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Avatar f tn I've been on 40mg of Paxil for about a year now, and I think I would like to try Prozac. I still like the effects of paxil, so I don't really want to discontinue it. Is it beneficial to be on both?
527657 tn?1214055450 It's true that a small percentage of people gain weight on Paxil, but that does not mean you be careful about how much you eat and exercise, and you will probably be all right.
Avatar n tn Paxil is a clone of Prozac but with a shorter half-life. Prozac leaves the body more slowly than Paxil. Perhaps this site (social audit site) would help to explain it, its one of many sites but at a quick guess it will probably give you a lead to answering your question fairly quickly :) There's tons of info on the net (and I mean professional experts' information - the internet harbours both good and bad sites).
Avatar m tn I have been taking Paxill for a while now and it seems to not be working so well anymore. I was wondering if anyone on Prozac could tell me if they are having good results and if Prozac affects there sex drive. The only medication that I tried so far that I didn't have thatsexual problems with was Wellbutrin. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Category A Adequate and well-controlled studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy (and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters). Category B Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.
683892 tn?1231216599 Hey everyone, I'm a recovering addict and my doctor prescribed me prozac. I was just wondering if anyone has used this drug and how their experience was with it. I know it's not an abusable drug, but I'm sure some of you have come across it at some point in your life, seeing as how most addicts are self-medicating for an underlying condition. Thanks. Hope everyone's well.
390848 tn?1215807661 when i became an adult i learned that all ssri's made me feel depressed, and out of control, also lost my sex drive on them, but when i was prescribed them as a teen i was just to young to make the connection i also know a ton of people who take prozac and it really helps them, prozac is like the fisrt defense when it comes to treating mental illness, shrinks usually start with an ssri and if that doesnt work they add a mood stabilizer, then move onto anti-p's i know for me, when i take ssri's
Avatar n tn Juniper, Paxil, an SSRI(like Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox and Celexa) is indicated for the treatment of OCD as well as other anxiety and mood disorders. In general side effects( nausea, diarrhea, headache, fatigue) are minimal and generally resolve if experienced within the first few days to weeks of treatment. Please discuss these issues further with your psychiatrist. You may also find it helpful to search this forums archives for further information regarding OCD and Paxil.
Avatar n tn I was taking Zoloft in between the Paxil 50mg and Paxil at 25mg, it did wonders on my mood, but increased my anxiousness. My Doctor had mentioned Prozac as an alternative, but I don't know if that would be right for me due to my anxiety. Thankyou for your time, I certainly need your advice, I would like to find a med I am comfortable on and can function without the constant worry and nervousness, and a med that doen't drown 'me' out.
Avatar f tn If your concern is only the weight change factor just keep an eye on your weight and if you start to notice you that your gaining or losing call your doctor. The weight is one of the less serious side effects. But do your research on the Paxil and the dosage. Or nothing may happen at all the side effects vary from person to person. You may not have any side effects.
Avatar f tn There is also a risk of seizures if you get off too quickly. It has also been linked to heart attacks. I currently take Prozac, and it works just as well if not better. I am tapering off, and I don't notice any side effects. In my personal opinion, Paxil does the same thing as other anti-depressants but has many side effects that aren't worth it. I'm not against anti-depressants (obviously), but I just had a horrible experience with this one.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was on Paxil for a period of time and never gained any weight at all, but I also went to the gym 4 times a week and watched what I ate. Exercise also helped relieve my anixety/depression. If you can, try and get a little bit of exercise each day. As far as comming off of the Paxil, I did find it more difficult then when I came off of Prozac. In any case when (if) you decide to come off of the Paxil, don't quit cold turkey!
Avatar n tn Said that it is not as addicting and will help me through the paxil withdrawl. ??? He said give it a month and then stop taking prozac and getting off prozac is much easier because it stays in your system longer. I am soo sick of taking pills. I went there for help and I left with more pills. Whatever..
Avatar n tn The two drugs are about the same strength and work the same way and can easily be switched if necessary. I wouldn't put too much on missing a dose and haven't a panic is likely you scared yourself with worry, and that caused the attack. You would have had enough medication in your system so missing a dose would not have substantially lowered your blood level. If it is working, I would stick with it.
Avatar m tn I would like information regarding the differences between Paxil and Prozac. I've used Paxil in the past, and the truth is that it is very hard to stop taking it. Right now I'm taking only 10mg (paxil) but I don't feel that is working anymore and have been thinking about switching to Prozac.
Avatar m tn I made another appointment at my doctors but i had a mini breakdown in the parking lot and now am unable to go to the doctors at all. My dad takes Paxil for his anxiety and depression and sent me a couple weeks worth. It worked like a charm (i actually felt normal for once). i only started to notice it helping me when i was out of my supply but my dad is unable to send me more because he needs it.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr: A little over one year ago I was given prozac and then paxil to deal with migraine headaches. I took the medication for 3 months, lost all personality and creativity, gained 20 pounds (which I couldn't seem to lose, kept my headaches (until imitrex came along), and now have thyroid levels consistent with hypothyroidism. Then, after spending 3 months with no energy, my resting heart rate went up to 120+.
Avatar n tn Also while off my boyfriend noticed I was highly aggitated and snapped and cried at about everything. I then started reading up on Paxil and found that my symptoms were withdrawl from the drug. The paranoia alone makes me scared to quit the drug! All I suggest is read, read, read and be well informed before making a decission on a drug. They have changed my life for the good, but for some people, the side effects and the withdrawl might not be worth it!
Avatar n tn I have taken both drugs in the past and am currently back on Paxil. Paxil makes me more tired and hungry. I gain weight on it. I was scared off of Prozac by reading the book Talking Back To Prozac. I didn't like the sound of its effect on your brain. Do all of these drugs have the same effect on your brain? I also have some obsessive - compulsive tendencies. Is Paxil the better drug for this?
Avatar n tn I am on day 5 of switching from paxil to prozac, my DR. and I waned me to try something that would help me with my lack of energy and low sex drive from being on Paxil. I wasnt advised to slowly quit pxil, one day I syopped and the next day I started prozac. I have a 6month old daughter and now feel like I am short circuiting. I have no patience, and no energy and many other side effects. This is the first I have heard anything about these side effects.
Avatar n tn Hi, I switched over from paxil to prozac by gradually decreasing the paxil and starting the prozac at a low dose and then after a couple weeks, I decreased the paxil again and increased the prozac. I did this until I was completely off the paxil and onto the prozac and it worked great for me! I did all this under my pdoc's suggestion by the way.
Avatar n tn Did you try to stop taking the paxil at all during that time? If you did, it wasn't the prozac it was the paxil. And if you still takeing the paxil then maybe prozac is just not for you. Ask your doctor All I know is that the people that makes paxil, need they really need to take it off the market. I know that they started treating children with paxil and it's just making things worse, Do your home work before taking any meds, it would be a lot safer!!!
Avatar n tn I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. I have been taking 40mg paxil for 11 years now. I also have neurocardiogenic syncope. My cardiologist recommends that I stay on 20mg paxil or an equilalent so that I don't start passing out again. I think the paxil is starting to lose its effectiveness, so I am thinking about switching to Prozac or adding Buspar. Which would be the best route to go? What is the equivalent of Prozac to 40mg Paxil?
409474 tn?1202475685 Paxil and other SSRI's will definately make you feel like **** initially because it changes quite a bit of how your body is using and dealing with seratonin and norepinepherine, which are a huge factor in mood (which is why it eventually helps some people). I used to take Effexor, which is another SSRI and I hated it. After a while and feeling like ****, I decided to try something else, and my doc prescribed Paxil. He advised me to start by taking half each day.
Avatar n tn It is not uncommon for Paxil to cause excessive sedation, which is unlikely to happen if you switch to Prozac. Like Paxil, Prozac is a Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), and is not structurally or chemically related to Wellbutrin. You can start Prozac the next day after your last dose of Paxil.
1035021 tn?1296824307 As for 5-HTP, you should not take this and Prozac and Paxil and any ssri. And 5-HTP isn't the best remedy for withdrawal; it can actually make it more intense, since it's adding serotonin production to a system that's trying to reorient itself to the natural production of serotonin instead of the synthetic reusing of old serotonin. This is something you should definitely not be doing yourself.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I have just started Paxil for anxiety (a very low dose) and about 1 hour after I take it I start feeling really jittery, not really nervous, but like I can't sit still at all. I've only been on it for a couple of days. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it go away after a while? Help! It's driving me crazy!
Avatar n tn Yea, Paxil is a bad one for weight gain. Fair warning... If any doctor tries to put you on Remeron and weight is a concern for you then SAY NO WAY. I have been on both at differnt times in the past. You want to talk about weight gain? OMG! Remeron makes Paxil look like a diet pill! Taking Remeron is like wanting to be fat.
550739 tn?1224166972 Its just that we all need people to understand and relate to what we are going thru. My aunt was also on Paxil and she said that she did great. Other people and online stories, I hear some bad things about it. I am supposed to go to the doctors for a follow up to this medication, little does she know, the bottle of paxil has been in my purse for almost two weeks and everyday, I struggle to get the courage to take a pill. I am so lost. Please, give me advice.