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909900 tn?1261091060 A month ago my fiance and I went and picked out a 4 week old Goldendoodle puppy. For the past month we have done everything to prepare and made our home suitable for the puppy. Today (one week before we are going to pick him up) the breeder contacts us. Our puppy has malocclusion (bottom jaw is a bit smaller). She basically told me the problem and said she understood if we didn't want him anymore. Easier said than done.
4734825 tn?1358563369 Keep in mind healthy 50 pounds. Veterinarian #1 would examine my puppy. I would try to convince the pet doctor my puppy was drooling for the past two weeks and I could not get his mouth to open wide to look at his teeth. Veterinarian #1 would try and jokingly say " ah lock jaw ". The doctor and the assistant would try again behind closed doors while clipping our puppy nails. The doctor would let me leave without further examination.
Avatar f tn ll be a happy member of your family for years to come! Did your veterinarian give your puppy a clean bill of health? Is he playful and energetic? Is he drinking water and urinating normally and having normal bowel movements? New puppies can take a day or two to adjust to a new household, but 4 days is rather long. Are you offering him the same foods your friend was feeding before you got him? Sometimes a sudden change in diet can upset some dogs.
Avatar f tn The past couple of days we've noticed our 3 1/2mo. old puppy, Squeekers, is losing patches of hair beginning right behind his ears to right past his shoulders. At first I thought it was the normal hair loss for puppies, but this is really looking weird. Any idea why or what could be causing it?
Avatar f tn My rottweiler puppy is 5 months old and my husband recently moved from colorado to las vegas with him. For the last couple days he has been sick. He has severe diarrhea and he's not eating. his ears feel hot like he has a fever. He doesn't want to play or anything. He just lays there like he's depressed. HELP!!!! I'm really worried and i don't know whats going on with him!!!
Avatar m tn her mom is healthy 2 year old n is feeding all 4 pups n they have started eating semi solid food as well four days back. The puppy in question is active and eats normally and she shows no sign of pain while walking on her two front legs as she drags her body across the floor. she makes no painful sounds even when i try helping her walk with her hind legs. i am extremely worried and sad about her condition. kindly someone give me a through reply as to what possibly can i do to help her?
Avatar m tn I have a 40 lb puppy (about 4 months) who ate 4 tabs. I got him to throw up just a little over 1 pill but they had clearly started to digest. Is there anything I can do at home to help him get through this as I do not have funds to hospitalize him. He was dumped on the side of the road and I rescued him. Great dog. Hate to lose him...
Avatar f tn Until the pup gets his shots it might be a good idea if you kind of kept him from other dogs. He may be ok, but it's just a safety measure.
Avatar m tn My dog (who is not a puppy) does some strange things and makes some weird noises during dreams and sleep. She howls, moans, yips, breathes like she's running a marathon, snores...... So weird breathing CAN be just a dreaming-thing. The length of time it takes to really "wake up" can vary with dogs too. Mine wakes instantly, but some dogs are dozy for a minute or two after waking.
Avatar f tn Hi there...I completely concur with peekawho. Your puppy should be seen, not only for his health, but the health of your family as well. Almost every puppy is born with roundworms. The symptoms you describe are consistent with a heavy parasite infestation. The scary thing about roundworms is that your puppy is shedding about 200,000 roundworm eggs into the environment every day when he defecates. Those eggs are microscopic and they are difficult to eradicate from the environment.
Avatar n tn Your rabbit likely has a severe bacterial infection/abcess in her mouth and gums. This may be related to the teeth not being trimmed regularly, or to a sharp piece of hay or wood that penetrated her gums. This is a very serious problem, and you should see a veterinarian ASAP, because if she is untreated the infection can spread and cause her death. She will likely need antibiotics and possibly surgery to remove the infected area.
874521 tn?1424116797 Simply, you get what you pay for. Pulling a tiny tooth is not really that simple. The top three causes of tooth loss in cats is a carie or cavity also known as FORL (Feline Oral Resorptive Lesion). There becomes a PAINFUL (though pets don't show much pain - more as I go along) cavity in the mouth and the gum line gets red and irritated and the gum line gets infected. (More on gum issues and how it affects the rest of the body and why bloodwork is VERY beneficial.
Avatar n tn My sister and I have Golden Ret. puppies from the same litter. Her puppy had a life-threatening reaction to her distemper vaccine at 5 mos. old. She is improving but still has trouble walking and takes steroids daily. Is my puppy in any way at risk of getting the "distemper" symptoms by playing, nipping and sharing water/food bowls with the other puppy?? Is a reaction to a vaccination contagious???
279230 tn?1259923903 Does anyone know of any alternative to this or what would cause this in a puppy so young? She is on the nutro ultra puppy food, so she gets good food. And she lives in a very sanitary environment, so it's not that either. We just don't want to have to have her on medication for her whole life. Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
212161 tn?1599427282 hey i have a 12 week puppy who has not had all her shots sahe on her last set, this weekend we went out to country and there she found and ate , deer poop and rabbitt, will this make her sick so far shes still very playfull and eating her food , but with still not having all her shots it concerns me.
Avatar f tn This puppy needs a trip to the vet ASAP to see what the problem is. Sometimes it's just a case of a puppy being the runt of the litter and not having the size and strength to push past its larger, stronger littermates to fight for a nipple. But sometimes there is a medical cause for a lack of growth and thriving, and this possibility needs to be addressed so that you know what you're dealing with.
Avatar f tn Please see your veterinarian and be aware that abscesses from the teeth can appear above the tooth under the eye as well. Your veterinarian can better explain this relationship and determine if it is of skin or mouth origin.
Avatar m tn Today I dropped my 2 month old moodle (maltese x poodle) puppy about 1 metre off the ground. She landed on her back on concrete. She whimpered and cried for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and I gave her a pat and a cuddle once she calmed down. Patting and touching her did not hurt her and she seemed to walk okay and could follow some basic instructions. However, she is very tired and I am concerned that something could have happened. Could anyone help?
971753 tn?1248656650 The life expectancy of a very young puppy with a bad heart disease (like congenital defects) is not good. In their early days or months they actually compensate very well because they are growing and can adjust. However, as dogs reach maturity (6 months in her case) they will begin to to DE-compensate and will begin to show serious symptoms. It is very difficult to tell you want you will see - impossible in fact. We do advise you see your veterinarian to at least determine the cause.
Avatar n tn My 8wk old Welsh Corgi puppy vomited several times last night (6), with some blood showing. I took him to the veterinarian who gave him two shots- one to calm his stomach the other an antacid I believe. Today when I returned he received another shot of what she gave him last night (sans the typically more painful one which I think might be the antacid).
Avatar m tn just noticed this morning my puppy is acting strange she is about 6months old and is drinking a lil but only eating a nibble or two and she is not very energetic now what should i do
Avatar m tn Please see your veterinarian. Many times these problems can be cleared up quickly, but if left often result in circular crusts and sometimes scarring without hair regrowth. The skin can only respond in a limited number of ways to a variety of problems, so seeing your veterinarian to have him/her determine the underlying cause and initiate the appropriate treatment is very important.
1393308 tn?1280246444 my little 2 year old puppy keeps biting on her feet the black skin is peelimg off, she whimpers and hops alot but she wont stop. =( is there anything i can do for her or give her something that will make her stop?