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Avatar f tn No they are not. But you know how you first come on this app and it loads and then it shows you the date ? Like on a single calendar day instead of the whole calendar showing ? I'll come on and since I've installed this app , it will say I'll start my period in one day and then the next day it'll say the same thing again and keep saying it.
Avatar f tn So I download numerous period tracking apps. 8 say I am 20 days late. Some weren't helpful or confusing and 1 says I'm 6 days late and a few say my period will be soon. So I don't know what to believe. I have been bloating a lot lately and tired a lot more. I have back pain and some cramps. I plan to get a test too see what's up. Yes I've been trying to conceive. But should I believe the 8 apps or the other couple? Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn MedHelp has a great app called MyCycles if you want to download it. (tool bar at the top, apps section). day one of your period is cycle day one. Count from there. Last day of your cycle is the day before your next one starts. You'll probably eventually notice a pattern. Around the holiday time in particular though, many women are irregular because that can happen with changes in routine, stress, weight gain or loss, illness, etc. which are all very common during holiday time.
Avatar n tn Are you keeping track of the start dates? You should be tracking the start and stop dates either on a regular calendar (I used to write a star on those days) or you can be more modern and download an app on your smartphone to track it. There are tons of them on the app store and they are mostly free to download and use.
Avatar f tn Or u can JUST download an app called ovulation calendar and based on your period it precisely tells you THE days your fertile when your ovulating etc. Worked for me.LOL.I would definitely recommend it.
Avatar n tn I usually Hv my period on d 19 of every month but last month was on d 15 and it came only for two days and am thinking maybe am pregnant
Avatar f tn If ur last period ended on july 5th and next one dont start til August 2... wat day would u conceive?
1943295 tn?1388239324 Thanks ladies....the Chinese calendar is a web page...just goggle Chinese baby calendar and put all your info in on it! It will ask you for your birth date and lmp!
Avatar f tn I think that the Menstrual Cycle Tracker should tell you how many days since last period start and maybe how many days your flow was. A lot of us are very irregular and keeping track of how many days between is very important. I have a hard time counting all those little boxes to keep track of days. And I always seem to be off a little when I use a calendar. Would be something for you to look into. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Fertile days. Download a application on your phone that can help.
541150 tn?1306033843 Do you ladies know what website offers a free menstrual cycle calendar for me to download to my computer and my phone? I’m not looking for a tracker. You know, it’s more like a calendar that tells you what your fertile days are and such. Any thoughts? I keep searching but can’t seem to find a free one.
Avatar f tn I would like to offer a possible solution for the Mac problem. I have Safari but needed to download Firefox to do my banking. There is a Mac version of Firefox and the download is very easy. If you haven't already, you may try that. Sorry to read about your dx and hope you're feeling well today.
676912 tn?1332812551 Thank you both, I put my son in his highchair with a bitter biscuit, and went to work. He was starting to get tired of it right as my back started hurting~~~perfect timing. I decided to start off every other day, and go as long as I can. I have two and I did the one that doesn't show the easier exercises with it. They're modified for sensitive necks and backs. Oh and TrudieC I have limewire, it's a program that you can download movies from.
Avatar f tn If you have a phone where you can download apps, there is one called "period tracker" or "my days " where you can plug in all your personal information and it will have a calendar showing days you are fertile, and the day you ovulate.
Avatar f tn Download the Glow app. Or a period tracker app. It will tell you your fertile days based on your period. If today was your period then, then you would be fertile starting on Nov 12, based on a 28 day cycle. Good luck!
293157 tn?1285873439 Hi everyone, does anyone know how to view these on a MAC computer, it's new and I used to have Windows... the CDs won't work on this computer, any ideas? thanks and hope all have a good weekend, as good as possible.
Avatar f tn My period was supposed to come a few days ago I suppose but the calendar keeps pushing the day forward which is throwing me off. Could I be preg? Is now the proper time to download testing?
Avatar f tn Okay so on june 19 it was the last day of my period and i had sex with my boyfriend but turned out that the condom had broke and the sperm was in me because once i got up it dripped down sorry TMI !! but on june 22 i woke up in the morning and had some spotting kind of weird . But these past few days ive had white silky discharge and it literally drips down its alot once again im sorry the TMI . Today all i did was nothing but eat and sleep !
Avatar n tn Sorry. I've had my period since I was 12 and I'm 41 now, so I've had all kinds of periods, and the only time I worried was if it didn't come at all or if it was really really heavy. But they didn't have period tracking apps, much less cell phones when I was a kid, so I had to track my period on my paper calendar. If you don't have a smart phone in order to download an app then keep a separate paper calendar to mark down when you start bleeding.
645800 tn?1466860955 Yes all you have to do is google it and follow the link to the Firefox download page. Once there just download it and install the program. ( And it is free)! They seem to have tons of add-ons for the browser. I have been using one called "reminderfox" that is working real great for me. Lots of times I will think of things I have to do while on-line but by the time I get my calendar up I forget what it was I wanted to do.
Avatar f tn s when I had sex and the little bit a blood showed and then again today the calendar said 1 day till your period and today after having sex it was more blood but it was light and now it was on his penis not like I think the calendar probably wants me to input the day I start my period..but he too probably knocked mines a little to early idk, I'm going to have to wait and see..
Avatar n tn Every woman is different when it comes to symptoms. Best thing to do is to wait until the day of your period is due and take a pregnancy test. There are also apps you can download to track periods, which give you your ferital we window, which is the best time to have sex. Do note. That not all see sperm makes it's way up there, a lot of them die off. Most just wait around for the egg, and then die. Timing has got to be right.
Avatar f tn I havnt used the ovulation tracker, but last year I read a book called How to choose the sex of your baby by Dr. Shettles.( we have three girls and are hoping for a boy this time..;-). ).. it went in great detail on tracking/ charting your monthly cycles and how your secreations change during different times of the month...this is how I was able to pinpoint my exact ovulation day/ time!!! He also talked abt takin your temp but I didn't need to do that..
Avatar f tn The other thing to remember when you say "I don't have a date for my periods," is that you should not expect it to come on a given day of the calendar month, since when you think about it, the calendar is unstable in that regard. February only has 28 days, May has 31.
Avatar f tn This will help you in a variety of areas in your life and give you peace of mind when you need it. Download the MedHelp Period tracker app on your phone. You can attach it to this account here and update it as you go. It's great!
Avatar f tn I stopped using the calendar and kits. Instead I had sex almost daily beginning the day I got off my period. I always would make sure I orgasmed everytime and instead of getting up right after I would stay laying down for awhile. I didnt stop until I finally.missed my period and obviously am now pregnant. It took us a year of trying but only the last month that I tried it differently did it actually work.
Avatar n tn how do i count my cycle do u count from the day it start so my period was the 12 of number and if am suppose to count from then does that put my period to the 9 of december or the cycle can go more than 28 days
Avatar f tn First count from your last period to your next period if its 28 day cycle then you are not safe from cycle day 9th to 16th or get an ovulation calendar to know when you are safe.