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4155003 tn?1351617911 I have been taking proponolol just occasionally for situational anxiety and I don't know what happened but I mixed it with a couple glasses of wine, then later I took a benadryl and later an ativan and my head has been severely messed up since for 10 days straight. Im dizzy, off balance, confused, short term memory loss. It is really bad and I feel like I have permanent brain damage. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Does it go away or an I screwed for life?
579258 tn?1250652943 Migraine - early am - Was high intensity and used hydrocodone. Migraine - evening - Was one step lower in intensity and used tylenol with codeine Migraine - continued evening - One step lower yet in intensity and chose Advil. Hoping that going to sleep with Advil will help it go away .. hate to use prescription meds unless I have to .. it's always a gamble at this point.
Avatar f tn they key with meds is to make sure your sleep is good and regular, and benadryl and exercise have proven as effective as any med for sleep and mood regulation... if you are on meds, even topomax, with no side effects and regular appetite and sleep, then it may be ok. but it is not for everyone...this doesnt happen to every biochemistry, but it is key to make sure your m.d. is not overprescribing..
Avatar f tn Also, i am on Propranolol 20 mg 2x a day, and it drops my blood pressure to 62/ doctors are scared to take me off of the beta blocker, but having fainting spells and being scared to be alone is getting to me and i am even wearing a life vest (external defibrillator) What should i do?? Would i benefit from and EP Study?? Could ablation be an option?? And should i go to the ER for such a low heart rate, headache, and chest pain? Thank you!
1563533 tn?1345369896 I am using some topical steriod cream from the MD, and taking benadryl, alveeno baths, and found that ice packs are giving me more relief than anything else, I see MD on Monday. OOOOo how I need the strength to get thru this. Im having a rough day. Anxiety is getting me. Im tired n itchy... PLZ Pray for me. I know the LORD will not put more on me than I can deal with, I also know that after my suffering will be a huge blessing.
2010625 tn?1329375656 There are still some options such as other anti-cholinergics (Artane, Akineton, Kemadrin) Benadryl if approved by a psychiatrist, Symmetryl and some beta blockers such as Inderal and Atenolol. You could ask your psychiatrist what would be the appropriate next step. Also keep track of when the motions speficically occur and if some motions respond to the side effect pill more than the others.
Avatar f tn The prescription medicines like triptans, rizatriptan and zolmitriptan come in various forms like nasal sprays, injections and tablets that dissolve on the tongue and can be used for you since nausea and vomiting is an issue. Prophylactic medicines like propranolol, pizotifen and valproate can be tried. It is important to know that any painkiller for headaches or migraines too often or too long can make the headache worse. Life style and dietary advice are important. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that I am a 20 year old female, 5'2" and 120 lbs. I've suffered with anxiety and depression for five years now and the only other medication I'm taking is propranolol for heart palpitations. I take one every other day.
Avatar n tn Benadryl, melatonin, Dramamine, z quil - no meds seem to help & he only sleeps for approx 5 hrs @ day. - as u can imagine he is literally losing his mind. Throwing up once is horrible. Everyday for 1-2 wks would drive anyone crazy - cant even hold water down - we are in a vomiting episode right now. This episode is on its 3rd wk.
Avatar f tn Good preventive drugs are for example propranolol, amitriptyline and verapamil. They take time to work and you must take them every day. You obviously take amlodapine and valium as preventive drugs. Is this a good choice for you? Have you already tried the more common ones? Maybe you need to talk to your doctor again.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that I am a 20 year old female, 5'2" and 120 lbs. I've suffered with anxiety and depression for five years now and the only other medication I'm taking is propranolol for heart palpitations. I take one every other day.
Avatar f tn I take Abilify 10mg and propranolol 60mg and that combination works for me. Since I get orthostatic hypertension (dizziness when standing up) sometimes I started taking the propranolol at night and it reduced the effect. Anyway it is not a big deal. When it happens you stop and bend over until it passes.
Avatar n tn of Reglan, Benadryl and Toradol. Unfortunately the next day the pain returned and is continuing. We have seen a GI specialist. 18 months ago endoscopic exams were normal and he was diagnosised with abdominal migraines. This is the first time he has had abdominal pain that is continuing this long and interfering with his ability to function normally. He does not feel like doing anything thing more than sleeping and laying on his stomach which makes him feel better.
Avatar m tn just started as another option for addressing headaches My headaches and exhaustion have been over the top this last 1-2 weeks, where the Hydrocodone is providing relief for shorter and shorter periods of time. Despite this, I am not taking any more than prescribed because that's not a road I want to go down; I don't want to be taking it at all. So, I am just having to suffer through them. I feel like I am a mess and just don't know where to turn.
Avatar dr m tn Nitric oxide is lethal to bacteria and viruses and is also known to increase oxygen absorption in your lungs from 10-25 percent. This is why it's important to inhale through your nose, especially when you are exercising. Your smell and taste buds are connected. If you can't breathe well through your nose, then your sense of smell will suffer, which means that your sense of taste will be altered as well. This can lead to appetite and weight issues.
Avatar f tn It could be 10 meds at 3-4 times a day. I've had 3 ablations and still have brief tachy times, PVC's and PAC's and occasional bits of chest pain. But I only have one pill (Diltiazem) that I take if my tachy gets stuck and won't stop. I'm not required to take it every day. Are all your pills related to heart arrhythmia?
567228 tn?1318359066 My doc is on vacation, but the lady filling in for her told me to stop the Methimazole and take some benadryl and she would call me in the morning to talk options. I guess I am going to try out the PTU because I am not ready for the RAI at this point, I want it to solve itself. I am hoping I don't get any eye problems from this though, it is scary.
Avatar f tn I tried to just deal with it but by nighttime my eyes were glued shut, I was vomiting profusely and screaming in pain. The hospital gave me steroids, fluids, Toradol, Benadryl and Reglan. It took about two days for the headache to go away. I told my doc this and they agreed I needed to be in an infusion center. Since I didn't think my insurance would approve this my doctor said I could do it in the office for the time being.
Avatar n tn Assuming I was having an alergic reaction to something I took some benadryl and laid down. Once the Benadryl took over I was better. Another time over the weekend I had the same thing happen. I did the same thing and it went away. This past Friday 3/27 I became so dizzy I had to lay down on the floor. Within minutes I was shaking very badly and my breathing was heavy. I was not able to control my breathing or shaking.
Avatar f tn My last straw was last time at the er they gave me a coctail of reglan benadryl and toradol. Reglan gave me severe panic attacks. Im currently taking lortab for them and it helps but i stress too easy and I dont want to be high every other day lol. Please inbox me about the amitriptyline and if it helped!
1945289 tn?1336998404 You'll be in a much, much worse place than you are now, trust me. Beta Blockers like LuLu mentioned help also - I used Inderal (propranolol) and still do - it helps with any tightness in your heart/chest and other physical anxiety feelings, but it will not help with mental anxiety, only benzos will. Take L-Theanine for stress, L-Tyrosine with B-6 for physical and mental energy, and def Potassium and Magnesium to help with the RLS. Muscle relaxers also help a lot.
Avatar n tn I am female/41 and have had this for about 15 years-it comes an goes and is sometimes very severe.They say these are benign but they sure dont feel like it..Sometimes I feel like my life has been somewhat ruined by this.
Avatar n tn He did prescribe metoprolol which I found gave me EXTREME headaches, and have since been back on propranolol for the past 3 weeks. I worry a bit as I know beta blockers lower blood pressure, as well as heart rates. My blood pressure generally runs about 110/70 (or lower) and my resting heart rate is in the low 50's. He said not to worry about my blood pressure as long as I am feeling OK, and to just watch my pulse rate. If it goes below 40/minute I need to cut back on the medication.
Avatar n tn visit I have been diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure and have been given Propranolol, which has does a fantastic job at keeping it under control. Nothing else seems much different than last time, my weakness isn’t more or less severe, every symptom remains exactly the same except for my throat, which is eventually going to become a major problem if it does not improve. I smoke generally about 4 cigarettes a day on the way to or from school/work and I don’t drink or do drugs.
Avatar n tn I have dealt with this since high school - after doing some research, I starrted 60mg of propranolol ER (beta blocker) and it REALLY MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I don't have high blood pressure either and my doctor was not concerned about giving me the medication and there are very little side effects - no weight gian issues, etc. Give it a shot!
Avatar n tn It is critical to proper function during the day and I think this needs to be peursued, possibly with another neuro. There are also common meds, like Benadryl, and OTC sleep aids, which can effectively block Stage 4 sleep and cause ongoing problems. Sherri, Thanks SO MUCH for jumping in with you knowledge of sleep studies. Good job! Back to the iron deficiency. Your iron stores remain low, though you no longer have anemia.
877337 tn?1249848050 I am on methimazole and propranolol. My dose was doubled on this past Thursday to 30 mg of methimazole a day and yesterday I was at the ER with heart racing and extremely sick! Tremors brain fog chest pain muscle spasams headaches weightloss etc! I don't know what to do anymore!!! Its a thyroid nightmare for me! I almost feel something else must be wrong?? Ive been diagnosed with graves disease overactive. My last blood levels were in the low range of normal. Why are my symptoms still sooo bad?
Avatar n tn It took me years to taper off of these benzos due to terrible rebound anxiety, chest pains, PVCs, and tachycardia. My doctor and I tried propranolol for a couple of years as an anxiolytic, but I started developing more and more PVCs, including nocturnal ones. Now, after ceasing all medications for months I have a few PVCs now and then but I've learned not to let them bother me. No caffeine, smoking etc and healthy lifestyle including jogging and good diet.
419309 tn?1326506891 They triple dosed the Versed and still he was chattering away... so they added 50ml of Benadryl to the mix. Out like a light lol. So we spent quite a bit of more time at the procedure than expected (he finally woke up almost 3 hours later lol), but it went well, overall. Scope showed 'trace' varices, but nothing that was dangerous at present, thank God. Same time, next year, they tell me. Thanks again for your inputs.
Avatar m tn I have had pretty much every test under the sun (HIV, MRIs, EMGs, EEGs, Sleep Studies, Western Blot, and the list goes on and on) and everything has come back normal except for 1 and I will go into that further down. Ok, so let's get on to my symptoms. At times I have this feeling of an inner tremor of sorts. It is real hard to explain to someone who hasn't felt it but I would correlate it to having an extreme feeling of a caffeine buzz.