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4155003 tn?1351617911 im taking propranolol and have been for 7weeks, ive been told to cut my 40mg tablets in half and have half a day to slowly come off them, but when is it fully out my system???
Avatar n tn The main symptoms I still exhibit are: extremely fast heartbeat, chest pain, headache,dizziness, tremors, diarrhea. We are waiting for the bloodtests to come back, but in the meantime he told me to take propranolol 20mg 3 or 4 times a day. I started taking it several days ago, and my heart still races like crazy and I have heart pain. I dont know how to make it through another night like this. Can someone please advise me on some way to ease the symptoms so I can sleep ?
7205189 tn?1447798338 So when I wake up and the adrenaline dumps I am wide awake and sick. I take propranolol now and it helps. I can't say that it took it all away but I sleep again and can function. When life gets crazy I usually have more issues but it is not at all like before. What I really need is to find and go to a good autoimmune center, this is where I think my nausea comes from. Just one more idea to think about.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Topamax and then Nortriptyline and then Propranolol and Cyproheptadine and had a terrible reaction to all medications even at half of the lowest dosage. For the entire summer I was bedridden and took a medical leave from college for the Fall 2014 semester. I have had a ton of blood work done and an MRI in May of 2013-both showing up clean. I have been to multiple ENT, headache specialists, diagnostic centers, chiropractors, and neurologists and no one has been able to help.
Avatar m tn We went to see a new neurologist (the other one had moved away), who was reluctant to put him back on the Propranolol after just one episode; also, my son runs track and cross-country, and Propranolol prevents the heart from speeding up as much as it normally would, so can interfere with running performance. Instead, he prescribed a bunch of supplements: vit. D, CoQ10, magnesium, & B-complex. He also wanted him to eat a lot of protein. He did a lot of blood work, which was all normal.
Avatar f tn I have a history of migraines for about twenty years. I quit smoking 7 months ago, and started propranolol 20 mg once a day. I gained 30 pounds. My whole body is sore and Im having episodes where my upper body and sometimes legs just feel so heavy and tired I feel like Im going to pass out. Had a Head CT, Head and Neck CTA, CBC, EKG all were normal. Is it related to migraine? ER doctor said it is anxiety. Oh I stopped celexa five months ago because I was extremely fatigued.
579258 tn?1250652943 Migraine - early am - Was high intensity and used hydrocodone. Migraine - evening - Was one step lower in intensity and used tylenol with codeine Migraine - continued evening - One step lower yet in intensity and chose Advil. Hoping that going to sleep with Advil will help it go away .. hate to use prescription meds unless I have to .. it's always a gamble at this point.
Avatar f tn However, over time and with the increase dose of 200 mg eventually I became aphasic, unable to recall recent events, numbness in my extremities and eventually lost my job due to the neurological symtoms. Now i am on Inderal or propranolol which is a beta blocker and only 80 mg and it helps the headaches without the side effects. Talk to your doctor and suggest it.
Avatar f tn Since then he was on and off several types of medications like propranolol and propafenone and others that I don't remember their names. Every time he gets an SVT attack (which was all the time) we had to take him to the ER for him to get the adenosine. He ends up staying at the hospital for observation. After many trials they finally figured out which medication worked best and how much of it. So he then for quite a while was only on propranolol, which they already got to the highest dosage.
Avatar f tn For a year now I have been being treated for involuntary muscle spasms, causing migrains and and nausea. The spasms are like a charlie horse and to the point of having to be hospitalized for 3days. The M.D. put me on Cymbalta 60mg per day, Nortriptyline 25mg, and cyclobenzaprine up to 40mg per day, this keeps the spasms to a managable state but they are still present. I have had tremors in my arms and hands I have had them for a couple of years but they are increasing in strength and frequency.
Avatar f tn It is difficult to determine if they are related because of their prevalence. Migraines are a pulsating throbbing one-sided pain with nausea and discomfort in bright lights that lasts several hours. Treatment for migraines is two-fold: preventative and abortive. Preventative therapy is a medication that would be taken every day regardless of whether or not a headache is prevent.
712802 tn?1274649085 My pdoc added propranolol, a beta blocker that lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety AND takes care of akathisia. The combination of propranolol with the Abilify allows me to continue with the Abilify. We have to remember that every medication has possible side effects and everyone reacts differently regarding side effects. What you experience may be quite different from what everyone has posted.
Avatar f tn For example migraines, which usually a pulsating throbbing one-sided pain with nausea and discomfort in bright lights that lasts several hours. Tension type headaches are a dull pressure-like sensation that can be either at the back or the front of the head or global.
Avatar f tn *Temp readings are AFTER paracetamol as I am on that all day everyday, I go by symptoms not the thermometer, severe infection without fever has been happening regularly. *Propranolol 10mg as needed, BP is still very low without it, OI comes and goes, usually when I have an infection. *Dizzy, fainting, nausea vertigo, stemizine as needed.
Avatar f tn For example migraines, which usually a pulsating throbbing one-sided pain with nausea and discomfort in bright lights that lasts several hours. Another type is cluster headaches, which are sharp pains that occur around and behind the eye often at night and are associated with tearing of the eye and running of the nose. In primary stabbing headache, sharp or jabbing pain in the head occur, either as a single stab or a series of brief repeated volleys of pain.
291885 tn?1404896807 When I took the blockers, it felt like my heart was gonna stop altogether, gave me bad tinnitus and nausea. That was my third attempt of trying them over the past year. But I give up now. I don't like them and would only take them if my heart really needed them.
Avatar f tn I just never liked medications, and the last thing i need is for my body to get addicted to these pills, i used to be on propranolol 20mg for my heart beat and my doctor made me lay off of it and ever since then my heart has been going nuts because its so used to it and its causing me alot of anxiety. Pills are just a no no. because once your bodys addicted its so hard to go on without it. ive learned that, thats why now a days so many people are stuck on pills. and its just not me.
Avatar n tn The doctor game me Propranolol and Xanax. Yes, the first time it happened was when I smoked it, but since then it's happened even though I haven't been smoking. I even tried a different strain, before I quit, that was meant to help with anxiety and relaxation.
Avatar f tn I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff. Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again.
Avatar f tn To manage high blood pressure Portal Hypertension Medications such as propranolol and isosorbide may be prescribed to lower the pressure in the portal vein and reduce the risk of recurrent bleeding. * Propranolol (Inderal, Inderal LA, Innopran XL) The recommended dose is 80-160 mg daily using long acting formulations. * Or Nadolol (Corgard). Start propranolol (20 mg BID) increase to maximum tolerable dosage or a heart rate of 55-60 beats per minute.
Avatar n tn Common reasons for coumadin use are in atrial fibrillation to reduce the risk of stroke, in persons with clotting disorders, in persons with mechanical heart valves, and sometimes in people with severe heart failure. The usual dosage is somewhere between 1 and 15 mg a day. Potential side effects include bleeding, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea and leukopenia (low blood cell count).
Avatar m tn On my GP's instructions I went to casualty this afternoon to ask for help with the bad nausea and dizziness and blurred vision. They found my hr/bp low normal (told me how great they were) and shot nausea meds into my cannula. I fainted on the table in front of them, the first time I've ever totally lost consciousness. I couldn't talk for a few minutes afterwards. They checked my bp - it was STILL ok!!!
Avatar f tn Cardiologist said his heart is fine with an EKG and heart ultrasound. These are the times where the stomach squeezing and nausea are worse. It seems to be happening worse when his stomach is empty. This last Pediatric GI is referring us to a functional abdominal pain clinic. We have also tried doxycycline with no results. I do not think it is IBS. Also he has gained 18 pounds in the last 3 months which is very concerning especially on a 9 year old.
Avatar f tn Also, i am on Propranolol 20 mg 2x a day, and it drops my blood pressure to 62/ doctors are scared to take me off of the beta blocker, but having fainting spells and being scared to be alone is getting to me and i am even wearing a life vest (external defibrillator) What should i do?? Would i benefit from and EP Study?? Could ablation be an option?? And should i go to the ER for such a low heart rate, headache, and chest pain? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I quit before because of nausea and a very upset stomach with constant burning, loud burping (sorry) and over all queezy feeling. I really want the weight loss benefit but can't take this too long. The only reason I am able to make it this time is I stopped a few other meds-Previcid,Zocor and Celebrex. That makes it easier. I also have difficulty with soda or any carbonated drink. They all taste yucky and taste flat. Some foods feel odd to chew. Has anyone else had gastric problems?
Avatar f tn Common symptoms (and CAN be with opposite hypothyroidism) is heart palps, anxiety, shaking, sensitive to heat or cold, mood swings, irrational thinking or false solution decisions, anger, nausea, and weight changes. How many and what do you have right now? Taking perscriptions during a pregnancy is very hard - mostly because of what was drilled in our heads for as long as we can remember. Drugs are bad. Drugs are not good for us. We shouldn't need Drugs.
Avatar f tn I was given propranolol 10mg, twice a day to control my rapid heart rate and SVT runs-- it worked wonderfully at regulating my heart rate! my heart beating does not bother me when it's in sinus rhythm (even when it's 190) but on this beta blocker my heart beat was truly a background function! it was crazy, all these years, I guess I did notice my heart beat ... but I started having the strangest chest pain. Right in the center of my chest.
108191 tn?1199603505 Sorry anise , that nausea sucks . I drink ginger tea and ginger ale and it works fer me .If it gets real bad protothysecs , a prescribed nausea med . Jim is right , you could be anemic , when mine 1st dropped , it zapped me pretty good .
Avatar f tn Discuss this with your doctor. Antiemetics are especially useful for those who suffer from nausea and vomiting. The antiemetic Metoclopramide is particularly useful of migraine headaches, since it not only helps with nausea and vomiting, but it also helps with migraine pain as well. So, this may be a particularly useful medication in your situation if you do have migraines and you cannot take triptans. Discuss this with your doctor.