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Avatar n tn There was a purported connection between paxil and breast cancer, but the latest literature suggests that it is indeed safe. Don't millions of women rely on this medication for the long term? It seems that we cannot do anything these days.......(even a glass of wine / day)........ I just hope that I can continue my treatment with Paxil treatment.
Avatar n tn I have been having these sweating episodes with shortness of breath and sometimes nausea and vomiting. Weight loss and loss of apetite , fatigue. I called my dr. and was put on Paxil then the events kept happening so I was told to only take 1/2 a tablet or not take the medication at all because this may be a side effect Im having. The funny thing is that these are the same symptoms I was having before I was put on the Paxil. I spoke with a friend and she suggested a event monitor.
445725 tn?1206392367 One drink is like two, two is like four, etc. I find that even with one glass of wine, I get very depressed also. It also gives me a depressed feeling for day or two after. It's not worth it!
Avatar n tn I have an anxeity disorder that triggers OCD and Paxil has worked very very well and given me a great life since being on it. I figure I should try something different to see if it helps the weight gain and if Zoloft doesn't work, or help me to lose the weight then I will have to cut off the wine and go back on Paxil. Suffering from Anxiety *****, but I would take the weight gain over feeling freaky all the time!
Avatar n tn however, that I missed one day of taking the medication after 6 months of being on Paxil and I felt very weird. I can't describe it, just not normal. Lethargic, just blah. I did not like how I felt, so I am not sure if it was after effects from drinking or from missing a dose. If it is due to missing a dose, I am nervous to continue taking this medication if my body feels like it needs it to be normal. Any insight would be helpful. E.
Avatar n tn I hear you cannot even have a glass of wine, thanks for your time. p.s., what other drugs are out there if paxil is not right for me?
457721 tn?1256644398 I am 23 years old and currently on Paxil 20mg a day for depression, OCD, and anxiety/panic disorder. I have always had a problem with anxiety...but the depression has been in the past three years and the OCD more recently. I am about to finish my first month of the medicine and then I am supposed to up to 30mg a day since the anxiety is not getting any better. In the past month I have found that I have a HUGE desire to drink. ALL DAY LONG. I have NEVER been a big drinker....
535822 tn?1443980380 Yup thats what I am going to try for the social scene I will have to take my own wine as they wont have Organic in, I am calling the Wineries,and there is the online Wine Lovers Club that bionic mentioned. I have never really known if MSM bothers me I treid to research symptoms came up with the conclusion it wasnt allergies in the end.Isnt Wild Turkey the one thats 100 proof....that would blow my head off,.maybe I could ask for a cocktail instead.....
Avatar m tn But after three years your body is free and clear of any paxil and the effects of it have long disapeared and I would imagine what your experiencing now (as only an unofficial thought) is an increase in your anxiety sympoms and an includion of depression that may have been there before or may have developed within these past three years. The problem with medications, is that they are never the lone answer.
Avatar f tn This is a simple one, you need to stop the drinking. That's really the BEST option here. IN the VERY least, you're going to need to cut WAY back. Here's some info (excerpts from link posted below): "Paxil or paroxetine and alcohol act on similar chemicals of the brain and this is the main reason why doctors advise the users of Paxil not to combine it with alcohol." " The main concern is that Paxil increases the effects of alcohol.
Avatar n tn I think you may be playing with fire if you drink alcohol while on Paxil. My advice is don't do it. I got bombed ONE wine cooler - mixed with juice - and ended up seriously sick afterwards. My head felt like nothing I've ever experienced before - like there were ants running around in it and I felt like **** for about 24 hours. I've had that experience of falling asleep and being jolted awake about every half hour - heart racing, night sweats it really sucks.
Avatar n tn So, my layman's advice is to get off of the paxil, SLOWLY and let your doctor know if you get suicidal and don't do anything the drug tells you to do, believe your body (in other words you are not imagining these reactions), and be patient with yourself. The wine will keep you keyed up at night. I use choline/inositol caps (from the health food store) and eat some chicken or turkey with some carbs like apples when I feel pent up.
Avatar n tn I've heard that one should not drink alcohol while taking Paxil...Can having just one beer or one glass of wine in the evening with dinner be of any concern for possible Liver damage ? I take the Paxil in the morning with breakfast and certainly don't have any intentions of drinking in the morning. Would the alcohol this late in the day effect the way the drug is suppose to work...Anyone have any thoughs on this ?
Avatar n tn and drink, I know somwonw whop had one glass o wine on paxil and ended up in the emerg. Have to be careul don't smoke i you take seroquel either bad experience.
Avatar n tn I started with 25mg for a week and then 50 mg for a month and now I'm taking 75 mg. This medication has worked well for my depression and obsessions with no side effects after the first week of taking it. My only problem is that I'm continuing to loose weight. 3/4 months ago I weighed about 120 and now I'm down to about 100-105. My pschiatrist is worried that this might be do to the zolft considering how well I'm doing in terms of depression, ect. Does zoloft make people loose weight?
163305 tn?1333672171 I was advided to start an antidepressent since one of the major side effects of interferon is depression. My Dr. prescribed 10mg of Paxil. I did it for a week and slept almost the whole time. I have been looking on the net for alternatives. (My dr. isn't very helpful but will prescibe what I ask for unless he has strong objections.) I'm very confused. Have any of you had success with a particular anti-depressent while getting treated? thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I have tried Zoloft, Celexa, and Paxil but each made me slightly foggy headed in the long-run and gave me severe insomnia while starting out. I would guess that they helped mood wise. My psychiatrist has put me on Lexapro 10mgs once a day. I took 5mgs the first two days and have taken 10mgs yesterday and today. It has had the opposite effect as the other SSRIs. I am constantly sloppy tired like I had just had a few glasses of red wine. Will this likely subside as I adjust to the medication?
217229 tn?1192766004 I'm dizzy and sleepy in the daytime, but I take other things like Vicodin 750, Klonopin, Flexeril and Ambien, and Paxil. I gained weight with the Diabetes, so I can't tell. But I loved carbs before all of this.
1402011 tn?1291415382 Klonopin is tough, Once you are on it you tend to be in a cycle, increase or feel bad, go off and feel bad, and then have rebound panic. SSRI's - I have been on Paxil, Zoloft, and Paxil CR The good: I went on Paxil because K stopped working, I had the most vicious anxiety attack of my life at 21 After a night of drinking. I was not informed about drinking on K at the time and anxiety from Alcohol, I was new to drinking. I went to the DR and he put me on Paxil.
Avatar n tn I've had it under control for the last 5 years by using paxil and exercise. I've also dealt with MANY heart symptoms over the years, such as palpitations, tachycardia, etc. I've had echo's, ekg's, stress test, etc. I'm told all is well, although one echo showed mild bowing of mitral valve (was told I do NOT have mitral valve prolapse) and my ekgs are always abnormal showing non specifict ST-T wave changes, but I'm told it's fine.
627017 tn?1222128667 Yesterday was ok in the morning went to make obama calls and it hurt so I used the tens unit. started getting really dizzy on the way home so took a paxil. no wine, computer definitely huring it.pain mostly on right side of neck and shoulder now. smoked and that did relieve it last night. this morn woke up feeling good. computer has right side muscle hurting in shoulder. have tens unit on.
Avatar n tn s help, I have been weening slowly off the Paxil first and then will start the Klonopin...The side effects from the withdrawl off Paxil is unbelievable! I was diagnosed at 10 with Panic Disorder and am 29 now.. I have been on Paxil for 15 years and Klonopin for 13 years. I am having a really hard time getting off the low dose of Paxil and havent even started getting off the Klonopin yet. My OBGYN said that there are other drugs available to take and get pregnant...Right now I am on .
Avatar n tn I did start an extensive exercise/diet program ( no fads or drugs, just watching what I eat with lots of cardio) 4 months ago and lost over 30 lbs and was feeling better and stronger than I had in many years. Went to have it checked out and all tests came back within normal limits except for mild hypertension for which atenolol was prescribed in low dose. It seemed that this drug lowered my pulse rate even lower to around 50 and I felt like a slug.
Avatar n tn I noticed, before I ever started treatment that if I drank a 1/2 a glass of wine, that was all I could handle. And I thought that was a little strange because in the past I had drank mixed drinks daily. It was at that point that I gave up drinking. This was about 7 years ago and my doctor at that time basically had told me that the treatment of the time (Interferon alone), was useless and to just ignore the HEP C until something better came along.
Avatar n tn I no longer drink alcohol )and some foods( but I have a suspicion it may food chemicals since I am worse if I eat out). Excitement of any kind, including sexual, is also an issue in two ways. First I am oversensitive to any excitement, including laughter ,which is partly localised in the same area as the throbbing. It may sound stupid but when I get excited it also feels like something in the back of my head is being overstimulated.
Avatar n tn Also, MSG, Spicy foods, eating too much,i even tried to take Paxil and had a bad reaction. alot of times, doctors want to tell us it is unrelated to specific things, but I think it is always related!!! I believe that my heart feels every single thing I put into my body, and when it doesnt like it, I stop putting it in. I do not eat chocolate, caffeine, no more wine!!! There are things I miss, but , i hate the feelings of PVC more.
Avatar n tn Laurell, Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I too have a glass of wine at night and this seems to help. It definitely calms my nerves. I just don't want this to become a habit. Have a great weekend!
Avatar n tn I have been on anti depressants for a while now. I was on Paxil and gained, got off of it lost weight (all but that last 5-10 pounds). I then got on Celexa, felt fine. I did not gain any weight on Celexa but I couldn't lose any either. I was changed from Celexa to Lexapro and on Lexapro I gained 50 pounds in two years. I went back to Celexa. I was working out and dieting for six months. But I did NOT lose a thing.
Avatar n tn I got off the Prilosec and my Estrogen patch and Synthroid and Paxil, thinking one of these is causing the PAC's. No luck. I am back on everything except the Prilosec(been on this much too long)and decided enough is enough. My PAC's are all day. Some hours they are continuous with no relief and I fee very light headed. The doc who at first told me not to worry about them is now wanting me on Zebeta.
Avatar f tn i've gained 30 lbs since the beginning of the summer - part of it is probably the paxil, but i was already 10 lbs heavier before the paxil. i have gotten into a lousy routine of drinking 1 bottle of wine a nite, eating junk food and junk meals (eg., pizza, fries, etc.) and not exercising. before my relationship, i exercised regularly and rarelyyyyyyyyy engaged in junk it seems since i'm happy, loved and accepted, i've given myself permission to let myself go....