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Avatar n tn I have a 9 yr old simese cat that has an abcessed tooth, when we took him to the vet, they wanted $700.00 to put him to sleep and pull his tooth. I have no pet insurance and on a very limited fixed income and can't afford that kind of expense. He has developed a large cyst on the side of his jaw/neck where that tooth is located. He can only eat soft food now, and even at that, he's loosing weight. I can't sit by and let him starve to death because I can't afford to fix his tooth.
3149845 tn?1506627771 The director brought a mom with kittens over that week. You watch the kittens while mom goes in for spay surgery. Then care for her when she gets home making sure kittens don't get too rough. It's so much work. But it did take my mind off of the misery of my loss. A few months later I adopted one of the moms. The foundation has good luck with the formal adoption of the kittens if you do your fostering and make them good little citizens. If it helps, talk about what happened.
Avatar f tn I am fostering a new mom with 10 day old kittens. There are 5, all seem fine, except one. He has lost all his fur and looks bald with just a little left on his head. Is this something that could be life-threatening or contagious? Thank you.
Avatar f tn He has hearing loss, a speech problem, and is a slow learner. We have 1 cat and 2 kittens. We have had the kittens for 5 months, but before that he has never been around kittens. He would play with them kind of rough and he would be put in time out for it. He would always give them kisses and seemed like he truly liked them. Then just the other day when we woke up we could only find one of the kittens. We looked and looked and then I found the kitten in his backpack on his bed.
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the percent of bone loss a tooth has to have before it is no longer able to be saved? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Well, as he is eating properly, then the weight loss remains unexplained. It is definitely time to get him checked, and the cause of his weight loss found. Like Ghilly says, if it IS something like diabetes, the quicker he gets treatment, the better. I wouldn't blame stress because of the kittens. That shouldn't cause DRAMATIC weight loss in a dog who is eating well. There has to be a physical cause.
11096542 tn?1415256935 Hi today I found 1 of my 7 day old cats kittens dead under the bedding hoping tis the only one but i'm worried as the other 5 kittens feel a little on the thin side mother is a rag doll she has lots of milk & sits with them all day long feeding them dad is a Siamese both been very healthy so really just wanting to know what to look out for & what can I do vet is a long way from where i live
Avatar f tn I brought home one of the day care kittens today. He is an orange tabby named Tucker and seems to be in the same situation as Good Humor Man was a week or so ago. Tucker suddenly and drastically started losing weight. He is back down to about the same size as Good Humor Man is now. We gave him some subcutaneous fluid for his dehydration and antibiotics for a probable intestinal infection. Haven't gotten any photos of him yet, but will try to take some tomorrow.
390388 tn?1279636213 The only thing I can offer is ....a year ago we had a littler of kittens born to a feral mother. The 5 kittens were actually born at the Vet's because we were out of town. We brought them home along with the mother at one week. One of the 5 had thin hair in the top of her head with tiny bumps under the skin. All the rest were fine. So took her back to the Vet's and he said sometimes they are born with this.
Avatar n tn The original one still has bug repellent qualities, enough so that it will keep the fleas off the kittens until they are old enough to use an actual flea repellent on them. The kittens will be kind of greasy, but it's preferrable to the alternative of having them become anemic from blood loss to the fleas.
Avatar f tn I am so very sorry for the loss of your 3 kittens. I have no idea what went wrong. Maybe someone else will come along with an idea. Like you said, none were immunized, so possibly (obviously) a virus or disease. I hope you aren't blaming yourself; they were feral and probably difficult to catch.
Avatar m tn Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
740516 tn?1360942486 Sounds like mommy cat and babies are going to do fine. Awesome! Newborn kittens are so cute, too. I remember watching mommy cats and their kittens. It's so cute watching them tumble over each other when they're old enough to play together.
1153085 tn?1341301893 t have to deal with unwanted kittens. She was actually from a litter of kittens born to a somewhat feral cat.
541456 tn?1394490622 Over twenty years ago a dentist told me I had bone loss on one tooth. Never affected me until three years ago I got a stabbing pain in it and a root canal. It was fine until three months ago. Now if I floss around it too aggressively it can hurt all night long . It also snags the floss. This is something new. Two months ago it became "rough" on the inside and snags floss. There is no bump or absess and it feels fine today.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am in my early twenties and recently had my upper left premolar extracted and replaced with an implant. I know that bone loss can occur when a tooth is extracted, and the implant is supposed to prevent such bone loss from occurring, but will there be any bone loss at all? I am really concerned because I am so young and don't want my facial appearance to change. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I found some stray feral kittens I have seen the adult cat but she is feral too anyway when I was going back to my house to get some food for the kittens (my yard is a little less than an acre) I got scratched by a tree branch that was on the floor,yesterday and today my leg itched and hurt a little but not too much.yesterday i felt like a little loss of balance but maybe that was from the worry (because I have a phobia of doctors).
1220879 tn?1280279794 Hi everyone. I have brother kittens, they turn a year old on March 13. They have their own room that they stay in at night and whenever I'm gone from the house for more than an hour. One is bigger than the other (Saffron), for sure the dominant one. I have not gotten either of them fixed, they are strict indoor cats, and my husband and I have been considering breeding with them, is a sudden dream of his. LOL He wasn't even a cat person before!
Avatar n tn My husband found 5 newborn kittens 9 weeks ago in our backyard and the mother was dead not too far away. They still had their umbilical cords attached, so just a few hours old. I have been taking care of them full time myself, but one declined and died at 8 days old, another one had a funny looking head, was the smallest, and had what seemed like seizures, and he died at 4 weeks old along with another kitten.
Avatar f tn It sounds as if the mother of the kittens may have weaned her kittens a bit early. Mothers don't always wean them at the correct time. Queens can get fed up with breast feeding, or they may simply feel too drained if there a lot of kitten mouths to feed. Queens tend to nurse their kittens longer if there are only 3 or less kittens. Or, if you started the kittens on kitten food before weaning, the Queen may discontinue nursing.
Avatar n tn m not sure what to suggest (one of the reasons we ended up sticking with older cats, stray kittens have a very high expiration rate and frankly, working with the kittens started to be depressing. Plus, the healthy ones didn't need us, they adopted out quickly). Any one else got any other ideas on what may help out there?