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Avatar f tn Or it could be an allergy, and something he has washed his face in, have you changed soaps, anything she would put on her face ? Is it a raised rash ?
Avatar f tn I am not a doctor by any means, but I do work with children as a swim coach and I have seen a plethora of medical issues that they can have. One of my athletes is allergic to cold, and so when the water is too cold, she will get blotchy skin and not feel well. Once she gets out of the cold water she gets better pretty quickly. Actually I have had two children during my career that have had this. I would imagine that if kids can be allergic to cold, they could be allergic to heat too?
Avatar n tn My child broke out in a red rash on his face - tested negative for strep - no sign of illness. The red went away and the skin is now very, very dry. The same has happened to my face. What could it be? It is not itchy, it was initially alittle warm.
Avatar n tn i am a 50 year old female, i recently broke out with something on my face and neck, on my face its in the area where a guy grows a beard it gets red, hot, itchy and burns, my face feels like its on fire,and you can see a rash and it hurts when i touch my face.i have tried different creams but they seem to make it worse. it will start go clear up but then it flares up again. i don't know it this could be something serious. has anyone ever had this problem or know what it could be?
Avatar f tn I woke up on thursday morning with a sore throat and a cough, on Friday morning i noticed a rash on my face and it is still there. Has any one had a reaction like this?
Avatar n tn my husband has a circle rash of both cheeks of his face they are red and have little bumps what is this
1961938 tn?1398718101 I'm 23w2d and this morning I woke up with a red rash all over my face. Is this normal? It doesn't itch and its only on my face.
Avatar f tn I've had a reoccurring rash that I get around my mouth. I had been putting betamethasone on it which would clear it up but then would come back within a week if I quit using cream. Finally got insurance and was prescribed a po antibiotic and triamcinolone acetonide dental paste?? Even that seemed to help and antibiotics kept it gone for about 1-3 months but back. I'm 28. Ive quit using all products and even towels on face to no avail.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 year old female. i have 3 kids who constantly rub on my face. i have a reaccuring rash on the left side of my face that extends from my check to around my ear and down to my neck. the rash is itchy and blotchy. my check is hard to the touch and hot. two or three months ago i had this same rash except that it was just on my check. i went to the emergency room cause i had woke up to it and freaked.
Avatar f tn A respitory virus and that now i have cold like symptoms and a rash on my face. She said i coukd have parvo and they drew blood to find out for sure but i don't have results yet. She says my baby can become anemic and can need a blood transfusion while in the womb. I am so terrified.
Avatar m tn However, from the description given by you, it seems you might be having an autoimmune skin condition called Discoid lupus erythematosus, that causes a red, raised rash on the face and scalp. Around 1–5% of these cases develop into Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In discoid lupus, only the skin is typically involved. The rash is usually red and may have raised borders. It is usually painless and does not itch.
Avatar f tn Is a severely purple rash on face, purple dot on leg, lip and thumb 3 weeks post exposure indicative of ars
566175 tn?1278430472 I swear, there's always something to worry about. Just my luck... Fifths disease is a rare childhood illness, a virus that hardly ever happens, but we currently have an outbreak of it at my kids school... It's sometimes called slap face disease b/c they get red cheeks as if they have been slapped, followed by a body rash, a low grade fever and cold/flu like symptoms.
1222635 tn?1366396286 I know kids that are allergic to peanuts. first their face swells up, then they start puking & then the airways close... so it starts in the face for them too. I also have a friend whos kids are allergic to milk & lactose products. Their stomach cant tolerate it. This friend discovered it by seing blood in their diapers. how scary. sooo... I think it can show up in different places, depending on the allergy & how the body handles it.
Avatar m tn I have joint pain, muscle weakness and pain, headaches. no rash, but I get a rash with being in the sun for a long time, fatigue,and trouble sleeping. My PCP did not due a WBC count so I dont' have those results. My ANA screen also showed selected antigens are 12 and Hep 2 cells <11. I have no idea what this means. I had a very intense full time job and two small kids, so I cut back on work and feel a little better. Does anyone have some advice.
Avatar f tn I may be wrong but he could be a toddler and/or playing around with his aunt. Like in a tickle war kids get squirly and he could have accidently kicked her. I don't imagine this could purposely running up to her kicking her in the tummy and taking off. But I guess you never know. And yes I'd def car your doctor on this one.
Avatar n tn The next morning her her face swelled up. She has no temperature, but has minor discomfort in swallowing, and slight nausa. She also has minor muscle and joint pain. By the sixth day (which is today) symptoms persist but appear stable.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of things that can cause a rash. You might google "rash on child" and look at some of the pictures, but you are probably better off taking the child to the doctor and finding out what it is.
Avatar n tn My wife started with rash on stomach and lower looks like petriases rosea with Headache. She start getting many acne on face and few on the body (nothing before!!). I have got folliculitis no fever or rash. Me and my wife tested negative by combo at 11 weeks. Immediately after test I had swelling and painful many lymph nodes in the groin and one on the neck confirmed by CTC scan and Dr examination. My sun and daughters got sick so rapidly in the last 6 months.
Avatar f tn The "butterfly" rash - also known as a malar rash - is a very common symptoms of lupus, however, you don't necessarily have to have it to have lupus. It does occur in approximately 40-60% of lupus patients. There are different types of lupus, too, so depending on what type of lupus your friend may have, the rash may not be as common. It's also important to remember that not all cases of lupus are alike - some of the symptoms one person has, another person may not have.
Avatar n tn My wife developed this red rash on her on her face mostly on her cheeks and nose about six to eight months ago. At first we thought it was acne but no acne treatment helped. Our dermatologist doesn't know what it is. It happened about the same time she had her ears pierced. The backs of her ears have been swollen and red and she has a rash down the side of her neck starting from the base of her ears. She also says that her neck is itchy.
Avatar f tn underneath a UV light.. you could see the rash discoloration of my face (malar).. I dont know if it could be related but my I used to wipe my 7 mo old sons face whenever he came into contact with mine.. When I stopped, it seemed like he got a rash too.. Recently sick, he was presribed Zithromax which appears to have gotten rid or lessened the rash.. I know baby's get a lot of rashes so I dont know if it was related but I thought id mention it..
Avatar m tn I'm an 18 year old male and I have had a reoccurring face rash for 6 years. The rash is typically on my upper cheeks, 1/2 and inch or so below my bottom lip, sometimes and my jaw, and sometimes on my forehead. It seems to be triggered by almost everything. If I ever sleep anywhere other than my house I will surely get it. I also get it from swimming, being in nature (mountain biking and hiking). Being in the sun irritates it. Water makes my skin feel constricted.
Avatar f tn Is anyone elses face super sensitive? My make up brings out a rash and now my face is red and kinda rashy and i dont know what from.
Avatar m tn hi, i know i've been told categorically that protected sex = no risk. well i have develop a chicken pox type rash, its in my chest, back, face, neck and scalp mostly. it doesn't itch and 6 days into it, its not crusting over. im freeking out because this is typical of a type of HIV rash also. what are your thoughts? it happened 63 days after what i think is exposure? would you recommend to test given the chain of events? or is it still condom sex = no risk?
Avatar m tn My mother in law is 50 years old. For the past few years she has been getting a rash that comes back at the same time of year usually in the beginning of spring. It starts out red, and then blisters right up. It is very sensitive to the wind and different weather conditions. It also becomes itchy and seems to make her face feel very tight. It has gotten worse as the years go on. She has seen a doctor and they have recommended antibiotics. They help, but it still comes back every year.