Delayed period on the pill

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Avatar n tn I was due my period last friday after being off the pill for a month. I am usually EXTREMELY regual, almost to the hour, so when I still had not got my period on Sunday I took a pregnancy test which came out negative. Its tuesday now and I still have not got my period. Is this normal.When i came off the pill at first (Friday the 4th) we wer using condoms but one split. Please help...
Avatar f tn I forgot to take one of my pills in the second week of my pack and didn't realize till I went to take one the day after, so I took them both at the same time. I started my placebo week this Sunday and should have gotten my period on Tuesday or Wednesday, but now here it is Thursday and there's no sign of it yet. I feel slightly crampy and a little bloated but there's no blood or anything. Could missing this day in the middle of my pack delay my period?
Avatar m tn Have u been on any contraception (pill, implanon etc) if so this can affect cycles if not have u been under any stress?
Avatar m tn It's not good for a woman's body or hormones to have to take the emergency contraceptive pill on a regular basis. So, she messed up her hormones with the morning after pill. Her body is readjusting. She also sounds very young and perhaps her periods are still a bit irregular. Between not even having sex and the morning after pill, she is not pregnant from the episode you describe.
Avatar f tn It is only meant for true emergencies like when someone isn't on the pill and the condom breaks. If you don't want to get pregnant then you need to get to your doctor and get on the pill. And always use condoms.
Avatar f tn Its my first time to took a birth control pills, i had my period on apr 29 and it was ended on may 3rd, i took my fist pill on the 6th of may and me and my hubby had a contact on may 17th and on may 28th, and its already the 31st of may and havent had my period yet... should i be worried? your response will highly appreciate...
Avatar m tn I am 34,had 3 m/c's in the past with the last one being oct.2010 at 8 weeks. I had my period on June 24th lasting for 7 day's then on July 8th I started spotting brownish/reddish color which lasted about 6 or 7 day's and today I am suppose to have my normal period but nothing so far. Could I have had ovulation or implantation bleeding? I did take a test about 4 day's ago but it was negative. My husband and I so want to have a baby and I have never been on birth control and I have no kids.
Avatar m tn 3 month ago i put my finger inside vagina of my gf next day she took ipill having doubt of sperm on my fingers. her period date was after 11 days she got her first period in time. In second month period was delayed for 2 days and in third month she hasnt got her period till now its 13 days already... is she pregnant..she is getting many symvtoms of tiredness abdomen pain etc...
Avatar f tn I do not know the law in your country with regard to the doctor prescribing you with a pill to terminate. Hope you get on alright. Best to use protection to avoid getting pregnant. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I saw my period for 9 days after an abortion,had sex around my ovulation period but took postinol instantly.i am two days late,having all the signs of menstration but my period has not still started.please i need an answer instantly,my fiancee and i are not ready to have a baby now.
Avatar f tn In the situation of still being on the pills I would suggest waiting for 7-14 days for the periods. Failing which you may run a pregnancy test and consult a gynaecolgist. Take care!
Avatar f tn and my menstrual cycle didnt come, 16 days delayed now. and im on the pill, never missed. can quitting smoking delay a period? kindly help!
Avatar m tn Is it normal that I didnt get my period after this long time? And should I count from the June 25 my period or from the true one on June 11. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Hello, My name is Holly. I am 20 years old. I am planning on going off the pill (i have been on it for 3 years now) in November. I hope to get pregnant right away so I can give the news to my in-laws and my parents as an xmas gift. Do people usually have problems conceiving the first few months they go off the pill? How does it work? I also want to lose weight before I have a baby. As it is I am not comfortable in my skin.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have been off the pill for 9 months and my period has been regular for more than 6 months. We are ttc for last 5 months and have been taking elevit since my period last month. My period was due Wednesday but never came and have read about other ladies having a similar experience when taking elevit. I took two hot to check for pregnancy, one on Thursday and one on Sunday, but were were negative.
Avatar f tn I usually have my period about every two weeks instead of four. My last period ended on the 3rd of last month (today is the 1st) and I haven't had another yet. I have had tender and swollen breasts for at least two weeks now (have wanted to go jogging but it hurts too bad!) then last week I was very very hormonal - up and down, sensitive, cloud nine, irritable, in love . ..
Avatar f tn I forgot, and started a few days after that (about 6 days later) I also went off the pill (been on it for about 7 years) when my last period began. Now my it is 6 weeks since my period last came, and STILL no sign of it! It has never been this late before. I am worried... what's going on?
Avatar f tn Your better of seeing your doc because they can give you advice on when to restart or if your pregnant they can start you on prenatals straight away and help you make your descions ect ect.I got pregnant while on the pill and even though now I'm looking forward to her at the start I was shattered and scared. Just don't freak out and stop taking your pill!
Avatar f tn I've had sexual intercourse on the 9.10. and due to condom burst, I took morning-after pill called EllaOne (exactly 4 hours after this misfortunate happening). 3 days after taking this pill had unusual, brownish mucus, but only 1 day. I've waited 2 weeks in order to make the pregnancy test from store and the result was negative.
Avatar m tn So I took the morning after pill within 48 hours. Now I am more than 10 days delayed on my period. I took a HPT three days back and it came negative. I don't think my chances of being pregnant are high but why am I not getting my period. I am fairly regular otherwise. Or am I pregnant? I cannot have a babu now. I am worried sick, pls help.
9172449 tn?1402126306 I decided to take althea pills again this time because It was written on the box that I should take it on the first day of my period. I’m also taking Zinc for acne supplement from last month up to now. ----How safe it is to take again? I heard that taking birth control pills like this can cause cancer, how true is this? And also Is it safe to take althea pills while I’m on this dietary supplement? Please answer my questions Doctor. It will be a great help for me. Thank You very much!
Avatar n tn I had some breakthrough bleeding the first week but it was very mild. Now I'm on the sugar pills for the second pack and it's Day 4. Typically, I would have gotten my "period" by now -- actually, by Day 2 or 3. I took a home pregnancy test that seemed to come out positive. I have not missed a pill in many months, possibly years. I even take them at exactly the same time every day. Could I really be pregnant? It seems so unlikely. Please help, and thank you in advance for your help.
1470528 tn?1324697921 neither i am experiencing any pregnancy symptoms(the chances are very slim coz me and my husband used protection and i'm on the pill also coz we aren't ready yet).. i had developed serious cough and congestion for which i had to take antibiotics.. i'm cured of the cold now but now struck with ameobiasis and on medication for 3 days.. is this responsible for delayed peiods or it might be something else? thank u.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex fom day 9 to 13 in my cycle and took the morning after pill on day 13. I didn't experience much in the way of immediate side effects except a heavy short bleed 6 days later (2 weeks before period due). Now, for the past two weeks I have had lower back pain, some lower abdominal cramping, increased salivation, tender/swollen breasts and have been hypersensitive/emotional. My period is 8 days late but all pregnancy tests are negative.
Avatar f tn You really might want to think about getting in to see your Dr since you're having the discharge and delayed period to find out what's going on.
Avatar m tn i had sex with my boyfriend a day after my period and then another 2times for 2 weeks after that, i took the morning after pill for the first 2 times and none the last. we still used condoms for everytime that we had sex but he does this thing that he rubs his **** in my vag before putting them on. now im almost 15 days late for my period and ive taken 2 urine tests that came out negative.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I started Diane 35 on january first day of my period. On february while on 7 days no pill, i had a very light period, brown to pinkish and lasted for 3 days. Then on march same thing till april a very light period every 7 days no pill. I remember april was super light period. I supposed to have a period on May 12 but until it's been 7 days delayed. I remembered i misses 1 pill last month but took it right away the next day together with my daily dose.
Avatar n tn i left it to take its course for a week but nothing happened so i took the pill. on the 8th my waters broke and the doctors said i had contraction pains. at 2.30am i was rushed in to hospital and at 5am i passed the baby. i would of been 16 weeks on friday. when does the pain in my heart go away?
Avatar n tn Thank you for the help. I'll touch base with my doctor today to see if she can prescribe anything to help with my short LP. I'm only on my 5 month of TTC, but it still makes you wonder what's going on... Best of luck to you!