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Avatar f tn There is propranolol in liquid form, injections, slow release capsule, pills. The classification is a beta blocker that slows the heart rate and relax blood vessels that decreases blood pressure and improves blood flow throughout the cardivascular system. Thanks for your question.
Avatar m tn I have insomnia, have some vision change, my energy level is even lower than on the propranolol. I also feel depression... The propranolol don't do that... I feel so awful that I decrease the dose to 12.5 mg every 12 hours insistead of 25 mg every 12 hours but even with a lower dose I feel very bad. I'm the only one here who have problems with the metoprolol or brand name lopressor? It's the immediate release one, not the XL...
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago i went to the doctor's with chest pains, and was diagnosed with anxiety and put on propranolol for 2 weekjs. About 6 weeks ago i started getting lower left abdominal cramps. I was also having increased flatulence, and diarrhoea and i thought it may have been lactose intolerance so stopped eating dairy products.
Avatar f tn The timing of treatment is most important and is very effective if given at the start of attack. Simple painkillers taken in soluble or liquid form so that they are absorbed faster. Suppositories are preferred since nausea or vomiting is a problem. Co-codamol contains paracetamol and codeine with antisickness medicine buclizine. Other combinations of pain killers with anti sickness medicines like domperidone and metoclopramide.
Avatar f tn * Contains alcohol. Alcohol should never be taken by someone with hepatitis C and cirrhosis. * NyQuil liquid contains acetaminophen which can only be taken in a limited amount for patients with cirrhosis. * Nyquil also interacts with Beta-blockers (eg, propranolol/nadolol) which patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension usually take. Medicines even over the counter meds can cause complications of cirrhosis. Talk to your doctor about how to treat your cough. That is there job. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I ve been prescribed Propranolol 40 mg 3x a day for hand tremors. Since the surgery I gained almost 20 lbs, now that I m on Propranolol...I ve gained an additional 10 lbs in 2 month. I"m at my wits end, 5ft & now 185 lbs. Although the Propranolol has helped my tremors, I cannot afford this weight gain. I work hard & yet find it IMPOSSIBLE to loss weight. I joined a Gym in January & work out 5 x a week. It's a bootcamp & classes are grueling, I walk out soaking wet.
534785 tn?1329595808 It took water and then two huge sips of the heavy barium liquid/syrup to make the pill plop into my stomach. All in all, I enjoyed watching myself swallow (liquid fluoroscopy)--it was so neat! I'm not sure what my really sarcastic ENT will have to say about this, but probably not much. He told me during our last visit that he doesn't think there will ever be a resolution of my health issues from his end. Real positive thinker that one is.....
11770072 tn?1420990898 When I wake up in the morning, I have headache. When I get up, the headache becomes worse and clear liquid starts running from my left nostril. Runs or drips from left nostril when standing and sitting. Runs down my throat when I'm laying down. I have stabbing pain shooting in back of my eye balls. The left side of my face is tingly. I have transient visual and left ear problems. When I'm standing or walking, sometimes my left ears acts weird.
1258608 tn?1269556197 Does anyone else suffer from major hand tremors? I am on Geodon, Zoloft, Klonopan, Propranolol, & Lithium. My tremors have gotten worse and would like to know if anyone was able to overcome them. It really bothers me and is very noticeable.
988694 tn?1332363079 I have been taking a beta blocker, propranolol, and that works very well as a preventative for years. The only thing it probably effects is masking palpitations if I were to go hyper, otherwise it has not affected my thyroid med that I know of. I have also had migraine "attacks" but now realizing that low vitamin levels as well as a low progesterone level (I am 47) have probably helped those migraine attacks along.
Avatar n tn I have a question, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, when diagnosed, was very sick. After talking with my doctor, we both came to the realization that my problems arose 4 years prior upon the birth of my twin girls. My understanding is that Hashimoto's is diesease that over a period of time will destroy my thyroid. I have not been subject to alot of dr's who are knowledgable on all of this, i'm afraid.
Avatar m tn Trickling/oozing in chest like blood is moving sround and around and turning. Feels awful. Can go into neck and back. (Feels like liquid definitely) Chest pain/tightness. Changed periods which are now light and very smelly Constant "jolts" from the heart Dizziness Lightheadness Hard painful thumping from hesrt.
Avatar m tn I don't exercise since 2010, stop smoking recently, disable from work, was active in the past but since a while I experience a lot of heart related symptoms and want to know if its normal or not? Right now I'm taking 30 mg of propranolol daily.. First off I had a lot of heart tests done in the last 3 years and the only things that my cardio Doc find is that I'm having exercise intolerance, low ejection fraction of 45 (tested last year and probably lower now), dysautonomia and pots...
Avatar m tn stay hydrated, drink a protein drink of some sort, a hot pad is good, Hyland's restless legs (at Walmart or Walgreens, etc ) may help......Emergen-C is a great way to get liquid availabilty of vitamins, much needed minerals and electrolytes. Keep posting....we have many on this forum successfully off the dones.
Avatar f tn Now that we've gotten involved we're trying to correct his diuretic dosage, make sure he's taking his blood pressure meds (propranolol) as prescried, etc. We're restricting sodium. We're encouraging more liquid consumption (as opposed to dehydration). We push exercise but he doesn't. We're considering TIPS. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Are there any things I'm overlooking that might help?
Avatar m tn My anxiety is triggered by unknown things. One minute I can feel perfectly fine, the next minute I feel like I'm dying. Sometimes my symptoms can happen in the morning, shortly after I wake up, however most of my symptoms happen at night time. The main symptom I have been getting is extreme tiredness which comes on all of a sudden. Along with this I get a heavy head feeling.
Avatar m tn I have a diagnostic of severe anxiety, mostly health anxiety with many many and many chronic symptoms like extreme headache all the time, low or high blood pressure (unstable blood pressure), tachycardia all the time (even if my propranolol dose was increase recently, my intestine stop working so I have constipation and no laxative work on me, i'm underweight (had a gastric by-pass years ago to loose weight and now the Surgeon want to reverse it cause i'm too thin and it's not healthy), I also
Avatar n tn The family doctor didn't see anything either, and the std doctor told me they are common mouth ulcers from eating spicy foods and being stressed out. He said they would go away. I started taking propranolol at the same time the symptoms occured. I googled the two and found that there was a relation between the two. I just needed peace of mind. So, I forgot about it all. Because it is not really that painful or bothersome, but they have persisted.
Avatar m tn about 4 days ago i would wake up in the morning with stinky, slimy hair and liquid coming out of my ear. last 2 or 3 years have been struggling with excessive sweating (no matter temp and i can just be relaxing and it will come) oh and around the same time i began having difficulty swalloweing even saliva. around the same time as the ear leaking imy sweat turned into an oily slimy substance.
Avatar m tn My anxiety is triggered by unknown things. One minute I can feel perfectly fine, the next minute I feel like I'm dying. Sometimes my symptoms can happen in the morning, shortly after I wake up, however most of my symptoms happen at night time. The main symptom I have been getting is extreme tiredness which comes on all of a sudden. Along with this I get a heavy head feeling.
Avatar f tn The ammonia goes to the brain and causes altered brain function. Lactulose comes as liquid to take by mouth. It usually is taken three or four times a day for liver disease. It should be taken so the patient has 3-4 bowel movements per day. To manage high blood pressure Portal Hypertension Medications such as propranolol and isosorbide may be prescribed to lower the pressure in the portal vein and reduce the risk of recurrent bleeding.
Avatar f tn The eye doctor that I saw had recommended liquid eye lubrication such as "Liquid Tears," but no alleviation of the halo/haze? I initially thought that the long hours in front of the computer monitor had been the source to my halo/ haze episodes, but I later noticed that the halo/haze was occurring during the weekend when I had been nowhere near a computer all day? I have a photo that is a VERY good example of what it is that I see.
1318483 tn?1318350782 similar to what I experience when swallowing food, liquid or saliva, but I am not trying to swallow anything at the time. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my bed going through some papers when I started feeling what I have come to know as esophagus spasms. I did have a glass of tea and was sucking on the ice cubes because I have severe dry mouth. This is something I do everyday throughout the day. These "spasms" started out like they always do.
Avatar n tn This has been nearly a year ago, and I had this entire thing happen to me again tonight only now when I swallow I feel like I don’t have the muscle power to move my throat fast enough to get liquid down at the rate I normally do. I have to take small amount at a time rather than a couple swigs at once, this has been followed with a feeling of mucus being stuck in my throat when there’s nothing there.
3097131 tn?1357088481 Medications such as beta blockers or nitrates may be prescribed alone or in combination with endoscopic therapy to reduce the pressure in your varices and further reduce the risk of recurrent bleeding. Medications such as propranolol and isosorbide may be prescribed to lower the pressure in the portal vein and reduce the risk of recurrent bleeding. The drug lactulose can help treat confusion and other mental changes associated with encephalopathy.
98523 tn?1322078246 I thought ok this is it now something will show up. Nope all was ok. Just a really bad episode of PVC's. I was put on Propranolol to help me calm down and calm my heart down. I am now off of it and only take it as needed. Since the last ER incident I told myself I cant do this to my family anymore and if this didnt kill me then I am going to be ok. My heart issues were so bad that when I fell to the floor the pain went from my chest up into my jaw and I could barely talk.
Avatar m tn Also, when I get up with this type of headache, I have not found any over the counter medicine, such as Tylenol or Aleve, that will relieve it. I have also tried prescription medicines Maxalt, Medrin for control and Propranolol (for prevention) and they have provided no change in the headache severity. Also, when I wake up, my sinuses will be partially plugged up.
1008841 tn?1293602560 My albumin was a little low so was my sodium, and calcium, on my last test. They do give me propranolol, now, for my varices. They also give a bunch of dieritics. We'll 40mg furosemide and 100mg spironolacton. They use to give me 80mg of furosemide. I have cramps all the time in my feet and legs. and heart palapatations. Well, mostly I was wondering about the ammonia, because my sisters xhusband just went to the hospital with that. He has cirrhosis, also.
Avatar m tn Make sure he is taking his Propranolol. It slows his heart beat and reduces the portal hypertension that causes varices and rectal bleeding.
1033698 tn?1252528026 I was recommended thyroidinum 1M. The dosage was supposed to be used in liquid form(10 drops) but I used the tablets(10 tabs) in order to cure the hypothroid. This was because I had stopped growing after 18 when this problem occurred to me; at the same age. I used this every week the recommended dosage and it began helping me from day 1.I also did some special exercises for this problem. Hope this helps.