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Avatar f tn Start a new calendar line with the first day of your next period, when it comes. Over the next few months, the chart will form a graph, and your periods will line up. You'll have a good visual of how long your periods are and how regular. These charts can be really handy for planning at times when you might want to look forward and see if you'll be on your period at a given date, and for noting things like ovulation mucus (it comes in the middle of the cycle) and cramps.
Avatar m tn I have used tampons ever since I started my period and I never had a problem. I was 11 when I first got my period as well. I believe she will be fine just keep monitoring her use for good hygiene.
Avatar m tn My name is Elena I am seventeen years old, the other day I went rock climbing and it was my time of the month, so I used a tampax to ensure I didn't make a mess of myself but I was rather dry that day meaning not much bleeding was happening, when I changed my tampax I felt a pain and didn't think about it till a few days later and today I had a look in the mirror and near my urethral it was painful and sore, and it looked like it had a tear above the urethral as well as slightly inside t
Avatar f tn always wore just a single Tampax to bed but had to start using thick nightie pads. Started going through a Tampax in 1-2 hours vs. 4. That sort of thing. Also, my cramps became much more severe....never stayed home from work for cramps before but have had 4 episodes where I had to or, because it was weekend, spent day in bed. Many of my periods are now accompanied by diaherra, especially pleasent, do to horomones.
Avatar m tn Hi i just got my period today and i have a 4 hour pool party tomorrow. I can't use a tampon so i was wondering how can i swim? I really need suggestions please help!!!
Avatar f tn s when I had sex and the little bit a blood showed and then again today the calendar said 1 day till your period and today after having sex it was more blood but it was light and now it was on his penis not like I think the calendar probably wants me to input the day I start my period..but he too probably knocked mines a little to early idk, I'm going to have to wait and see..
Avatar n tn I just got my first period the other day and it's been three days. My pads are constantly wet and sticky feeling and I'm using overnight maxi pads!! Should they feel sticky? It makes it hard to sleep too. Please help!!
Avatar f tn The other thing to remember when you say "I don't have a date for my periods," is that you should not expect it to come on a given day of the calendar month, since when you think about it, the calendar is unstable in that regard. February only has 28 days, May has 31.
Avatar f tn After I ran out of those I used the Tampax Always super overnights (the orange ones) and they worked fine for me. They cover a good amount of space and do actually hold a lot, but they're still thin enough that its not super noticeable or irritating. The hospital pads bothered me because they were super bulky and I could always feel them where as the tampax pads I could sometimes forget about. Wear what you feel best! Try different brands but I personally liked those.
351724 tn?1267537018 can you still have a hysterectomy done if you get your period at the time of your hysterectomy ?
Avatar f tn I used a tampax pearl tampon and everything felt fine till i got into the bathtub and i noticed cotton pieces everywhere n da water and the tampon waz still in i freaked out and i took it out! Has this happened to any1 else should i throw da rest out?? wat do i do?
Avatar n tn My menstrual period has started. If I have in a Tampax while the MRI is being taken will this interfere with the image?
Avatar n tn You could be, you never know and yes brown blood is common around time of your period. Since your period is due take a HPT! Your symptoms could be pregnancy or even AF coming but late.
Avatar f tn First count from your last period to your next period if its 28 day cycle then you are not safe from cycle day 9th to 16th or get an ovulation calendar to know when you are safe.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone. This is really embarrassing to say..but i'm sixteen years old, almost seventeen. I've had my period for about two years now, and i still cannot insert a tampon. I've read instructions so many times, and have tried it SO many times, but i just can't get it. When i try putting it in, it just stops and i can't get it to move at all.
Avatar f tn Is it okay for your period to come any day? Say January it came like on d 8th and in Feb it came on the 17th. Is it okay for it to move dates?
Avatar f tn Hi there, well, that is a 26 day cycle Just 2 days shy of the average 28 cycle so, no, that isn't unusual. good luck. (you'll get two periods in a month as periods don't follow a calendar but go by days, so depending on what day you start a period, you can have 2 in a month.
Avatar f tn Right here I start me and my partner have been ttc for a while now I already got a 15 month old daughter my last period was the 14/02/13 and I was due on the 14/03/13 my periods are very regular and never missed one only when I was pregnant with my daughter I have a 28 day cycle and my periods last 6-7 days I did have a light brown spotting a week before I was due on only lasted 2-3 hrs and its was very light only filled the tip of a tampax right now my period didn't come untill the 27/03/13
Avatar f tn My period comes right on the expected period date on this calendar. It is every 28 days, but my calendar now shows 36 days. Is there a reason the calendar made a change?! I have been using the app for about a year. It is weird because I'm on day 31 and still haven't gotten my period. Can the calendar be wrong and I'm pregnant? Or is the calendar correct? Why did it change out of nowhere? Confused!!
Avatar f tn I have urine coming from my womb, i know this as i have tried a tampax and also a sanatry towel at the same time, the tampax is wet and the pad is still dry. so i know its from my womb. I had a hystectomy on my baldder and blue dye was put in to it nothing leaked. I was asleep the whole time. I still have this problem and my consultant has no idea what is happening. He said for me to have a hysterectomy one is booked for the 1st november 2010.
Avatar n tn But the way used to track it is that I would draw a star symbol in my calendar on the first day of my period and a star every day that I had it. Once your period gets more regular it should come approximately every 28-32 days after the first day of bleeding. So you'd count 28-32 days after your first star to determine the approximate date of your next period.
Avatar f tn I marked on the calendar that my period came on the 24th of aug, but since the 28th it keeps telling me that i have one more day left for my period to come.
1520770 tn?1291074837 When I was first learning to use a tampon after several years limited to only being able to wear pads, a few things helped. Some things, you won't need to do for long after you get used to putting tampons in, but they help at the beginning. Use the kind of tampons (probably Tampax is the brand I'm thinking of) that have an applicator, not the kind you push in with your finger, despite the fact that they are a bit larger to carry around in your bag.
Avatar f tn Once again, I'm 14 and I had my period on march 27 and ended April 2. I just started bleeding again today (April 6) but it's not heavy and it's not light. It's in between. I told my mom and she said she sometimes has irregular periods so I should mark it on a calendar so we can keep an eye on it. My question is, should I be worried at all?
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm 15 and my period is only about 2 yrs old so I'm still getting used to all the symptoms. The calendar on this app tells me that I will get my period on April 21. However, I've been having a lot of period symptoms over the past few days, cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings, backache and tiredness. Will I be getting my period at the time of the calendar or sooner than that? Like can period symptoms occur without getting your period?