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4155003 tn?1351617911 ive bin on propranolol for about 12weeks & weaned myself down to 10ml every other day, i took 10ml propranolol 52hours ago & not going to take another one as im ready to stop. when will it be fully out my system?
Avatar f tn i will have an uptake iodine scan this coming Dec 9 and 10th, my doc tells me nothing other than not to worry about it cuz people goes for years without treatment, ( we're in the military facilities, go figure how doctors do their job) anybody that's in the same situation as me please share your experience....I would really love for your thoughts and experience about hyperthyroid...thank you all so much for your replies... So desperate to know about what i am dealing with inside my body.....
Avatar f tn I slowly got off propranolol 2 weeks ago after my surgery for hyperthyroid and after i did i starting getting really bad anxiety attacks, this whole week has been horrible, from day to night i havnt been able to relax. How long does it take for someones body to adjust off being used to propranolol? Any one else have this problem?
Avatar f tn if my symptoms don’t return for 3 months, can I be reasonably assured the problem is solved permanently? Thank you for your assistance.
Avatar f tn Any idea on how to get rid of it so I can be rid of these PVC's? Ill be wearing a holter for 2 weeks to doubly rule out any other heart issues.
Avatar n tn I was also placed on toprol 100 mg a day for high blood pressure. I was on propranolol when I was diagnosed,(for migraines). Which had to be changed because my blood pressure was still out of control. I was given an uptake test which was ; 6 hours 49%, 24 hours 56.3%. They also found a 8.1 mm nodule in the upper right lobe. Now 1 year later I have 8 x 7 mm nodule in right mid lobe and 13 x 12 mm in the lower lobe, and mulitiple nodules in the right lobe.
Avatar f tn I have been hyperthyroid/graves disease for over a year now, that I'm aware of, I lost approx 75 lbs within that year and in March I was hospitalized for tachycardia. Since my hospitalization I have been on Propanolol 2 80mg per day and methimizole 7 10 mg tablets/ day. Since beginning these medications, I have gained 35 lbs (March-May). When I mention my weight gain to the drs, they all say, "the medication will cause that".
Avatar m tn 1-Four months ago:I went swimming,after a few days,I felt pressure in my left ear and I lost +50% of my hearing in the same ear only.dx with ear infection. recurrence after two weeks, finished second course of antibiotics a few days ago.
Avatar f tn My son David has been sick with hyperthyroide for almost 3 years. He is taking methomazole and propranolol. he is not married and has no children, so we say 'no' to radioactive treatment. I hope that we can find other kind of cure. please let us know if there are any kind of new treatments and research groups that we can contact. thank you and God bless you.
Avatar n tn It does sound like you're hyperthyroid and that TSH level would also indicate it (low TSH means hyperactive thyroid). Yours is below normal for some reference ranges and borderline for others. Beta Blockers like you are taking are often used to control hyper symptoms but since you just started it, you probably need to give it a few more days, to see how it works. Dr. Mark should be advising you soon.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry and I do feel for you, but I can't do anything for you except to tell you to get medical help some way.
Avatar n tn I have read that being Hypo during pregnancy is bad for the baby, but I wonder are the meds safe for the baby. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I take methimazle and propranolol. I had graves before I became pregnant. This was not a planned pregnancy. I actually had a doctor appointment with a obgyn this week to get on birth control. I found out that I had graves in January. I do not like the fact of taking medication while pregnant. I do need the propranolol becasue the heart rate is still not under control. There are so many side effects to these drugs. I know that some women do take thyroid medication while pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I went to the doctor because I was having some insomnia/anxiety/hair loss issues and the results came back showing I'm hyperthyroid. Reverse T3 Serum was 68.9ng/dl (range 13.5-34.2), T4, Free Direct was 2.51 (range .82-1.77), Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum, was 7.7pg (range 2-4.4), was TSH was .018 (range was .45-4.5). Antithyroglobulin Ab was 96 IU/mL (range 0-40) and Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab was 115 IU/mL (range 0-34).
Avatar m tn I am concerned this thyroid thing is completely irrelevant (although I am already on propranolol for it and awaiting radioactive iodine uptake test) and the whole thing is neurological in nature. I am thinking about MS, ALS, GBS, MG or brain tumor.
Avatar f tn I do have a mild Miral Valve Prolapse and Mild trucuspid Insuffiency but, I an concerned about taking this meds. Has anyone ever heard of taking this for hyperthyroid???
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with Hyperthyroidism, and was treated for several years with PTU and my levels stayed controlled. In January of 2011 I changed Endo Drs due to an insurance change. the new dr took me off the PTU. I was off all ATD for 6 wks and my levels were rechecked and once again I was Hyperthyroid. I was then put on Tapazol, and after almost 4 months on this med I became very ill, and put in the hospital with my Liver damaged.
Avatar n tn ) I'm also a vitamin/mineral person and have been for years. So, my question for you is, have you heard of ANYTHING else that may get rid of this without these toxic and/or invasive therapies the Doctors say I must have? As a side note, the only Grave's symptom I have are itchy, "tight" eyes.
2102364 tn?1334184877 Finally I got an endo appointment and I have nodules and thyroid levels for hyperthyroid. (that's right isn't it for too much thyroid?) I am on 10 mg of methamazole once a day and a beta blocker both as of 5 days ago. (as well as triamterene for BP) To wait for relief another month feeling like this seems like eternity !!!! I am so weepy after a night of skyrocketing BP.
Avatar n tn I have been on Methimazole 10mg 3x a day for four weeks and was on propranolol for the first two weeks. I am off the propranolol. After three wks I am now taking methimazole 2x a day. Since the on set of this illness I have had achy/painful gums which seem to get more severe with each episode. I have seen my Dr., dentist and a periodontist. Tylenol helps. No one can find a cause for this pain.
Avatar m tn He also put me on Propranolol 20mg 2x a day to decrease the hyperthyroid symptoms. My TSH was .0273 and I am worried that I am going to swing the other way.. what is this new dose equal to? I feel sedated and dizzy on the Propranolol and am wondering is this will pass, I am only taking half of my dose. I am a 35 year old female, 5'4 and I weigh 118. I am also on an estrodial patch for a complete hyterectomy at age 30.
Avatar n tn I have taken Propanolol and Effexor for a couple of years with no issues. I don't take the Propanolol for anxiety but for a tremor in my hand. Propanolol is used as an anxiety medication, cluster headaches, high BP and tremors like mine. I have taken it with just about every antidepressant out there with no issues. At one time I also took a BP medication with it due to high BP and with no problems. Although with lifestyle changes I was able to get off of the BP medication.
Avatar n tn To find a well informed answer to your query about the Sertraline-Propranolol combination, you need to look for information/evidence according to the hierarchy. A systematic review (a review of a number of studies exploring the same issue) is considered the best as far as strength of evidence is concerned. Clinicians' experience, case reports and non-journal articles are lower level sources of evidence.
Avatar f tn Yes, I was hyperthyroid (Graves) for the last 3 years on medication, till I had RAI. I had not done the blood work yet, I will have them on the 7th and see the doctor on the 8th, the only medication I am taking right now is Atenolol, for the paplpitation, but my doctor wants me out of it before the next appointment, I am just cutting it little by little.
Avatar f tn which drugs is best for me now.on carbimazole and propranolol but have stopped as I confirmed been pregnant.
Avatar f tn my mother is just diagnosed with graves dis in canada ,and on propranolol and methimazole from 3 she diagnosed very late and suffered from takosubo(left ventricular cardiomyopathy),fully recovered,now endocrinologist treating her.i have a question for her as she really don't feel to eat at all.just having little amount of ensure,icecream..and some juice..why is that?as in hyperthyroidism patient normally eats a lot..she lots weight too..
Avatar f tn There are two medications for hyperthyroid. I was on tapazole for 20 years and am on PTU now. PTU is much better. I am now considering a partial thyroid removal.
Avatar f tn I have had shaking hands and legs, rapid heartbeat, trouble swallowing, sweating, anxiety, depression, mood changes and shorten periods now for years and thought it was just me. The doctor started me on propranolol but it seems to not be working as well as it did in the beginning. I feel like I am going crazy.
Avatar m tn Basically I was hyperthyroid for a while and then went hypothyroid. If you are too hyperthyroid then an endocrinologist can help level you out if you're having unbearable symptoms. Its generally not recommended to take thyroid hormone when your body is already hyperthyroid. Your thyroid regulates all of your metabolic processes and OD on thyroid medication is very dangerous. Your doctor seems to be treating you adequately but I dont know what your lab results are.
Avatar m tn Has your doctor considered trying you on Propranolol? It is a beta blocker and is very helpful for minimizing the symptoms of hyperthyroid because it blocks T4 hormone absorption into the brain. Won't be a permanent fix for the problem (you need the Thyroid uptake scan to determine cause of symptoms and appropriate treatment based on that scan's results) but in the short term small doses of propranolol two-3 times daily will at least help you FEEL better!