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Avatar f tn That is very common for girls of your age. Many are irregular and get more stable as time goes on. Nothing to worry about but know it's a pain. If it doesn't get regular in the next couple of years, talk to your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn My last period was in August 31 n i had sex on September 14 and which is the day i got pregnant can someone explain me please
Avatar f tn It was right for both of my girls ^_^ but hey it is 50/50 lol
Avatar f tn It said boy for me, but it's a girl!
Avatar f tn s when I had sex and the little bit a blood showed and then again today the calendar said 1 day till your period and today after having sex it was more blood but it was light and now it was on his penis not like I think the calendar probably wants me to input the day I start my period..but he too probably knocked mines a little to early idk, I'm going to have to wait and see..
Avatar f tn It didn't work for me. None of those old wives tale worked for me they all said girl, I felt like it was a girl, everyone thought it was a girl but was wrong he's a boy. They don't always work it's got a 50/59 chance of being right it's more for fun just like all the other gender tests we do.
Avatar n tn I am 14 and my period has lasted for 3 almost 4 weeks. I just recently got it this December, and have only had it a few times since then. Is this normal or should I see a doctor?
10025015 tn?1422498264 Who used the Chinese Gender Calendar & It Has Actually Worked On You? My Frist Pregnancy Told Me It Was a Girl & It Was Correct This One Says Its a Boy But I Have a Ways To Go Till i Find Out.
1961938 tn?1398718101 May 1st was my last period. I ovulated the 25th. I am due for my next period on the 19th.
Avatar n tn i had my last period on d 1-5th of sept,from my ovutracker my nxt comes on d 26 th of dis same month.pls when is d best timing to conceive a baby girl. Really luv 2 get d reply soonest. Tnx.
Avatar m tn I had a boy first, my mother-in-law had 2 girls before a boy...the needle and thread was accurate for me...i was massive all over with my son, but really neat with my daughter...too early to say with this one, but havent put on weight anywhere other than my tummy which is making it really obvious and im only 8 weeks!...
Avatar f tn Wat i did was on a calendar put the last day of my period on the calendar then count 12 days that will b ur first day of ovulation then 7 days after that u are most likely to get prego it workd for me and im 3 months today
Avatar f tn Mine at first was 120 nd its a boy.
Avatar f tn We have the same situation. I have two girls already and I'm on my 22nd weeks for my third child. Chinese calendar is correct for my two girls. I hope it's not correct this time. So far my OB says it's 90% boy based on my last ultrasound. Still praying and hoping it's a boy.
Avatar f tn First count from your last period to your next period if its 28 day cycle then you are not safe from cycle day 9th to 16th or get an ovulation calendar to know when you are safe.
358455 tn?1277433619 i like how you are spelling the girls name. those are cute! i have for a boy David Noel and for a girl I think Tobeigh Elle not really sure about the middle name yet but i tried to name my last two girls Tobeigh and my hubby wouldnt have it. Its going on that paper this time. because im pretty sure ill be having a girl!
9923140 tn?1407723429 It said im having a boy. And im hoping its wrong, I already have two boys!
1943295 tn?1388239324 Well its telling me a girl and I believe it we will see tue I'm hoping for a boy because we have 3 girls but I'm still be happy either way congraqts ladies we don't have long
Avatar f tn For my three boys it said they were girls...
341551 tn?1266980730 Does anyone know of a Site where you can plug in your LMP and it tells you exactly how many weeks and days Pregnant you are? I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
1687571 tn?1305604045 So, *if* my ovulation calendar is right, I should have ovulated on May 11th. I've had these weird almost pms type cramps that started about two days ago, but with a stabbing/twinge type feeling that comes and goes, and today I started having pretty watery cervical discharge. Im also incredibly moody, but I'm also on edge that I want to be pregnant, so I'm sure that's why. But is this discharge a possible sign of pregnancy? I'm due to start my period on the 24th.
Avatar f tn So me and my husband have 2 beautiful girls and are wanting a boy so bad I go Friday to get my iud out I haven't really had a period since having the iud put in but I do wipe and a little blood is On the toilet paper on July 3rd and my face is so broke out I need to know when is the best time for us to have sex to help insure it's a boy .... can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Is it okay for your period to come any day? Say January it came like on d 8th and in Feb it came on the 17th. Is it okay for it to move dates?
Avatar f tn So a couple days ago I had posted about the gender predictors and how according to the chinese calendar I was having a boy , I even tried baking soda test and it fizzled so I guess it ment boy . . . Butt I had to come to the er tonight due to pain in my bellybutton that I coudnt tolerate anymore and got an u.s done , the tech said from the looks of it , its a GIRL <3 Total surprise :) !
Avatar f tn My period comes right on the expected period date on this calendar. It is every 28 days, but my calendar now shows 36 days. Is there a reason the calendar made a change?! I have been using the app for about a year. It is weird because I'm on day 31 and still haven't gotten my period. Can the calendar be wrong and I'm pregnant? Or is the calendar correct? Why did it change out of nowhere? Confused!!
Avatar f tn I'm curious to know if any body has checked out the Chinese calendar and the answer was correct, was the gender that the calendar said was the gender you guys had?
Avatar f tn Hi there, well, that is a 26 day cycle Just 2 days shy of the average 28 cycle so, no, that isn't unusual. good luck. (you'll get two periods in a month as periods don't follow a calendar but go by days, so depending on what day you start a period, you can have 2 in a month.