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Avatar n tn The real cost for me (without insurance) would have been $2,500 a month. With my insurance, I pay only $15 a month. Thank goodness for my insurance! I'd say your insurance is great too if you can get by with paying $40 a month.
Avatar n tn my husband is on peginterferon and ribavirin and after his shots for a couple days he complains of his kidneys hurting . he is a pipefitter and drinks water all day long at work and caffine free coke and juice at home but his dr. george koj says not to worry that this pain cant be from these meds, does anyone out there know any more about this? hes not ever had this pain before, well i guess he did have stone removed alot of years ago and no problem after that until now.
Avatar n tn Probaly half the people here who are treating with interferon and ribavirin for HepC are using alpha2A. The other peginterferon is alpha2B. 2a is called Pegasys. You can go to for all the manufacturer information. 2a and 2b seem to have similar statistical results for HepC. Either is used in standard of care, for at least Hepc (which is my perspective of experience) I'm not so sure sure about HepB though.
Avatar m tn What is the current cost of Telaprevir, Ribavirin, and Interferon ? I'm wondering what the total cost would be, as well as each drug. I will be starting treatment in about 6 weeks, or less, hopefully.
Avatar m tn I am in U.S. and I've been with Peginterferon last 9 months. The viral count came down as low as at 5k iu/ml few months ago but it went back up to 17k lately. I am going to discuss with my doctor about combo treatment (add tenofovir). Anyone had a silimiar experence? Any suggestion?
Avatar m tn Another treatment option is sofosbuvir in combination with peginterferon and ribavirin for 12 weeks in treatment-experienced cirrhotic patients. In Lonestar-2, 22/23 (96%) HCV Genotype 2 treatment experienced patients (55% had cirrhosis overall) achieved an SVR.  Neither of these regimens is FDA approved.
Avatar m tn Telaprevir alone will probably cost around $25,000. Then you also need peginterferon and ribavirin - another $20,000 (if treatment is only 6 months). Then you need medication for side effects ($5000), many lab tests ($2000), and doctor exams ($1000). The entire cost for hepatitis C treatment can easily be over $50,000.
Avatar m tn My question is, does anyone think adding Ribavirin for duration of treatment (24 weeks) will up my odds of SVR? I have been on the Harvoni and Ribavirin (10000mg) for a week and can only say that I feel better than I have in a long time. I'm aware that anemia may hit later, but am willing to deal with this. This is a wonderful community, thank you for your knowledge and support. We live in interesting times!
Avatar m tn 16 Ribavirin The synthetic purine nucleoside Ribavirin rapidly enters eukaryotic cells and after intracellular phosphorylation exhibits virustatic activity against a broad spectrum of DNA and RNA viruses.25 Several studies have been conducted to evaluate ribavirin monotherapy in daily doses of 600-1,200 mg in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.26-28 While all trials consistently showed a decrease in aminotransferase levels, no virologic end-of-treatment responses were observed.
4498819 tn?1357674190 They are actually very helpful and have covered the costs of many peoples medication, both the copegus( ribavirin) and the pegasys(peginterferon-alfa-2a). They are connected to the manufacturer,Roche. Again, Im sorry for all your pain. My advice to you is educate yourself about the HCV and seek treatment. Your odds of curing it a great because of your age and sex. Dont wait until you have a compensated liver....its not a death sentence if you deal with it.
173930 tn?1196341998 Prediction of sustained virological response in chronic hepatitis C patients treated with peginterferon alfa-2a (40KD) and ribavirin. Foster GR, Fried MW, Hadziyannis SJ, Messinger D, Freivogel K, Weiland O. The Royal London Hospital. London. UK. Objective. Patient- and virus-related factors influence the response of patients with chronic hepatitis C to interferon-based therapy.
766573 tn?1365170066 For example, a 12-week course of telaprevir combined with 36 weeks of pegylated interferon (Peg-IFN) and ribavirin is estimated to cost $85,872, and a full 48-week course of boceprevir-based therapy costs about $71,873. In contrast, the previous standard therapy without DAAs—48 weeks of Peg-IFN alfa and ribavirin—is approximately $36,672.
766573 tn?1365170066 [1] The retrospective sub-analysis of the Phase 3 REALIZE trial evaluated the impact of ribavirin dose reduction on SVR rates of previously treated genotype-1 chronic HCV patients who received treatment with telaprevir in combination with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin (T12PR48) or peginterferon alfa and ribavirin alone (PR).[1] Results were categorized according to patients' previous response to treatment.
Avatar f tn Efficacy and safety of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin in HIV and hepatitis C virus-coinfected patients with advanced immunosuppression. Mira JA, Gutiérrez-Valencia A, Gil Ide L, Merino D, Rivero A, Ríos-Villegas MJ, Delgado M, González-Serrano M, Collado A, Torres-Tortosa M, Omar M, López-Ruz MA, Macías J, Arponen S, Pineda JA. Unidad de Enfermedades Infecciosas, Servicio de Medicina Interna, Hospital Universitario de Valme, Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, Sevilla, Spain.
Avatar m tn In conclusion, osteopenia is present in a substantial proportion of CHC patients who have no established cirrhosis. Antiviral therapy with peginterferon and ribavirin leads to a significant on-treatment increase of BMD in most of the patients; this may hold out in those who achieve a sustained virological response.
766573 tn?1365170066 Part 1 (n = 520) compared 4 different boceprevir-containing regimens vs a 48-week peginterferon/ribavirin (peginterferon alfa-2b 1.5 µg/kg plus ribavirin 800-1400 mg/day) control group. Two of the boceprevir (800 mg 3 times daily) arms had a 4-week lead-in with peginterferon/ribavirin, and then boceprevir was added for an additional 24 or 44 weeks. In the arms with no lead-in, boceprevir was combined with peginterferon/ribavirin for 28 or 48 weeks.
Avatar m tn randomized study of higher doses of peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin Hari S. Conjeevaram, MD, MSc Ribavirin exposure after the first dose is predictive of sustained virological response in chronic hepatitis C K. Rajender Reddy, MD Potential for hepatitis C virus resistance to nitazoxanide or tizoxanide Tarek Hassanein, MD ----- I will try do do some copy and paste's later but anyone with access please jump right in. At first glance looks like some very interesting and infomative reads.
87972 tn?1322664839 For genotype 2 and 3 patients who already have high SVR rates with standard peginterferon and low-dose ribavirin, the incremental benefit of higher ribavirin doses is likely to be minimal and not worth the added risks and costs. Similarly, it would be difficult to justify this high-dose ribavirin regimen for treatment naı¨ve genotype 1 patients given a SVR rate of 42% to 47% with standard therapy.
Avatar n tn I'm not real sure on this but the cost is around $2200.00 a month which includes 4 injections and ribavirin. If you have drug coverage the cost is usually covered depending on deductible and co-pay. If no drug coverage, both companies offer patient assistance programs if the individual qualifies.
475555 tn?1469307939 I read further on the site and I think I have my answer... Boceprevir/Peginterferon/Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C: Erythropoietin Use Versus Ribavirin Dose Reduction for Anemia (P06086 AM1) Hemoglobin concentration at Screening must be <=15 g/dL for both females and males.
545538 tn?1295995617 It is also UNKNOWN whether any food effect might be altered by the type of meal consumed (eg, high versus low fat), IF A FOOD EFFECT WOULD STILL BE EVIDENT UPON MULTIPLE DOSING OF RIBAVIRIN, and, finally, what clinical implications the food effect might have. It should be noted that in the pivotal Schering-Plough clinical efficacy studies, ribavirin was administered without regard to food.
1930700 tn?1327068504 COSMOS is a randomized, open label, phase IIa clinical trial evaluating a once-daily combination of the HCV protease inhibitor simeprevir and the nucleotide sofosbuvir with and without ribavirin (RBV) for 12 and 24 weeks. Cohort 1 (n=80) evaluates prior null responder genotype 1 hepatitis C (HCV) patients with METAVIR scores F0-F2 and Cohort 2 (n=87) evaluates prior null responder and treatment-naïve genotype 1 hepatitis C patients with METAVIR scores F3-F4.
Avatar f tn If a patient has a serious adverse reaction potentially related to peginterferon alfa and/or ribavirin, the peginterferon alfa and/or ribavirin dose should be reduced or discontinued When To Stop Treatment *TREATMENT FUTILITY If the patient has a (viral load) greater than or equal to 100 IU/mL at Treatment Week 12, then discontinue three-medicine regimen. If the patient has confirmed, detectable HCV-RNA (viral load) at Treatment Week 24, then discontinue three-medicine regimen.
Avatar f tn If they don't require one, I should be getting a call from my doctor later this week that the medicine is in (had to be ordered from a special pharmacy) and I will be starting Interferon and Ribavirin treatment for 24 weeks. I have genotype 3a. I have no idea what to expect. My doctor told me he can't predict the symptoms I will have since it is different with every person but I am completely frightened because I have not even the slightest idea on what's gonna happen during those 24 weeks.
Avatar m tn Sanyal Abstract Successful treatment of chronic HCV with peginterferon (PEGIFN) and ribavirin (RVN) is often limited by anemia. We performed the present study to determine if utilizing epoetin alpha (EPO) with or without a higher dose of RVN could enhance sustained virologic response (SVR). We randomized 150 treatment-naive patients with chronic HCV genotype 1 into 3 treatment groups: (1) PEGIFN alpha-2b (1.5 _g/kg/week) _ weight-based RVN (WBR) 13.
Avatar n tn Hello. I'm new to this site and new to this DX (HCV Genotype 2). I am contemplating TX, but my insurance isn't going to cover the cost. I'm reading this thread with great interest since cost of TX is so prohibitive, and I want to understand the "real" odds of SVR before making such a large investment. TravisB: You have some interesting numbers. I'd like to find your source. I've only found two studies, but neither one gets into the detail that you describe.
Avatar f tn If the rash does not improve or worsens, consideration should be given to discontinuing ribavirin and/or peginterferon. If a patient shows evidence of either DRESS or Stevens-Johnson syndrome, all treatment should be immediately stopped, with favor given to patient hospitalization and consultation from a dermatologist.
488823 tn?1218374167 Your doctor does not want to allow you to treat for 48 weeks, the treatment time recommended for cirrhotics. Your Interferon has already been reduced from 180 to 135 due to low platelets. Plus, you have cirrhosis and you have already had complications from cirrhosis. I am quite sure that your doc is wrong about his assessment of treatment and it's outcome.
Avatar f tn I just finished my treatment from 48 weeks with Riba en Peginterferon. Virusfree in 12 weeks and still until now! I have a helltime behind me; pneumonia twice and many other problems. My Hb was all the time around 6.0. I started with HB 9.2. I don't understand when you are talking abouth HB which is low on 9.0. Maby it's in Europa different than in US ? I never got anything for it even I asked the doctor. I felt realy bad so I asked less Riba.