is the best thing to do? the child's rash doesn't itch and is not swollen.
Avatar n tn When I went to look at it (thinking it was a bug bite) I noticed the rash was all the way up her arm and was also on her face and upper chest and just starting on the back of her neck. She has no other symptoms, is as active as ever, and insisted she was going to school. Anyone know what this could be?
Avatar f tn My 3 year old has developed a red rash on her face and red bumps on her neck, chest, hand, bend of her knees, and the doctor is only saying it could be our new cat, but we have had cats in and out of our lives since she was 1 so i dont think that is it. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We have not changed our soap dterergant no new foods or anything like that either.
Avatar n tn Sometimes they were raised whitish bumps, sometimes they were flat pink spots and still other times they were raised pink bumps. Until earlier this year. He gets bumps on his face now, and they wreak havoc on his complexion, making his cheeks rough for months at a time. But that isn't the worst part. For the third time now, he's had this odd raccoon-like 'rash' around his eyes. The area gets very very red -- not really bumpy at all -- and looks like his skin is burning from the inside.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old has had a circular rash on her left cheek for over 2 months. I don't even remember how it started. It is dry and scaley. Some days it is bright red, other days it is just pink. Hydrocortizone doesn't improve it but a heavy night cream seems to help a little. It doesn't seem to bother her at all though. I noticed the other day she has a small patch starting on her other cheek. Any ideas? Here is a picture: http://www.MyOnlineImages.com/Members/Dea/images/rashcheek.
Avatar m tn Several hours after cleaning my child's aquatic turtle's tank, which was not cleaned for over a month and was extremely dirty, I noticed a rash on my abdomen, chest area. this was on April the 2nd and now I have it on my arms, legs, and back. It is not on my face or hands and I havent noticed it on my feet neither. Depending on the light settings you can see it or not. It is very visible under warm color incandescent light and not so visible under fluorescent light.
Avatar f tn She also started getting a rash that wasn't circular on her limbs and trunk, in addition to her face. All of the rashes got worse with sun exposure. A few months after this, she started losing her hair in two spots. Right along her hairline and a circular patch right on top of her head. The rashes did not hurt or itch.The circular rashes lost their pigmentation. She has now had these symptoms for one year. Recently the circular spots became hyperpigmentated and some are itchy.
Avatar n tn The patches appear on his face, arms, legs, and torso, even a couple on his scalp. This has been going on for 48 hours, and there does not seem to be any discernible trigger. No new soaps of foods. While he does have excema and has had allergic reactions before, this is most unusual for him. The combination of Bendaryl and Hydrocortisone cream seems to give him some relief from the itching during the worst outbreaks, but nothing seems to work to cure it all together.
824141 tn?1238632817 It’s about the money. Insurance companies pay a doctor to help you by seeing you face-to-face. Since doctors are beholden to insurance companies payments to cover the cost of your visit and since your copay doesn’t even get close to covering the cost of running the business. So the primary docs elect to put you through The Funnel.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had a rash on her face since right before Christmas. It has stayed localized to around her mouth (under her nose and on her chin) and most recently her right eye (below and on the eyelid). It hasn't occurred on or under her left eye. It looks like little raised red dots (some larger than others), but there has been no seeping, oozing, or crusting. It does not appear to itch because I have not seen her scratch at it.
Avatar n tn It's usually on the trunk (one sided usually), but can be on the neck, face, legs, and arms. It'll run along a path and not usually in a large area to start. It's more like lines that sometimes cross each other, but mostly like lines on paper. I had it on my lower rib cage area, one side only..but it ran to my back before it was over. The blisters are red, inflamed, and gooey. Eczema is usually dry, but has the bumps that start have a flower kind of look to it.
Avatar n tn If it were a heat rash why would they show up on his feet and hands too? Do you think it is related to his immunizations? I can email more pictures: ***@**** Also, if it's an allergic reaction to detergent, why would it be on his hands, feet, and face too? Why would one red area pop up then die down then another shows up in a completely different location, pulsates, then goes away.
Avatar n tn Hi You have noted that the rash usually recurs at a certain time of the year and also on the exact same location. This may be a case of fungal infection or tinea versicolor. Tinea versicolor may appear as a whitish patch which may not be noticeable in fair skinned individuals. Given the right conditions like humidity , sweating, and weather changes the rash may be reddish with a well defined ring. They may also itch. I suggest that you have this assessed by a pediatric dermatologist.
Avatar n tn I thought these were remnants of a fungal infection since I had a rash on my hand last March that resembled ringworm (but the test came back negative), and these clusters had also appeared at that time. Now that it's winter and my skin has been drying up, these clusters have been reappearing. I have been applying hydrocortisone 2.5%, and at one point, they were gone.
Avatar f tn The reason why I asked is because now I'm developing pimples and bumps in my face and on some parts of my body. My body is so sensitive especially when I put on clothes and underwear. My skin and part or my face looks as if I'm having an allergic reaction. The vaginal and lower part of my body still has the same symptoms as before; tingling, some soreness, numbness in the legs and there's no red rash or bumps.
Avatar n tn An initial consult with a dermatologist will be able to help. You may apply a hypoallergenic sunscreen on your child's face when she stays outdoors. There are sunscreens available for children. An initial assessment will help. We are trying to rule out a rash ,insect bites or some allergic reactions.
Avatar n tn So I have given her zyrtec twice and have been using benadryl cream and they are just getting worse now they are all over her arms too and about 5 on her torso. None on her face or head. Its not bug bites as she keeps getting more not just in bed and no one else has them. She has had nothing new and has not been outside. Does anyone know what this could be. She has no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn They should also not be used on a child's face or under occlusion, like under a diaper. Newer immunomodulators or steroid-free topical medications are also available to treat children with eczema, including Elidel and Protopic. They are generally used twice a day and can be applied to all areas where your child has eczema, including his face. Keep in mind that they don't work as quickly as topical steroids do, and may require four to six weeks to see full results.
4748379 tn?1472051653 I have what looks like the measles on back and stomach and what looks like little bumps with heads on arms (front) and a flat rash under arms. Legs have rash around knees and ankles and face has little bumps. I use Cetaphil lotion and soap when I bathe and that ain't often LoL. The nurse gave me Vistaril to help me at night and it really works. I sleep fairly well on it. I use the hydrocortisone 2.5 on arms and that seems to help.
Avatar m tn He asked us to continue with the Augmentin till the 10th day and bring her back for revision. On that day the 10th and after she got the last sachet for the medication, rash starts to appear on her buttocks, then her face, going to her hands, legs and finally all her body. we took her again to the hospital, and again CBC( WBC=24, HCT=29, NEUT%=49.74, LMPH%=41.94, MCV=70.70) and urine analysis(U-WBC=10-15, PH=7).
Avatar f tn My 4 month old daughter has a really bad diaper rash, i put rash cream on everytime i change her, but it just keeps getting worse. She also has had diarrhea 3 or 4 times a day and just her right cheek is red on her face. she just had her 4 month immunizations about a week ago and we started her on rice cereal a week ago. I am calling her doctor first thing in the morning. Any suggestions on what this could be before I call?
1705346 tn?1349995806 To explain briefly, she is the little girl who used to live next door to us, her father left her, her mother became an abusive alcoholic; and with all that going on the daughter flat out quit using toilets! The school board forced her to be put into incontinence diapers by doctor prescription and she was forced to do regular school work in a special needs class room.
Avatar n tn dry fingertips rash on palms Look for comment by JET I'm starting to sound like a Medrol salesman. When my son was a baby his pediatrician okayed the use of Medrol for him as long as it was kept away from his eyes. Good News! Usually eczema lessens as a person gets older. Bad News! Whereever you had it as a kid is the place it will break out as you get older.
116879 tn?1266519849 The high fever often ends abruptly, and at about the same time a pinkish-red flat or raised rash appears on the child's trunk and spreads over the body. The rash's spots blanch (turn white) when you touch them, and individual spots may have a lighter "halo" around them. The rash usually spreads to the neck, face, arms, and legs. The fast-rising fever that comes with roseola triggers febrile seizures (convulsions caused by high fevers) in about 10% to 15% of young children.
Avatar n tn Statistically, it is unlikely your child's problem is herpes, and your description of her rash doesn't sound like it. Initial herpes on her usually would have multiple individual blisters sores, but it sounds like you are describing a fairly diffuse rash. Further, nonsexual household transmission of HSV to children is rare. A garden variety yeast infection or diaper rash is far more likely. That said, no online provider can make a definite diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I have very dry skin and if my hands are in contact with water for too long, and especially soapy water, my skin becomes very dry and I get a rash on my hands. So I wear gloves whenever I'm washing the dishes or washing clothes, etc. Well, my wife believes that wearing gloves while taking care of the baby is somehow bad for the baby. Is there any medical or other reason why I shouldn't wear gloves while bathing the baby or washing the baby's clothes or utensils?
193609 tn?1292183893 Hardly anything calmed him down and it was horrible. Around 4pm, his face broke out in a rash. It was not an immediate cause for alarm because when Ashtyn gets upset, his face gets blotchy. We headed home to Columbus. When we got home around 11:30, Ashtyn was covered in a rash from his head to his hips. He was covered in red spots. So, we took him to the ER at the Children's Hospital. The doctor took one look at him and said he is reacting to the Amoxicillin.
Avatar m tn The skin on his face, though, seems thinner, lighter, he had a red rash mainly on his face, which settled after two days. I did some research after stop using the Abido cream, and was shocked that the cream contains potent steroids. I am afraid that the cream might of had absorbed into his bloodstream! I did see the GP who told me to continue oilatum bath and use emulsifying ointment BP. I explained to the Gp i am very concerned how it might affected him, not only his skin but also internally.