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Avatar n tn You might notice that you get a cramp or two the day before your period starts, or maybe you notice that your pants are tighter because you're a little bloated a day or two before. I always keep one tampon in my purse just in case. There is also a menstrual tracker on this website that you can use for free. Ovulating usually occurs halfway through your cycle, approximately two weeks after your period ends.
Avatar n tn my ex-husband used to call them period farts and they came at the same time every month, right before my period and for the first day or two once it started (i'm very near menopause now, missed one period, but am certain i'm going to get it this month because i'm once again having period farts.) other period symptoms? dramatically increased sense of smell (my grandmother had the same thing) and crazy sex drive.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 periods but was thinking about trying this month. My doctor said there might be a greater chance of miscarriage before the 3 months. Does anyone know if this is true?
Avatar f tn I did a little research online and learnt my fertile dayts to no get pregnant. Had my period on sept 26 - 29 (stopped the pills) had intercourse 10/5 and 10/06. Period again on 10/7-10/10. My fertile days were 10/16 to 10/20. Had intercourse 10/21- 10/23-10/26. Period came again on 10/29, wasn't suppose to be here till another week 11/04. Should I be worried? Could this be implantation bleeding? I think I did the days count good...
Avatar f tn So I'm usually regular on my period and about 3 days before my expected period date which is today I had white milky discharge that smells sweet. And today I didn't get my period, last night I had a crampy feeling in my pelvis area so I thought I was getting my period today and no period. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn They usually stop the first day of my period and then start up again the next month. And when I say sweats, I mean drenching... getting up at night at least twice to change and wanting to change my bedding but being too tired to do so. I have spoken with only gynecologist who blew it off. I have since changed gynecologists, but haven't met with her yet to discuss this. I read on the internet that it may have something to do with my progesterone level or that I may be premenopausal...
Avatar n tn I recently had blood work done to check my immune system and the only thing that showed up is that I have an allergy to who knows what, but my symptoms only surface during my period. Last month my doctor prescribed me claritin to take 2days before my period and throughout it and no cold. This month I didn't take anything and sure enough, I have awful cold symptoms again.
Avatar n tn I have been getting my periods reguarly, but this month has been different. Last month and this month, my period first started like brownish, then it came regular. This month I was cramping quite a bit, I even took Motrin IB for the pain. I been feeling nausated and tired. I eat more and I want to sleep more. I have also notice that my belly is larger. I have take HP test but they are negative. Any suggestions if I am pregnant or not?
Avatar n tn Iv had my period for a bit over a year now and they usually start some time in the month it's meant to come. Iv already had my December period but then my January period came on the 24th of December and my February period is meant to come mid January and my march period comes mid February this happens for all the months, is this normal?
Avatar n tn instead of my period i am just spotting. i have a very normal period i always start on the 14th of every month around noon. this month i started on the 20th and all i am getting is light spotting can anyone please help me as to why?
Avatar n tn I don't get chest pain but i notice that my pulse rate at rest goes up 2 weeks before my period. I tend to notice irregular beats once my period has started. I'm also aware that my anxiety levels reach a fever pitch a week before my period. The week after my period has started is the only time i feel normal :-( I've told the doctor as i wonder whether it's not good for the heart to have all these hormone fluctuations ......
Avatar n tn well this month i had my period and a week later i started leaking bright red blood but now its like a brownish-clear discharge. I had freaked out and went to the ER and they did some std testing but said the bleedinng was okay and that a lot of woman have it, but not me! Im sure i dont have std's because i was pregnant and had my baby 6 months ago and i was clean of everything and my husband is faithful and im faithful to him.
Avatar f tn I had a 36 day cycle last month and a 27 day this month with a 2 day period-crazy happenings but all down to coming off the pill.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied two years ago after a c-section and I have been on time every month for my period. Last week I had some dark brown spotting, only when I wiped, my fiancee and I had intercourse since then and now no period. I should be two days into it already and I normally have a very strong flow the 1 & 2 day. I am bloated, had the pms emotional symptons but no cramping. My bowels have been moving more in the last few days and I have had headaches everyday.
Avatar n tn Hey Ladies i've just come off the pill in the last month my period was due on the 9th nothing happened then on the 10th got slight bleeding browny colour and thought this is it then next day nothing then on 12th slight bleeding then today nothing any one have any ideas have done 2 hpts both negative. When i was pregnant with my son i did a hpt one week it was negative then a few days later it was positive anyone else have this happen hoping same thing happens.
Avatar n tn I have this recurring condition every month too, worse before my period comes, and subsides after period goes! I been to my GYN and she diagnosed as yeast infection, given cream and antibiotics but nothing helps. It just goes and comes back again...I tried taking live culture yoghurt with acidophilus and it helps relieve the itching...but on times when I do not take it regularly it just itches like mad! Can someone tell me does this condition require some immediate and detailed examination?
Avatar n tn Hi I am really worried because I am on day 42 of my cycle and I still have no period. My husband and I were planning on starting next month TTC so this month we only had protected sex (and not very much of it at all) so I find it hardly unlikely that I am pregnant....but then where is my period? I have done several things this month that would make it veyr unhealthy for me to be pregnant right now...but could they also be causes for my missed period?
Avatar n tn Well this site and comments have made me feel more normal. i am going on one straight month with my period, on the 9th of feb it will be one month. i am trying to make an apt at the gyno. i have already seen them twice in just a few months. my pap was normal, except for a bacterial infection in which i took all of the meds they gave me and it went away. i have been told since i have irregular periods, before my last which lasts 10 days, as well as the one previous going back to october.
Avatar f tn hi im sheryl im going through the same thing but im not sure if im prego i never missed a period ever be for....
Avatar n tn The second question is that when you came off the BCP it took you 2 months to get your period? SO that means that the 3 month is when you got your period? Thanks for the info.
Avatar f tn Hey i was just curious....i normally start my period on the the last thursday of each month, or around the 23rd but always on a thursday towards the end of the month, and i am on my last day of it today 11-27-2007. I am on birth control and have been for about a year (the pill) and my boyfriend came in me tonight for the first time...i took my pill right after and douched...what are my chances of being pregnant??
Avatar n tn then i had one day spotting first week of june. does it mean i'm not pregnant yet for the month of april bec. my period came for d month of may? pls help im confused what month i got pregnant. now im 6 months preg and due on feb 13 2011.
Avatar n tn hey. my daughter is 14 turning 15 next month and she recieved her first period when she was 12 or 13. and this month it was 5 days late and she hasnt had sex. why did this happen? wb asap.
Avatar n tn I had protected sex 2 days before my period and then I did get my period but this month I supposed to get it yesterday and I didn't I never get it concerned the protection wasn't too there any chance I get preagnet?
Avatar n tn I usually Hv my period on d 19 of every month but last month was on d 15 and it came only for two days and am thinking maybe am pregnant
Avatar n tn Should I call a doctor now. I can forget about getting pregnant this month had my period since the 22 of July....I will take all the advice I can get. Some please help......
Avatar n tn I have gotten a lot within the past 2 weeks and I think it is best that I will wait to see if I get period next month. It was weird having my period for only 2 days. I am going to keep trying to get pregnant, I am not getting any younger, to me at least. Thanks for that advice.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm trying to get pregnant. This will be my second month trying. My period comes every 33 days and it last about 5 days. I started my period this month on JUNE 13 2014 and ended JUNE 18 2014. What do I do ?