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Avatar n tn The colored spots I was seeing on her tooth was actually from the gums actually under her tooth. He said her baby tooth had become very transparent so that is why we were seeing those pinkish/reddish colors on her tooth. So now we just wait for her adult tooth to finish coming in.
719902 tn?1334165183 Not a question, but wanted to let you all know that I lost my baby. Found out today at 12 wks i'd had a missed m/c around 10 wks. Seems like there's been so many of us in this group lose our babies. :'( I will be ttc again and will see you around! Best wishes to all of you and your precious little ones.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, based on the exposure history above (but also adding that I have a broken tooth that could bleed a little at times I suppose) do you as a prof consider my exposure as a low risk one ? Actually re-reading this threat I realize that I had posted the fact about my tooth in the public forum post but not in my post to you. Reason why I add it and ask whether you would consider the whole story as a low risk exposure.
560272 tn?1311350293 Why do I have so much tooth decay and tooth loss, when I know other people that eat/drink worse than I do and none of their teeth are missing? That's why I was thinking vitamin deficiency related. I wish I could see a holistic doctor, but man they are pricey! And now with my teeth issues, I'm scared to eat anything hard or it is even harder to eat healthy! Life can be very unfair.
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the percent of bone loss a tooth has to have before it is no longer able to be saved? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Despite of this, the girl gave me a ******* without condom and we kissed. I mention this since I have a broken tooth that could bleed I guess at times. That girl being from Central Africa I am even more worried. Now this is what happened after that day six weeks ago. Got her and myself tested with immunocomb and another test at d-day + 2. Both neg.
Avatar f tn I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow :) which is 5 months but I used to weight 144 now I way 139 I'm having a baby boy but people tell me it's normal to lose weight. With a boy ..?
Avatar f tn Just curious to see the range of when you baby got their first tooth. My kids got them around 6 months, but my granddaughter is almost 11 months old and still doesn't have a tooth. We laugh because she started walking at 9 1/2 months, but still can't chew food...... Thanks.
7566904 tn?1394763978 ) if ur looking to pay for a 3D ultrasound u could do it A LITTLE sooner but I would suggest waiting to pay for one until like 30+ weeks when u will get beautiful pictures of how baby looks n a cd that shows baby moving around in your belly. But that's just my suggestion.
Avatar n tn re having an active sinus infection, its possible it can be from the sinus and not from the tooth itself. Timing would most likely give you a good idea if that's the case. If the sinus and toothache started around the same time, it may be more likely due to the sinus. Did the crown hurt initially when placed?
Avatar m tn Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
Avatar f tn I had an appt today at 39+4 wks and the doctor said I'm a strong 2cm dialated and he believes the baby might come on her own. If not, he's inducing me tomorrow. I lost my mucous plug right before the appt,and have been having fluctuating painful contractions sonce. The er nurse told me to wait until they are 5 mins apart with me unable to speak through them before I come in. I also have group b strep. Should I continue to time them or hold out until my induction tomorrow am???
Avatar f tn I am waiting on baby #1 lost my baby the first time I tried so here we go again!!!
3204403 tn?1346105744 t know i was pregnant until he pulled my tooth that had an infection instead of prescribing me an antibiotic. later that night my baby passed away. do you think by me getting my tooth pulled had something to do with the death of my daughter? i was due July 8th 2012 and she passed may 20 2012...
Avatar n tn Around August 08 I had a root canal on an upper tooth, (second to last tooth, left side) that had a lot of previsous work (filling replaced years back, then full crown 3 years ago) The root canal seemed to heal fine.
Avatar m tn My wife has seen two dentists and both detect a latterally emergent tooth but first said that surgery is urgent and significant the later one who has a doctorate and US education (we are in Japan) has detected multiple factor such as tooth grinding, debris between tooth and sharpened upper tooth and says that surgery is not urgent (as well as a black hole missed by the first dentist).
Avatar f tn Today is July 20th 2013, im officially 11 weeks and 5 days , my partner is having a hard time believing that the child im carrying isn't his . He wants to know the date the baby was conceived ? how can I find out ? my last menstrual cycle was April 25th 2013 , and on most apps, im 12 weeks and 2 days but I got a Ultrasound done today and it determined I am 11 weeks and 5 days. So please can someone help me figure out when i conceived my child. Its my first pregnancy.
541456 tn?1394490622 Over twenty years ago a dentist told me I had bone loss on one tooth. Never affected me until three years ago I got a stabbing pain in it and a root canal. It was fine until three months ago. Now if I floss around it too aggressively it can hurt all night long . It also snags the floss. This is something new. Two months ago it became "rough" on the inside and snags floss. There is no bump or absess and it feels fine today.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm sorry for your losses. The infection, in my opinion and as far as I know, cant cause chromosome defects. An infection could perhaps MUTATE genes, but not remove/add chromosomes, as chromosomes are either already present or missing in the egg/or sperm... so your infection in your tooth would have nothing to do with that.
Avatar f tn Get the tooth fixed. If it is aching, it might be infected, and you do not want infection running through your body when you are pregnant.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am in my early twenties and recently had my upper left premolar extracted and replaced with an implant. I know that bone loss can occur when a tooth is extracted, and the implant is supposed to prevent such bone loss from occurring, but will there be any bone loss at all? I am really concerned because I am so young and don't want my facial appearance to change. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn I have a dentist appointment tomorrow cause i have a tooth giving me pain if there happen to be an infection what can they give me to get rid of it so i can have it pulled and will it be harmful to the baby im 28 weeks pregnant
Avatar f tn I've heard to BD every other day as well, but it never worked for me...Both times that I got pregnant, we BD'd every day the whole week that I was fertile.....Different times b/c I work 12 hour night on weekends when DH is off and I worked the night before, we'd BD in the morning, other times at night when I was off, and once when he got home from work at like 5pm.......I know that others may not agree with the every day thing....but it worked for me....
Avatar f tn Im due the same day and think it is perfect timing to have one. I fear doing it later because what if baby decides to come early and you don't have any stuff. Im on my 4th pregnancy so want going to have one but my friends at college wants to throw me one since we graduate middle of Oct.
Avatar m tn Once that happens, the tooth is usually not salvageable because it is now very brittle to begin with. A fractured tooth leaves a breeding ground for bacteria and eventual bone loss which can affect the neighboring teeth. If you do need it removed, I highly recommend an implant to replace it. The procedure is no worse than a root canal. It just takes alot longer to get to the finished product because of healing time. My DH has 7 molar implants and loves them.