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Avatar n tn I usually Hv my period on d 19 of every month but last month was on d 15 and it came only for two days and am thinking maybe am pregnant
Avatar f tn Hi I'm trying to get pregnant. This will be my second month trying. My period comes every 33 days and it last about 5 days. I started my period this month on JUNE 13 2014 and ended JUNE 18 2014. What do I do ?
Avatar n tn Iv had my period for a bit over a year now and they usually start some time in the month it's meant to come. Iv already had my December period but then my January period came on the 24th of December and my February period is meant to come mid January and my march period comes mid February this happens for all the months, is this normal?
Avatar f tn s when I had sex and the little bit a blood showed and then again today the calendar said 1 day till your period and today after having sex it was more blood but it was light and now it was on his penis not like I think the calendar probably wants me to input the day I start my period..but he too probably knocked mines a little to early idk, I'm going to have to wait and see..
Avatar f tn The other thing to remember when you say "I don't have a date for my periods," is that you should not expect it to come on a given day of the calendar month, since when you think about it, the calendar is unstable in that regard. February only has 28 days, May has 31.
Avatar f tn Could you please keep the page on the current month or month since the last period? Every time I log in, it comes up in 2011. I have to find the current date. It sure would help and speed things up. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn A cycle is usually approximately 28 days but it can vary month to month and be 28 days one month and 25 the next month and 27 the next month, etc. You're better off downloading a menstrual cycle app for your phone to keep track of the dates. Or do what I did before apps were a thing and put a star on your calendar the first day of your period. That's how I used to keep track of mine cause we didn't used to have smart phones when I grew up in the 80s and 90s.
Avatar f tn First count from your last period to your next period if its 28 day cycle then you are not safe from cycle day 9th to 16th or get an ovulation calendar to know when you are safe.
Avatar f tn Hi there, well, that is a 26 day cycle Just 2 days shy of the average 28 cycle so, no, that isn't unusual. good luck. (you'll get two periods in a month as periods don't follow a calendar but go by days, so depending on what day you start a period, you can have 2 in a month.
Avatar n tn Also, be sure you are not thinking your period will come on a given day of the calendar month, for the obvious reason that months on the calendar are themselves irregular, i.e., not the same length. One way to track your period that is kind of interesting and also helps you understand your body is to chart your cycles on graph paper. Across the boxes at the top, number 1, 2, 3, etc. through about 30 or even 34 or so. These will be the headings.
Avatar n tn Hi, Over time you might notice that your period will occur on different days of the month; it might be a bit earlier than you expected, or a bit later than you counted on. That's 'normal' for a lot of us. The length of your menstrual cycle can change from month to month for many different reasons, for example: if you are stressed about anything; changes in hormone levels; dietary changes; have experienced an illness recently; changes in medication or birth control, and so on...
Avatar n tn Not all periods are alike but u can track it on a calendar. My period didn't always Coe the same time every month but it came every month. And I tracked ot.
Avatar f tn or are you saying you ovulate twice in a calendar month? Like an ovulation early in the month, then a period, followed by another ovulation at the end of the month (so two different cycles)? If so, then that can be normal (as long as it only happens a few times per year), since most women have cycles that are slightly shorter than a normal calendar month.
2022286 tn?1331168385 Don't rely on an online calendar as they tell you "when" you ovulate when really you might not be ovulating when it tells you. You need to track things yourself and notice trends in your cycle. Like with mine, I would track my CM. I would also notice that with most of my cycles I got sore boobs after ovulation. So it was easier to pinpoint. You may not ovulate the same cycle day each month. It could vary. It's best to have sex every other day when you are fertile.
Avatar f tn some of the pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine prior to your period being missed. are you charting to find out when you actually ovulate, or just going by the calendar? the stress of TTC can sometime affect your ovulation timing which adds to the rollercoaster... if you haven't-go read the book "taking charge of your fertilty" it is excellent at explaining how your body works and things that can help better your chances of getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn I marked on the calendar that my period came on the 24th of aug, but since the 28th it keeps telling me that i have one more day left for my period to come.
Avatar f tn no. Ovulation happens once a month in the cycle. But this does not mean you can't get pregnant outside ovulation.
Avatar f tn After being regular for the last two years...I ended up missing an entire month last month..I got my period after being 19 days late. *sigh* disappointed.
Avatar f tn It is 10 months if u r calculating the lunar months (one lunar month is 4 weeks) and it is full 9 months if u r calculating xalendar months ( sometimea 4 sometimes 5 weeks depends on the month)..all that if calculated from ur last period.
Avatar f tn I just checked it and I have a start and finish date for each month. I sure hope my fertile and ovulation date is right. I had Sex the first day of my period this month. I know it's hard or rare to get pregnant on your period, I did with my first daughter, since I have had sex, I have had frequent headaches the last week, not feeling good thru the day and lower abdominal cramps just about everyday.
12981378 tn?1440334797 What I wrote above ^^^ is going off of the 4 week to a month/ 10 month/ lunar calendar system. Most people calculate their pregnancy this way. Every 4 weeks starts the new month that you're working on. The other way to do it is to literally divide the 40 weeks into 9 calendar months (which is more than every 4 weeks). It's much more Compmicated that way.
Avatar f tn t relate to this but is my period moving okay or is it changing I got it last month on the 15th it last for 5 days.
Avatar f tn My MC calendar shows i missed 6days & i havent cam on my periods i been havin mild cramps & low bac pains i just had sex yesterday i put in that wen i notice i missed my period wat should i do
Avatar f tn Pregnancy is measured as 280 days from first day of your last menstrual cycle (day 1 of bleeding) to full term birth. It's measured as 266 days from assumed date of conception to full-term birth. If you use the first, 280-day measurement, and IF you think a month is 28 days long (not very realistic since only February is that short) you can get to 10 months using the count from first day of your last period to full term.
Avatar f tn It took me about two years to get a menstrual cycle that I could depend to come on the same time each month. I have a virtual menstrual calendar that does the calculating for me. You can get a home pregnancy test. The best home pregnancy tests are first response.
Avatar f tn Okay so you know i have been ttc for a very long time and this month me n my bf used the ovulation calendar and now i notice just a tad bit of changes unless its me just getting a little excited that i could be. But i have been a little more hungrey and tired and one of my nipples are a little sore. The period is due in 3 days (saturday). I just cant wait to see what it really could be.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend ejaculated in me on Sunday and according to my calendar I should have ovulated on or around that date. Now that it's been five days since then, I've been experiencing at first what felt like slight cramping. But now today my pelvic is in pain. I know that it is too early to test to to see if I am prego but was wondering if I could be jumping the gun and confusing this with af pre-cramps? Has anyone ever experience this before?
Avatar n tn in the ovulation calendar, there is this info that i need to fill-up like my first day of my last period, length of menstrual cycle in a month, and lutheal phase...i filled this up based on what happened to my cycle just this month and it shows that i am not fertile this whole week..
1432912 tn?1309269918 On the first day of your next period, mark it on your calendar, just a little number 1, on the day it starts...and put a 2 on the next day and 3 on the third day and so on and so on, keep on counting the days on the calendar until your period starts AGAIN...on that day start over at number one and voila, you know how long your cycle is...if you mark 28 days on the calendar before you start another period, it's a 28 day cycle...