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Avatar f tn so your infection in your tooth would have nothing to do with that. HOWEVER, the lingering infection in your tooth COULD cause your immune system to become weaker, and therefore making it harder to sustain a pregnancy with even a healthy baby. Again I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sure your doctor can tell you more about this than I can. Hope I helped tho and GL in the future!
4093350 tn?1358096154 Just curious. I broke a tooth last night & then started reading too much stuff online. All i read was that gum disease could cause preterm labor. Does anyone know the facts, like how bad does it have to be or what are the percentages? I've always had bad teeth even tho i brush, floss and rinse daily. I blame it on genetics. The dentist has never told me i have gum disease but if i am at risk. Thank you!
Avatar m tn im really underweight and i eat like a pig i have ridiclously tiny legs both my parents have massive legs especially calves but me, i have literally tooth pic sized legs to where it looks so unhealthy and unproportional not even the slightest definition. my little brother that is 15 years old weights 25 pounds more then me and is 2 inches taller then me. he seemed to get these genetics his legs are triple mine.
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the percent of bone loss a tooth has to have before it is no longer able to be saved? Thank you.
2006603 tn?1331329327 Yes our son is his only child. I don't know why she thinks he can only have boys. I'm afraid of having a girl and just being at a complete loss on what to do with her after the baby stage lol.
1357784 tn?1277339288 Hello Penny100, Before I research this for you through my several channels of expert help, I was wondering, can you tell me does your grand daughter have a genetic disorder, disease or syndrome? I am just curious if I should be looking up answers with respect to Genetic conditions or referring you to a dental forum. I would like to help you to the best advice possible, but I need a bit more information if that is possible.
Avatar n tn I am 18yrs old, and have really bad teeth I always either suffer from tooth ache or in need of fillings or some sort of dental work, Its not like im always eating sugary foods, I just need some information on what it could be that is leeding to me having bad teeth, I havn't visited a dental practice for over a year and my teeth have really deteriorated, reason being is that I have developed a fear of dentists, PLEASE HELP!!! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear about your bone loss. Did the dentist say how long it takes to get to that stage? I've been diagnosed with periodontal disease. I've done the first part of a full-mouth debridement. I'm doing the second part soon. I've been told this will stop the disease.
Avatar f tn I read up on internet that tooth decay has a microorganism that will lead to passing on the same condition to those sharing foods, etc. So how can you say it's not contagious??? This discussion is related to <a href=''>rampant tooth decay - contagious and oainful?</a>.
193137 tn?1367880063 I would look into some vitamins that promote growth, some birth controls actually assist with this as well. Talk to your doctor about which vitamins you could take specifically, also eating healthy helps (as it does with everything) As far as genetics... I was born with a full head of thick dark brown hair and at the age of 7 started to lose my hair due to alopecia.
392430 tn?1382904781 I have read in almost every article about teething babies that it is perfectly normal for the first tooth not to show up until after a year or year and a half! I bet one day Phin will just pop them all out and then you might be in trouble! haha. He might discover his new "weapon" and want to try it out on your fingers. Blake even bit my arm THROUGH my shirt and drew blood! Ouch. We are working on this...not a cute habit!
Avatar f tn My husband and I will le my body heal and try again in February. Doc did send my tissue to Genetics to see if Genetics was the cause either myself or my Donor..
Avatar n tn Molars which are in the back, kids have for many years and leaving the tooth could cause issues to the permanent teeth that comes in behind it. Also, when a four year old has a rotting tooth, they will begin to address oral hygiene. Some kids are more prone to cavities than others simply due to their genetics. Flossing becomes really critical to get in between those teeth.
Avatar m tn Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
Avatar n tn So, you have a grandparent and parent that have hearing loss in one ear? You are wondering if this is something that can be caused by genetics and inherited. There are many causes of hearing loss. There are genetic causes of hearing loss and are most often seen in babies. There is also the gradual hearing loss many go through as they age. When did your family members being to have hearing loss? What was their age? https://www.mayoclinic.
541456 tn?1394490622 Over twenty years ago a dentist told me I had bone loss on one tooth. Never affected me until three years ago I got a stabbing pain in it and a root canal. It was fine until three months ago. Now if I floss around it too aggressively it can hurt all night long . It also snags the floss. This is something new. Two months ago it became "rough" on the inside and snags floss. There is no bump or absess and it feels fine today.
Avatar f tn The fun thing about genetics is that you just never know. Makes everything a surprise because while there is a chance for one thing theres also chances for others. I have my fad has straight brown hair and bkue eyes and my mom has curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My sis has straight brown hair and blue eyes, my brother has curly brown with blue, and i have straight hair thats a big mix of colors with green eyes. Its crazy!