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Avatar n tn Every month approx one week prior to onset of my period...I experience horrible foul smelling flatulence. It is embarrasing and needless to say hard to ignore. 3-4x times a year it is accompanied by severe and sudden onset diarrhea, migraine, and other common PMS symptoms. In researching this topic, I find much on PMS symptoms and treatment...but little mention of this particular problem other than "IBS" or "bowel changes".
Avatar f tn I discontinued my Depo Provera on March 11-13 of 2015 and i didn't see any spotting until July 3rd- July4th. spotting /light period i am guessing late August to Early September, I am unsure of my last period date due to my irregular periods and the withdrawal from my depo. I called my doctor several times throughout the month concerned with my late period... and why i was only spotting.
Avatar n tn Love the girl name, so pretty classic and feminine! I agree with the PP that maybe a "less syllables" first name could balance your last name better. I LOVE Noah and Liam, and they sound nice with your last name, but then again if your boy went by "Mac" that sounds really good too. It's all up to you (isn't it fun?)!!
Avatar n tn ) But I also noticed that they would be on and off for weeks and my period cramps would come for a few days or so and then my period would soon follow. My period didnt come with those cramps. :)...
Avatar n tn Had a PVD and multiple retina tears just shy of 7 months ago. After 3 rounds of laser over a 6 week period I was passed over to a retina surgeon at the local university teaching hospital who placed an encircling scleral buckle and did lots of cryo.
1070610 tn?1279278010 My calendar is a mess with all the appointments and reminders on it for a three week period. Today starts week two and I'm beat already. I did want to add my name to the list of fellow sufferers. Last summer I realized there was something more to my troubles than just being out of shape. I got a dog and planned to walk once or twice every day to build stamina. We did walk. After four months I still struggled to make it a mile. The warmer the weather the shorter my stamina.
1222861 tn?1267290788 Oh and I do keep a Health & Wellness calendar. You're right it is a great thing to have I find it really uselful in monitoring my symptoms. I've also found when it's time to go to the Dr's office I am armed with information that I can't forget to tell them because I can simply show them.
162948 tn?1205256292 I got my IUD out on Aug 5th and am ttc. I have had lots of spotting and maybe a period but nothing regular. I called my doc and they said that it takes 3 months before the hormones are out of your system. The mirena website makes it sound as though you can get pregnant anytime after removal. Any advice/stories would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Try to keep it short I had a chemical pregnancy (per doctor who never examined me and went on a faint positive and a light period) on Nov 11. I never really lost symptoms and tested again on Dec 7th. got another positive. Went to a new doctor and I was supposedly pregant again. Just a sac. Anyway I'm supposed to be 29 weeks now. My u/s yesterday measured 31w2d and 3lbs7oz!! Do you think its possible I never m/c?
294043 tn?1354211546 I'm sure you already know that it's perfectly normal to be spotting when on b/c for a long period and for it to mess you around a touch. I'm sure AF will be showing up any day. Why do you say you're not sure what your doc will say? Re starting the FSH shots, you mean? Sorry, correct me if I'm wrong but FSH is like lupron and that right? That's the equivalent of my Menogan and I always started Menogan on day 3 or so of AF regardless of when she showed so it shouldn't be a problem.
299260 tn?1304219705 Of course I worry that the cramping could be early sign of my period. We're seeing another doctor tomorrow evening because if this cycle doesn't work, we have to change facilities. Too many mistakes, too little variety in approach, plus it takes an hour and half to get to the hospital from my home via metro and bus.
Avatar f tn Yeah...they gave me a Similac preg. calendar and a travel case thing to take to the hospital with you and other stuff they gave out at my first prenatal appt. I strongly suggest they don't do that to anyone who is that early in the game....I saw those things when I came home and I'm like....Ireally want to throw this out the window or in the garbage...but I didnt know what to do with it....I threw it in our storage room and hopefully one day I can use it.....
Avatar n tn The longest is reported at 21 days and that is for a user that smokes five plus joints a day for at least a two week period, per lab manual. Many folks always believed one joint would stay in your system for at least a month, but that's a fallacy! If you have a fast metabolism it will be even faster!
1417531 tn?1365601325 I will be calling this morning to find out when they will do my Mock transfer as I just started my period yesterday evening. This is so nice to know that there is someone going through IVF as me! yay!
Avatar n tn I'm definitely starting a calendar of when they happen-symptoms-home treatment-ER treatment etc as well as what foods were eaten in the previous 24 hr period. My question to the doctors, you said something about a vomit sample which is gross enough, but I dont' typically vomit ... almost as nasty, do you think if I get the horrendous diarrhea, if they somehow did anal-y-sis (lol) of that, it would tell them anything, or if there was parasitic activity, show that? I'm FED UP.
Avatar n tn I even get full faster then I ever had--I couldn't finish my favorite salad at Applebee's last night (regular size) AND today I felt overstuffed l after a Big Mac and some fries!! I had my blood test this AM (drawn at 8AM) HOWEVER if you are in Topeka--DO NOT USE QUET DIAGNOSTIC--they hadn't even picked up my blood as of 11:30 AM AND I found out it has to go to Lenexa to be tested!!! My IVF coordinator (and myself) are a bit ticked to say the least.
Avatar n tn RE: Beta-Thalassemis Minor and Healing Some of the solutions to the Beta-thalassemia issue are based on diet. Eating rare red meat will provide the water soluble iron most needed in the high functioning systems of people with this condition. Consuming rare cooked red meat, especially beef liver and other organ meat, will begin to heal a body that is non-alkaline. The alkaline blood system has a blood tested pH of 7.2 or higher for the most energy possible.
Avatar n tn If i slowly cut down will it limit the withdrawl,im hoping that if i cut down to ten a day the cold turky period wont be as bad.Im also very worried about my health.Any ideas of long term affects.
Avatar n tn More recently since I have moved there was a period where I could exercise in the morning. Also I believe that alcohol will work against you as well since my last 'good' period ended after a night I decided to get wasted! Suggestion is to separate yourselves from the porn as best u can! I could take myself away from it but after losing some of the best sex I have had in my life this 'addiction' really is not worth it! GIRLS are far more important that PORN!!!