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Avatar f tn I've taken two home pregnancy tests after my missed period and the results were negative both times (i took one in the morning, and one in the evening) and I am still having symptoms and no period, could I possibly be pregnant?
1345608 tn?1276443042 To me, it sounds like you just may be headed in the way of your periods stopping altogether. This would be due to the hormones in the pill. It's not as common with the pill as it is with the Mirena IUD or the Depo shot, but it's not unheard of. Also, being 18, you're still going through some body changes, and even without any birth control at all, sometimes there will be times of irregularity in your period. The other possibility is that you've been losing weight.
Avatar n tn I have PCOS I have been taking the same birth control for 10 years now. It seems like my periods are getting lighter and light. I'm talking about I can go without a pad. I still have the other symptoms mildly. I am 33 and I have had three pregnancies. this has been atleast the last 6 months. I know I should not complain, but I am starting to wonder if this is normal.
Avatar f tn I have been on the pill (Levlen ED) for a couple of years now and recently I had my sugar pills and had my period, then a week later after it stopped my period started up again and was extremely heavy. Heavy to the point of absolute agony. And what came out was like a huge ball of period/mucus which would have been the size of about a 20c piece. And I have had a period now for a week and a half now and I still is extremely heavy with quite a bit off pain still.
Avatar f tn I came off the pill 6 weeks ago tomorrow and had my "period" on the tuesday which lasted 4 days. Since then i havent got my period, is this normal? If so does anyone no roughly how much longer its gonna be for things to sort themselves out?
Avatar n tn im on ortho tri cyclen lo and i have never missed a pill, but i rarely take it at the same time every day. my boyfriend never uses a condomn but he always pulls out to be not supposed to get my period for about another 2 weeks but recently ive been getting headaches a lot and there was a tiny bit of pink discharge when in i being paranoid or is there a good possibilty im pregnant???
Avatar f tn Or could this be a sign of pregnancy? When I wasn't on the pill for two weeks I did have sex with my boyfriend but we used a condom. The condom didn't break or slip off. I'm just concerned what could be causing these side effects because I have been taking the pill for 3 years. Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn However, I stopped taking the pill for my break on thurs 31 and failed to have a period. I am relying on the pill as my only form of contraception and my boyfriend has came inside of me several times in the last month. I never miss the pill and I haven't had any sickness or anything that could have reduced how effective it is. I usually come on on the monday after stopping on the thursday so i took a test on wed 6th and it came back negative.
Avatar n tn She was on the pill at the time got her period on the 21st of the month. She then got off the pill. We took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. She got her period the following month on the 17th (5 day heavy flow and it was a full 27 day cycle). I have not touched her since August 7th. She also took a digital 5th test and it came out negative as well. What is the likely hood that she could still be preg. at this time.
Avatar n tn but when i finally filled the script, i got the pills on a wednesday and thats when i statred them but took the sunday pill. i took it every day, maybe missing one day once, and me and my boyfriend have sex basically everyday, unprotected. I wasnt sure if i could still get pregnant even though i took it late, still took it everyday. Today or tomorrow i SHOULD get my period, when normally i would have gotten it about a week and a half ago.
Avatar n tn the possibility of getting pregnant on the pill are very slim...but yet depends are you feeling other symptoms? I don't think a three day period instead of six would indicate pregnancy...I was on the pills two for about a year and my period would come just like yours did sometimes 7 seven days sometimes less but I was happy as long as I saw blood lol (kinda gross to say that) if your period was super light pinkish or brownish that that could be a sign...
Avatar f tn I think that the reason that you are having these symptoms are from the overload of the pill that you are on and taking packs back to back. I used to take ortho tri cyclen and I got pregnant on it due to using antibiotics but especially if you have been on the pill for quite a while it is unlikely that you are pregnant but it can happen. I would say that you would be safe to go ahead an take another test just to be safe. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn I got a sinus infection and started a 20 day cycle of antibiotics on 12/8/11, my boyfriend and I did have sex a few times with no other protection except the pill, which wasn't the smartest idea, but I didn't really think about the antibiotic messing with my birth control. I'm on the pill and I was supposed to get my period last Sunday (12/18/11), but it never came, I figured it'd just come a little late as it sometimes does, but nothing at all, not even a bit of spotting.
Avatar n tn I was sexually active and there were 2 times i forgot my pill and took it the next day. and i didn't always take the pill at the same time of day. I feel like i should be getting my period, i have the same symptoms i usally get with feeling bloated etc. but still no period! please help me figure this out!
Avatar n tn Im on the active pills, the white ones and for my period they red. I just randomly started my period on the white pill..... I dont know what that could mean...
8201329 tn?1397008042 This time I do not feel all the period symptoms though. I am still on the same pill. What the heck is going on!? Please help! I have been unable to contact my gyno yet because I've been out of town and she has odd hours.
8201329 tn?1397008042 This time I do not feel all the period symptoms though. I am still on the same pill. What the heck is going on!? Please help! I have been unable to contact my gyno yet because I've been out of town and she has odd hours.
8201329 tn?1397008042 This time I do not feel all the period symptoms though. I am still on the same pill. What the heck is going on!? Please help! I have been unable to contact my gyno yet because I've been out of town and she has odd hours.
325224 tn?1342799514 I have a 6 month old little girl and went back on the bc pill about three months ago. This month, i have started spotting and having all my period symptoms but i'm not due to have my period for another week or so. I took a HPT this morning and it was negative so i'm wondering, what would be the cause of this? Has anyone had this happen to them?
Avatar f tn I forgot to take one of my pills in the second week of my pack and didn't realize till I went to take one the day after, so I took them both at the same time. I started my placebo week this Sunday and should have gotten my period on Tuesday or Wednesday, but now here it is Thursday and there's no sign of it yet. I feel slightly crampy and a little bloated but there's no blood or anything. Could missing this day in the middle of my pack delay my period?
Avatar n tn I was on birth control (pills and then the patch) for 5 years and my boyfriend (now husband) always went in me and I NEVER got pregnant on birth control. If you do take the pill at the same time EVERYDAY, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are concerned then use condoms also. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn So my husband and i have been active multiple times during ovulation and about every other day otherwise. I expected my period on sept 11th but it is now the 15th and both pregnancy tests were negative. Could I still be pregnant? I'm 26 and in pretty good health. No major symptoms though. Just moody and tired.
Avatar n tn I have just found out i am 7 weeks pregnant and have also been on the pill for 5/6 years I stopped taking the pill on the day i found out i was expecting and had no bleeding at all.
Avatar m tn Also, all three times we had sex, he was constantly checking the condom for any rips or anything of that nature. I am also on the pill. All three times occurred last week, and my period was due today and I haven't' started yet. I usually start on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Now it is Tuesday evening. The last time I had sex was Wednesday. So, since I am on the pill, he wore a condom, he pulled out, and we even in a way used the rhythm method, I find it insanely unlikely I am pregnant.
Avatar f tn HI. I am 44 years old. I have been on the pill for years, never missed a period. I've have had some unrelated medical issues in the last couple months. Because of them I have been taking muscle relaxants and a short 5 day cycle of a steroid. I’m having all the symptoms of my period, but had no bleeding. I have yet to take a pregnancy test. Could I really be pregnant?? Or are their other concerns??
Avatar m tn last month (It was pretty light) but on the pill my period has always been pretty light. This month I started bleeding brownish/pink blood (Thought it was just another light period) but then about a week after my period stopped I started spotting again. 3 days ago I started cramping a lot and having extremely watery and excessive discharge and today I started spotting again....
Avatar m tn Previous period was 19-22 October, Unprotected sex on October 30th, Got a heavy period on the 16th November during my week break from pill so assumed not pregnant. Sore tender breasts and anxiety led to taking a pregnancy test (A supermarket own brand, not a branded one, but still 99% reliable), which was negative. Second period since sex was lighter and sore breasts arrived before the period again so took another pregnancy test, again negative.
Avatar f tn Hello, so I've been on the same birth control pill for about 3 years now it's microgestin Fe 1.5/30. I was at the very end of the month pack and on the placebo part of the pill. My period started normally but what I noticed is that I have been on my period for 8 days now. And I have started taking the regular birth control pill of the new pack and I am still bleeding pretty lightly. I'm just wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned?
Avatar f tn I was also taking this pill and I know I got a lot of those symptoms throughout the whole 9months I took it but I'm about to switch to see if it will help.