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Avatar f tn I just don't understand irregular periods when conceiving.. I just don't no what it all means?
Avatar n tn I am 21 and ever since I have started having periods I never had them exactly on time, as in 28 days. On average the length of my cycle was 30-35 days until the year before last when I first experienced a 45-day cycle but it was normal again from the following month. After about 9 months I had a similar delay after which it was normal again for another 3 months until last month when I started bleeding 9 days later than the due date.
1961938 tn?1398721701 I am very excited however I am super curious how to determine my due date. I have irregular periods and haven't had one since April and I know I am not 15 weeks along. First off I don't look 15 weeks and I didnt start have symptoms until about a month ago. So how to I figure out my due date? Any advice would be great!
Avatar f tn They then confirm your pregnancy and due date with an early pregnancy ultrasound. So until you have the scan, just count 40wks from the first day of your last period.
Avatar f tn Got pregnant in 2011 at 19 but ended the pregnancy due to horrible circumstances. Went on depo immediately (in April 2011) & got off of it in sept 2012. Now I feel like I'm in a better place & its the right time to have a child. My bf and I have been together for 7 years and we both want this so bad but its not happening. Been using my cycles and from what is says I've got an average of a 45 day cycle. I have no clue when I ovulate so I bought some ovulation tests.
Avatar f tn last time i saw an obgyn Dr was in march I had to talk to a fertility spcl to see if my irregular periods would effect getting pregnant in a future date and what was wong with me.He said i had a low level of Progesterone and he would be surprised if i ovulated once every few months. He said that when I want to get pregnant to lose weight and come back to see him that I will have to take a pill. But that never told me what is wrong or why this is happening.
Avatar f tn Especially since you had a period the end of January, I would say conceiving in Feb is more likely. I'm confused though, first you said you have irregular periods, and then you said you're always regular??? Keep in mind that I'm just giving my opinion. The only way to know for CERTAIN who the father is would be to have a paternity test done once the baby is born.
Avatar f tn is it possible to get a different due date from your doctor than the one you've self calcuated?
Avatar f tn I had to wait to get my due date from my doctor because my periods were super irregular. I had my period every two weeks for two months straight a couple weeks later when my period was supposed to come i did not have a period and thats when i found out i was pregnant so since my periods were way off i could not even determine when i got pregnant I had to wait for an ultra sound and now im 9 weeks due Dec. 6Th!!!!!
Avatar f tn she knew I had planned th e pregnancy and I told her about the ovulation strips and the 2 possible conception dates because of the circumstances and she told me based on my LMP due date was Oct 23rd... BUT based on what I said due date was Oct.31/Nov. 1 and did the ultrasound and said she was due Oct.
Avatar n tn Hmm, it seems that nobody thinks my BFN a month after AF was a big deal. Nor that my irregular AFs are a big deal. It seems the conception and due dates are the same. Thanks everybody.
Avatar n tn My last period was October 28 and my due date is August 4
Avatar n tn With my 2nd daughter I again had irregular periods, so they used the u/s to date. They gave me a date of August 16th. I went into labor August 16th and she was born 8/17/97. I think it depends on the tech and how cooperative the baby is.
Avatar n tn Hi there I am a 26 years old female, I have always had irregular periods, it was about 1.5 month latter, went to 2 months later and finally 3 month later. When I was TTC but I failed all the time, I went see the the doctor who on my 3rd appointmeant gave me some pills to regulate my periods on 28-10-2009 (she did a preganancy test which was negtive), that time my last period date was about 17-07-2009.
Avatar f tn If you are already pregnant, I would do an ultrasound to figure out your due date since that is also more difficult to figure out when periods are irregular. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have never noticed an irregular heartbeat before and it has me quite concerned especially since I am 4 weeks away from my due date and do not know how this will effect my delivery or my baby. Throughout my pregnancy I have worked out 3-4 times per week by walking ( I ran until month 6), including teaching toning, and calisthenic classes. I noticed that after my walks my heart is beating normally, but returns to the irregular pattern after a few hours.
11294269 tn?1422406507 Due date July 9th...I think my conception was Oct 13th, 17th or 18th..those were the only 3 days we had sex after my period that was from Oct 2nd to Oct 6th...we were def timing since I had a loss on Aug 20th.
Avatar f tn Most women ovulate about 14 days before their periods start, unless you have irregular periods, or if you know when your period was due about two weeks before that is when you conceived. If you're questioning paternity then you may need a DNA test to be sure.
Avatar f tn Also it is very difficult to know the exact date of ovulation when your periods are irregular. So calculating the fertile time becomes difficult. Some irregular periods are due to hormone imbalance. So this causes difficulty in the fertilized ovum to implant in the uterus. Hence it is important to find the cause of irregular periods and treat them if you want to conceive. If you and your partner have been trying for kids for 3 years, then you should consult an infertility specialist.
Avatar n tn For the last few months, from November onwards my periods have been very irregular. Last month they jumped 15-20 days after due date, and this month they have come 5-6 days before. I want to concieve and planning for the past few months but unable to. And I doubt due to irregularity of my periods, I am not able to conceive. Please suggest me should I go to Gynocologist or will this not effect my conceiving.
Avatar f tn Okay so I have very irregular periods and my last period started in September 2013 and ended in January 2014. On march 17th I went to the hospital and I was not pregnant. I had internal ultrasounds, a sona gram, and a pee test done and was not pregnant. My first positive pregnancy test was April 18th. I had my first ultrasound today and they say thy I am 7weeks and 2days. I'm confused on how I am so far along and I was negative on the 17th of March and showed nothing in my ultrasounds.
Avatar m tn i had sex with my bf on 10 pm of 28th march and i had taken one tablet of unwanted 72 on 8 pm of 31st march(i.e,after 70 hours).my expected date of periods was 10th but today is 11th april n i dont have my periods started till now.what r d possibilties now?are there chances of having pregnancy??? what should i do ?? what shuold b next step to take?? is here any solution?? plz suggest....
Avatar f tn An early ultrasound can provide a more accurate gestational age and due date. It should be done EARLY in pregnancy for best results. So, request an ultrasound to help date the pregnancy and you'll take all the guess work out of it. Congratulations on the pregnancy. Hope you have a happy and healthy one.
Avatar n tn It's near impossible to know your ovulation days without getting an ovulation kit. Then with irregular periods that makes it even more difficult. If you are that irregular that you don't know when you should be "starting" and "stopping" then when you get pregnant they will date your pregnancy via ultrasound. Else the best advice is to BD every 2-3 days with the DH no matter what is going on and hope for the best.
Avatar f tn I was reading on here ladies that are due in june got pregnant in October my periods are very irregular and we had been trying for this baby for almost a full year, from ultrasound it says im due july 15th and from counting weeks I thought that ment I conceived around October 8th im now thinking that's wrong but not sure how to figure out when she was conceived then and if it changes how many weeks I think I am???
Avatar f tn Your due date will be about 38 weeks from the day of conception, but you will still be considered 40 weeks because your body is preparing for a pregnancy before it happens. When you use your lmp, the two weeks are already calculated in because you usually ovulate around two weeks after your period ends.
Avatar f tn I usually have irregular periods. I had my last periods on 24.05.2014. So due date as per LMP must be 3.3.2015. But in my ultrasound due date was 20.03.2015 and doctor said me it might be due to late conception since I had irregular periods.I dunno when I deliver, elderly people who ever sees says I will deliver by end of Feb or march starting, even I feel the same way coz my belly s huge and I feel lot of pressure.I am so confused do anyone also face same situation like me.
Avatar f tn So once it calculates that it gives me a whole different due date and date I conceived. Now I tried by putting my due date and it tells me a different day I conceived and my correct weeks of pregnancy. So idk if to go based off the due date. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you.
Avatar f tn If your cycles are irregular that gap of time would not be too surprising, but if your periods are always every 28 days on the dot, it would be a little surprising. Have you had other ultrasounds that also gave you the same due date? What is your estimated due date as given to you by the doctor from reading the ultrasound?