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Avatar f tn Symbol of a new start A positive interpretation for losing teeth in dreams associates tooth loss imagery with giving birth to something new in your life. Jung, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century at the origin of Jungian dream analysis, suggests that, especially for women, dreaming about losing a tooth or teeth relates to birthing.
Avatar f tn I had a dream that my tooth fell out in my family which we are Spanish we believe a dream of teeth or a tooth falling out means death like someone is going to pass. Anyone else believe this?
1676653 tn?1391039945 m getting teased in these dreams cause I do want babies. In the dreams it just feels so real holding my baby in my arms. This dream is just one of many I had about baby. I even had a dream about having twin boys. Sigh it just ***** this dream can't come to reality.
4483971 tn?1401777079 For about a week, I've had the same dream. In my dream, I stick my hand in my mouth and start wiggling my wisdom tooth back and forth. I finally just yank it out. The dream ends with me covered in blood. I read that if you dream about your teeth falling out, it's a sign of you having alot of anxiety. I can't find anything on pulling them out yourself tho...
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn but there was 70% loss in one front tooth and 30% in the other. My laterals are genetically inclined to twist so my periodontist thought I might want four implants. I'd rather hold onto the laterals but need to know what the percents of bone loss are for a compromised tooth. I already know the one is going to have to be extracted. My hope is saving at least two or possible three of the others.
Avatar f tn I'm 21wks n 1d and I have dreams about food mostly foods I recently ate I think its my baby telling me she loved it or wants it again haha I just woke up from a dream of me at McDonald's haha anyone else?
12934254 tn?1427839628 I totally agree with the above post. My dreams are insane!! And so fricken vivid, I wake up at least 3 or 4 times a night bc of a dream. Usually nightmares, or sex dreams, or a combination of both, I wish I would dream about puppies and kittens playing with babies or something sweet like that.
208686 tn?1293030503 Me, nor my DH or my kids have never had a cavity, I did have to have a fake tooth put in the front because my DH was putting his arm around me one night in bed and cracked my front tooth right down the center. I had it fixed the next day. Other then that we have not ever had a problem with our teeth! This dream was just out there..
Avatar m tn I've had braces at around age 27 when the surgeon had advised me that it may cause tooth loss at a later age. I am now 57 and it's been almost 30 years since I've last visited the dentist, since I had a general fear of the pain when going to the dentist. I now have purple gums and my tooth are loose and shaky at time to time. I suspect it may be from gum disease with a combination of the side effect for my late braces. I am a drinker and a smoker.
Avatar n tn i have a bump thts as abscess in my upper part of gum i wll pop it but next day r 2 it wll come right back whats thats
Avatar n tn Tooth pain is not always dental origin, although most dental pains do come from cavities and gum disease. Assuming there is no dental pathology identified by your dentist other than the offending tooth, the possible causes of thermeal sensitivy and aching are 1.occlusal trauma resulting from occlusal interference. 2. referred pain from myofascial trigger point pathology. 3. central nervous system dysfunction.
Avatar f tn some of them can get pretty freaky...I remember alot of my dreams...i have a GREAT sense of adventure and creativity, even in my dreams...WHEW!! Usually glad to wake up in my own bed...and realize I was dreaming !!!
541456 tn?1394490622 Over twenty years ago a dentist told me I had bone loss on one tooth. Never affected me until three years ago I got a stabbing pain in it and a root canal. It was fine until three months ago. Now if I floss around it too aggressively it can hurt all night long . It also snags the floss. This is something new. Two months ago it became "rough" on the inside and snags floss. There is no bump or absess and it feels fine today.
Avatar m tn Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
Avatar f tn At any rate tooth is still sensitive to hot and cold. I went in to the endo who did the procedure and he touchd the tooth with cold and at the time in his office I did not feel much pain, but at the right angle on the back of this tooth, I will feel cold and its a sharp pain. Just to reassure myself I took a tooth pick and touched up along the top of this tooth around the gum line where the crown meets the gum. I feel pain when I touch the top of that tooth where some exposed dentin is.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am in my early twenties and recently had my upper left premolar extracted and replaced with an implant. I know that bone loss can occur when a tooth is extracted, and the implant is supposed to prevent such bone loss from occurring, but will there be any bone loss at all? I am really concerned because I am so young and don't want my facial appearance to change. Thank you so much.
1307768 tn?1273363703 ve had 2 others with no pain, but this time it hurts. not the tooth itself but underneath in the gum by the jawbone, i noticed when i press on my cheek. my tooth feels excellent i can eat on it with no pain. i have a narrow jaw and as the endodontist said, long roots. maybe this has to do with the pain? its right by the nerve in my jaw, i can feel that much.
Avatar f tn But since I enter my final couple of month, I guess my anxiety finally kicks in and all my dream turn into nightmare. Been dreaming of deaths and loose tooth and such. Totally freak me out. Then I woke up feeling so sad and tired at the same time. Been trying to counter them with happy thought. I fall asleep counting my blessings for all that is good in my life and wishing for a healthy lil baby :) It help, until the heartburn kick in, of course. LOL.
796579 tn?1266432024 t want to eat due to pain, the last time i took him to vets he had a yeast infection in his ears, and i asked about his tooth. it was going to cost a couple hundred to have tests to make sure he is fit to go under and then to have it pulled. i feel horrible that i do not have the money to have it taken out for him. she advised me that as long as he didn't seem bothered by it and was eating okay that i could wait awhile. i am worried that it may get infected on him.
Avatar n tn am half awake and keep seeing flowers and sipders in the corner of my bedroom wall
Avatar f tn With in that time some how i was eatting a cacker which created another hole in another tooth on the left side. Well I was able to get the tooth pulled on the right side about 4 wks ago and after that the left side gave me ..... you know and now i have that oder again. Was hoping there was somthing else i could do. but thanks again i will look in to that. Also do know if that bad tooth willl create gum issues?
Avatar m tn Dear after 7 year of root canal treatment in my one back side tooth got fractured due to some hard eatable got pressed. my dentist took Xray find some fractured & advising to extract the tooth. Please advise , root canal can be done again with some repair of fractured tooth.presently iam on antibiotic since 4 day.
1269044 tn?1393189903 t still there protecting my molars, I got the most incredible pain in one tooth. I have a pretty high tolerance to pain but this brought me to my knees. In fact it was probably the first time in my adult life that I cried like a baby. It felt like my jaw was being peeled off! I'm down to 24 teeth left. The ones I do have left are all pretty healthy but every time I had to get another one pulled or worked on, I passed on the narcotics.
Avatar n tn it was vertically impacted. The surgeon removed the tooth and told me my nerve under the tooth was in tact, but he felt I would experience temporary loss of sensation resulting from the surgery. I am feeling numbness and discomfort (not pain) in my front lower jaw and my chin and lower lip from midline to my outer right lip area. It just seems strange to me that I'm feeling discomfort in this area more so than the actual area where the impacted tooth was removed... is this normal????
Avatar f tn 3 of my family friends already have wrote me asking if I'm pregnant they keep having dreams of a baby or baby boy lol and I laugh n deny it because I haven't annoced my pregnancy til my 20 week appt which is only in 3 weeks I think I can do it.
Avatar m tn You need to see a dentist ASAP. Anytime a tooth starts to wiggle it is usually from bone loss or root absorption as turkee23 says. Please get to the dentist. Not to do so is to risk the loss of both of those teeth and it happens quickly.
730826 tn?1317943334 Hmm i had o idea anyone else would have experienced this too. In my dreams, its not like a Look-in-the-mirror-and-see-them-gone thing, its an I-can-feel-it-coming -out-and-the-roots-coming-out thing.