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10905170 tn?1414131788 My only concern is last month and this month I get symptoms of a period at the time my cycle use to come. Has anyone ever experienced this?
Avatar f tn Can garlic cure it completely or just suppress the symptoms?if cure what is the time period?
Avatar f tn It's pretty hard to understand everything you are saying. You are diagnosed with BV? But somehow you are "trying to find ways to cure it"? What about seeing a doctor and getting a run of antibiotics for yourself and your partner? It should not fall on you to "find ways" to cure it. BV does not cure itself, nor do home remedies cure it. You need to do what your doctor says. You have had your period "a week prior," what event was it prior to?
Avatar n tn Am 6weeks pregnant, had a late period, pregnancy test positive and doctor confirmed but still no symptoms.
Avatar m tn Now the tests are all negative but considering the window period for some STD, should I finish taking Augmentin as a precaution to get rid of the possible infection? Thank you.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms of Trichomoniasis in the throat? Will the throat swell? What is the cure? & Can you even get Trichomoniasis if you Don't swallow the semen??
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms of Trichomoniasis in the throat? Will the throat swell? What is the cure? & Can you even get Trichomoniasis if you Don't swallow the semen??
Avatar n tn Just wondering what is thought about the hype on some hubs and blogs regarding the Resolve treatment that is claiming to be a cure for herpes post 90 days treatment and some people claiming they are testing negative after using it. Legitimate or not???
Avatar m tn There is no cure and there is no vaccine. HIV is preventable, use condoms correctly and consistently and do not share works with other IV drug abusers.
Avatar n tn I just want to reassure all of you with constant herpes prodrome symptoms that NO, this is not just something you are imagining! Despite the dismissals and poo-pooing that you often hear from doctors, the bottom line is as follows...
Avatar m tn if it was only for 20 seconds is possible to get any STD? What are the window period for the STDs?
4112793 tn?1349905806 we have unprotected sex since im on the pill and what not. i take the pill everyday at the same time. my period was on time, but i missed a day of my pill. so i took two the next day. a few days after my period ended i noticed some spotting. i have cramps and i feel like im going to puke whenever i get up or walk around at times some smells of food make me feel nauseated..
Avatar n tn That is really the indication of temporal change. It happens to people with intensive reactions against certain reactions. It usually begins as allergic reaction then to some worse case (depend on situations). I think the better way to cure your husband is to dress him in four seasons weather's clothes and avoid these temporal changes. It will help greatly if one actually cure the disease, however sometimes it is part of his change to become healthier.
Avatar n tn Currently they don't have a cure for any virus. they are always looking for a cure for herpes though.
Avatar m tn Amox won't likely cure any STDs, but may have helped prevent you from getting one. There is no way to know if this happened or not, though. Doxy would cure chlamydia (which is really unlikely to happen with oral), but wouldn't cure gonorrhea. It also wouldn't cure herpes, which is a virus, or syphilis at that dose. Herpes and syphilis wouldn't cause the symptoms your gf is experiencing right now, but gonorrhea might. There are some problems now.
Avatar m tn Hello to all of you. I'm Justin, 25, I live in Orlando. I will say, PATM reactions in this city are no fun at all. My first reaction was at a huge concert called "Sunset Music Festival " .... which is a HUGE RAVE with a lot of people. I didn't know what was going on and why my friends started sneezing, coughing, clearing their throats, etc. It was weird because everyone else in the crowds were as well, and when I got closer to them, the reactions were inbearable.
665881 tn?1248926997 If not a cure, perhaps a medicine that completely reverses paralysis and other symptoms? - I sure would like to think so! 6.) Living with MS, have you learnt to forget about it someday’s or is it something that is constantly on the back of your mind? - I go long spells when I don't think about it. 7.) For those of you that still have the use of your legs, are you scared that you are one day going to lose them? - I try not to worry about what might happen. 8.