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Avatar n tn Can you tell me more about the safety of Propranolol and it's long term use? I know it causes fatigue etc... but how about the more serious side effects like bradycardia and bronchial spasm etc...? Are these very rare occurances? I am a 41 year old female and all of my tests have been normal... stress, echo, ekg etc... Thanks so much for your reply.
Avatar m tn I'm considering the minimum dose of propranolol as prescribed by my doc, but i'm very cautious and wanted to know what it is like and what any side effects and withdrawl might be like. what can i expect when taking this? i enjoy working out so i'm hoping it wouldn't affect my weight lifting and cardio that i like to do. thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn She takes synthroid at 25mcg twice daily. She has severe fatigue to the point she is not able to think straight and sometimes cannot get out of bed for days. She is in her doctorate program for marriage and family therapy and is having difficulty finishing. She is 5'3" and approx. 160lbs. Her blood pressure is typically 80/50 and heart rate can range from 60bpm to 200bpm depending on her thyroid med intake. She is also taking propranolol which doesn't seem to affect her.
Avatar n tn I also take the Propranolol twice a day for my heart. The Propranolol was prescribed for my heart and never for anything else. Now I am currently taking Propranolol in the morning along with Paxil, at night I take Propranolol again. I take the Klonopin is taken as needed twice a day.
Avatar f tn I am 18 years old and have been positivity diagnosed with POTS after a positive tilt table test.I am taking 80 mg Propranolol and 0.1 Fludrocortisone along with increased water and salt intake to treat my condition,which somewhat helps.But I also suffer from depersonalization and chronic fatigue .Is this a familiar experience for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome ?
Avatar f tn I also have a lot of other symptoms like episodes of low grade fever, all over joint pain, and extreme fatigue. My kidneys ache at times and they occasionally find blood in my urine. My heart rate varies a lot (I've had an EKG) 130 bpm for 30 seconds then 85 bpm, then 140 bpm, etc. I take 80 mgs of Propranolol a day to control my heart rate and migraines. I was diagnosed with vasculitis after I got a terrible looking rash (bleeding under the skin) and my C reactive Protein was elevated.
230625 tn?1216764664 I am taking propranolol and it help my tremors a bit but not the other symptoms. I my hands are aways shaking especially when I am using them to sign papers or do things with my hands in front of others. All my muscles in my legs and arms feel weak but at the same time they can get very stiff. My hands/fingers get stiff and I work in an office and need to type but it has become very difficult. My legs feel heavy and walking down stairs is so exhausting.
Avatar m tn Hello , I suffer from social anxiety and I would really appreciate your advice regarding my situation. I have used propranolol for over a year and experienced some serious side effects such as weight (which I managed to lose) depression,foul body odor, extreme fatigue,dizziness etc. Although in this present year side effects were less, I somewhat built tolerance to propranolol. I made the mistake to stop cold turkey propranolol for about two weeks. I used to take 160mg.
Avatar f tn They finally treated it as essential htn and essential tremor but said we'll keep an open mind. I was on 3 bp meds to control my bp and docs used propranolol to control both tremor and htn. About 2 years ago, I was also diagnosed with epilepsy. I am now on Epival. Started noticing bp coming down about a year ago, about the same time as the Epival, and I was eating like mad too. Can't tell for sure if these were caused by Epival, but that was the only thing that changed. Docs dec.
Avatar f tn When did you start taking Propranolol 20 mg? Side effects of propranolol include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, depression, memory loss, fever, lightheadedness, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, cold extremities, sore throat, and shortness of breath( ref: It is possible that your symptoms are related to the medication you are taking.
Avatar m tn Im a 26 year old female and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and RA as well. Last night i went to the ER with severe weakness, dizziness panic attacks. After drawing my blood they diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism... My thyroid has been tested so many times and always came back normal. My dr called me today and wants me in immediately to get treatment started. The levels she gave me over the phone are: TSH3 -0.09 t4- 5.50 What does this mean??
Avatar m tn I used to take a slow-release Propranolol 80 mg every day, which caused severe tiredness and extreme fatigue, to the point that I was not able to think straight and sometimes could not even get out of bed. Apparently, Propranolol also inhibits the ability for you to burn fat, not to mention gastrointestinal issues. Depression is also significantly higher when taking Propranolol.
Avatar n tn I fell into sleep paralysis right there in the store and I couldn't move! I have talked to my internist, and she has referred to a neurologist who is a sleep medicine specialist. My appointment is next week. I am wondering if you know of any sleep problem that is common in people with autonomic dysfunction. If you can point me to any articles on the subject, that would be great. I am very concerned about what kind of sleep disorder I could have.
Avatar f tn So, please post your most recent thyroid labs and include reference ranges (they vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report). Are weight gain and tremors your only symptoms?
712802 tn?1274649085 However, if you're taking a more sedating SSRI (which CYMBALTA might actually be) then your lethargy and fatigue symptoms do not surprise me. I take CELEXA , another SSRI, and I get fatigue from it. I don't know much about ABILIFY, just what I've read. If I were you, I'd call my Doc and let him/her know of your reaction to the combo you're on. It could be that your meds need to be re-adjusted OR maybe you need something else?
Avatar n tn I take a beat blocker, and it does cause some fatigue, but shouldn't be making me THAT tired. The sleep study found that I am swallowing excessively at night due to GERD reflux. GERD is very common if you have autonomic neuropathy. I do not have heart burn. I have treated the GERD, and feel much better but I am still very sleepy. I will follow up with my doctor soon. Goodluck!
Avatar n tn I feel like I have been treated for all these individual symptoms and no doctor has tried to put it all together into one diagnosis. I am on propranolol and imitrex for migraines, and metformin and birth control for PCOS. Do my labs indicate a diagnosis of Hashimoto's AND/OR Hyperparathyroidism? Is it common for both to occur together? Would you recommend starting synthroid for Hashimoto's?
Avatar n tn Tunnel vision durin Migrains. Left eye now has blurred peripheral vision and recently there is reduced hearing in left ear and sensation of pressure. Feelings of "zinging" or buzzing like an electrical shock that shoots backwards on the left side of head. A couple of times there was also dizziness. Constant fatigue is also felt. Confusion when headache is bad. Medication taken is propranolol 10mg 2x per day to help reduce migrain which does help. Male 46 years old.
Avatar f tn I've also noticed I get heart spasms throughout the day, sometimes every few minutes. It feels like my heart skips a beat and I have to take a deep breath. Right after the spasm, I get a pain that shoots up into my head and my head throbs, then sometimes I have a bad headache for a while. Do you have any idea what this is or what causes it? Is there anything I can do to make it stop? Thank you!
Avatar n tn The doctor just put me on daily 20 mg Propranolol, it is too soon to tell if it is working. I take no other medications. My father, sister and son have all been recently diagnosed a genetic platelet aggregation disorder and thrombocytopenia. I was screened but came back negative. My father, sister’s and son’s hematologists have all said we have an interesting case. There is more going on with the platelets than simple Von Willebrand’s. They are still in the process of an official diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have a question, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, when diagnosed, was very sick. After talking with my doctor, we both came to the realization that my problems arose 4 years prior upon the birth of my twin girls. My understanding is that Hashimoto's is diesease that over a period of time will destroy my thyroid. I have not been subject to alot of dr's who are knowledgable on all of this, i'm afraid.
Avatar m tn 1 No immunity to Hepatitis B Virus In addition, I have 3 or 4 lumps of fat in my legs and abdomen. I’m shedding my leg’s hair. And I am 5’ 9” and 195lbs Hispanic/Caucasian. What do I have? Is my depression related to the findings above? Sometimes feel disabled (see below) and call in sick for work. Am I? Additional details: Fear of Public Speaking, “social ly challenged”, decreased interests in family, personal, and work related activities, often has difficulties sleeping.
2202709 tn?1338759399 ) Well enough about me. Bubbles, hang in there and please let us know how the MRI goes and just know you have found a family of friends here.:) So, Welcome again!
Avatar n tn Another week and Ill be 19 but when I was 16 I started having symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches and pains, etc. I was tested for MS and I ended up having fibromyalgia and polimyalgia. Both are related to thyroid problems I found out. It sucks sometimes because anything and everything seems to be wrong with your body at times. I've learned to deal. I take .100 mg synthroid. But, if anyone has advice to give me..please do.
Avatar n tn I was wondering what the best medications are for stopping excessive sweating and anxiety. I think the anxiety causes the sweating. But the sweating affects my life more than the anxiety. Is an anticholinergic drug the best choice? I thought that might help my chronic stomach pains too.
Avatar n tn I feel like I have been treated for all these individual symptoms and no doctor has tried to put it all together into one diagnosis. I am on propranolol and imitrex for migraines, and metformin and birth control for PCOS. Do my labs indicate a diagnosis of Hashimoto's AND/OR Hyperparathyroidism? Is it common for both to occur together? Would you recommend starting synthroid for Hashimoto's?
Cat Hello, There are many side effects of propranolol chief ones being, trouble sleeping, fatigue, low energy, depression, chronic heart failure, bronchospasm, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, vomiting and abdominal pain. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
929371 tn?1244269113 i am currently on 3 300mg lithium, 1 7.5mg zopiclone, 1mg risperidone and 1 tablet twice daily of propranolol 20mg ( for shakes and tension ) this brings me to my question...i have been looking at medication for anxiety and so forth and came across the drug Xanax. And upon reading all i could on it it has giving me a little hope. while in person i beat down the fear and anxiety and panic on the outside. out in public or with people even my friends iam a mess inside.
Avatar m tn I kept having intense palpitations, lightheartedness and fatigue throughout every day. It got to the point I was afraid to walk, and would stay bed ridden because any time I stood up I got light headed and my heart would race. I ended up seeing a Cardiologist towards the end of july and we did an Echo, halter monitor, and stress test.
Avatar n tn I didn't really want to take meds, but it got to the point where it was really depressing me and I had to control it somehow. Been on three different BB's and propranolol works best for me. I can take one or two a day. However, it still hasn't stopped them, and I don't think it can, it just makes you not feel them as much. How many do you feel a day? Mine ranges from none to about ten. Although if I haven't had enough sleep or have drunk the night before I can get them all day.