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Avatar n tn I have noticed a reduction in Muscle mass and libido. Any cause/effect relationship between paxil and lowering of tertosterone?
Avatar n tn The only way i can stay up for more than 6 or 7 hours is because of coffee and my adhd medication. i've heard paxil can cause hypothyroidism but i dont really feel bad. i remember being tired when i was first but on the medication in high school, but i don't remember it being this extreme. My grades have gone down just because i can barely stay up in class. please HELP!
Avatar n tn The last two months I have been getting feeling of a vibration in my body, mostly in my legs and have felt very restless. The doctor did blood work Thyroid TSH FT4 and T3 CBC Chem Panel B12 and every thing came back normal. I was still having the vibrations and anxiety after seven weeks and thought it was coming from my thyroid so she retested it. Even though there was no change in my Synthroid dose. In the meantime she wanted me to try Paxil to see if everyting was anxiety related.
Avatar n tn I've had bloodwork done and was not anemic and my thyroid was normal. I even saw an allergist but none of my allergies were things I eat regularly. I went to a gynocologist to investigate painful menstrual periods but there were no cysts or abnormalities in my ultrasound and pelvic exam. Basically, on paper I am completely healthy. However, I am beginning to wonder if my Paxil withdrawal is causing this?
1617467 tn?1298683877 Have you had a thyroid blood work up done? If so it is best to post your test results and the ranges provided with them, this way the more experienced members can see where you are at regarding your thyroid, weight gain and depression are symptoms of an underactive thyroid, are you sure it was your T4 that is high? I would think for underactive your T4 would be low and your TSH would be high. Anyway post your labs from the test if not, you can request them from your MD.
Avatar f tn Also what symptoms are you currently having? A good thyroid doctor will treat a patient by testing and adjusting FT3 and FT4 as necessary to relieve symptoms. Symptom relief should be all important, not test results. Test results are mainly useful as indicators of progress toward symptom relief.
Avatar n tn To anyone who has not started taking Paxil I would tell you not to and to try a seratonin and melatonin natural alternative. And to anyone who is about to stop taking paxil I will say good luck and to try your best to stay off it forever. The supplements I mentioned above in small doses will help with any emotional problems that you are having I can almost promise.
Avatar n tn I had a great deal of stress in my life and the Paxil was a wonderful relief. Prior to Paxil, I had the shakes, could not sleep and felt like I was about to "lose it". Since I have been on Paxil, some of the stresses in my life have decreased. I am afraid to go off of the Paxil because I no longer shake and I am sleeping much better. However, I have gained 12 pounds and am VERY tired. All I want to do is sleep. I am feeling depressed and have been very forgetful.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr: A little over one year ago I was given prozac and then paxil to deal with migraine headaches. I took the medication for 3 months, lost all personality and creativity, gained 20 pounds (which I couldn't seem to lose, kept my headaches (until imitrex came along), and now have thyroid levels consistent with hypothyroidism. Then, after spending 3 months with no energy, my resting heart rate went up to 120+.
Avatar f tn My main reason for taking it was severe insomnia and anxiety, and Paxil does a great job on both for me. I am 38 years old and have been trying to lose the weight I initially gained when I started Paxil for at least that long. I lose a few pounds, feel like I'm starving, then quickly regain it. I've tried every diet and my last physical was fine (thyroid, etc.) I exercise regularly, etc. My question is, although I love Paxil, I'm convinced it is "keeping me fat.
Avatar f tn Given the problems associated with the various meds, I'd probably try Prozac first, Lexapro second, then Zoloft, then Celexa, and man, I'd wait on the Paxil for last resort. But from my years of going through this, shrinks seem to think Zoloft is the best for anxiety.
Avatar f tn The first link above just basically gives reported interactions (to the FDA), and is more related to long-term use of both meds. The info can be more frightening if taken out of context, but it IS important to see what has been reported. You would definitely want to work with your doctor to find an appropriate antiemetic that is okay to take with the Paxil. Zofran may be a better option.
Avatar m tn I'm 63 years old today and I'm on Paxil (Seroxat, 20mg paroxetine /day) from 2004 in order to treat disorders related to my stomach and other problems arising from my job stress. From nearly 15 years and probably more now, I experienced from time to time severe back pain problems due to arthritis. In parallel from one year now I'm treated for hasimoto thyroid autoimmune decease taking 50mg of Levothyroxine per day.
Avatar n tn I have been on paxil for 6 years and had weaned myself from 20mg to 12.5 mg very slowly. I had "brain shocks" if I took away too much at one time. Finally, a while ago I took the plunge to 10 mg. A month ago I started having terrible tinnitus-thought it was due to ear wax, so got my ears cleaned. Then, the doctor thought it could be the Paxil. I went back up to 15 mg about a week ago and I still have the horrible tinnitus. I saw the ear specialist. He can't find anything wrong.
Avatar f tn And switching before you're off the Paxil won't stop the withdrawal you're suffering. Paxil is very hard to stop, and needs to be done slowly and carefully. You can't make it all go away with another drug, usually. Just the way it is. Again, if Paxil is working really well for you other than the side effects, you might consider Wellbutrin as an adjunct treatment, not an alternative treatment.
Avatar f tn What I can't figure out is that I'm already on 25 mg of Paxil CR and that was working well until a few days ago and all my symptoms have come back. Why would the Paxil work all this time and then just quit? It also worked for 4 years prior to me getting pregnant this last time. Anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn I will agree Chantix has some not so fun side effects (bloating, mild nausea) but I don't think the CHANTIX is causing any of you to have thyroid problems....there is a long history and LINK between smoking and thyroid issues WITHOUT Chantix being involved. So, do your research and overall I used Chantix for two weeks. I have now been a non smoker for 10 days.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure is still high, I am still pre diabetic and have hypoglycemia, my thyroid levels still have not returned to normal, and my panic attacks still come and go. My doctor has ran many tests to try and figure out where all this is coming from, but he still does not know. I exercise 5- 6 times a week eat a vey healthy diet, do not or have ever smoked I am only 32 years old I don't have a family history of any of the things that I have been diagnosed with.
Avatar m tn Ok thank you very much because I never feel happy and cheerful anymore and i just need something to lift my spirits.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 41, and I've been on Paxil ( 20 mg ) for about 3 years now to combat GAD, and it works very well. Other than some weight gain and feeling tired most of the time, the symptoms are completely gone. My wife has noticed that last couple of months that while sleeping, my hands/arms are free to roam around while wife says I read paper and all sorts of crazy stuff (snapping fingers ect) this due to long term exposure to Paxil?
Avatar n tn Went to his associate while PCP was on vacation and he said thyroid was low and put me on medication, and symptoms began to disappear -- I felt great! Went to PCP many months later for an un-related illness, and he immediately took me off medication, saying I didn't need it, that my thyroid was fine.
Avatar n tn Shortly after I had him my hair starting falling out profusely and I was extrememly exhausted. I had my thyroid rechecked, but my doc said it was still normal (I was taking 50 mcg of synthroid). I went to an endocrinologist and he confirmed that it was actually low and raised my doese to 75 mcg. About a month later I started having A LOT of heart palpitations. I went to the ER and they did an EKG that came back normal and the doc said my heart seemed fine.
Avatar m tn thyroid disease can cause some of the same symptoms, and if it is the thyroid, taking paxil or any antidepressant is like putting on a bandaid. This is exactly what happened to me 19 years ago. And all it takes is a little lab work.
Avatar n tn It is a benzodiazepam and definately can create physical and psychological addiction. The Paxil and Busbar are well know meds that treat both anxiety and depression, and tend to stabilize people, not make them worse, but..everyone's system is different. Your husband should not be drinking on these meds. Alcohol will pretty much stop the Paxil from working, and can be very dangerous in combination with the lorazepam.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Paxil now for 3 yrs, and my Dr. put me on it because I was depressed. I tried taking myself off the drug, but I had the same reactions as you have had Cheryl when trying to quit taking it. I told my Dr. about it and I also told her some other things that we have never discussed, and she increased my dosage to 40mg per-day.Three days ago I started having this strange stomach problem, and I haven't been able to stay out of the bathroom.
535882 tn?1396580285 I am on Lexapro because I got severe anxiety and depression because of my thyroid disorder. I have taken them in the past and they did help but they made me very moody and too mellow. My husband says I was like a zombie! I have been trying warm teas and herbal meds also exercise and writting. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with clinical depression and placed on paxil ever since. I slowly came off the paxil one year ago, and after 6 months I began to experience heart palpitations, racing pulse, weight lose, jitters, fogginess. I immediately started back on the paxil and the symptoms subsided over a period of 2 months. Do I have a thyroid problem?
Avatar m tn I don't have my actual numbers. I was on Paxil and Ativan for years and went off the Paxil a month before this. I started the Paxil again 2weeks ago.
Avatar m tn That was about 7 or 8 years ago, she decided that I had OCD/depressive disorder and gave me a Rx for Paxil. I took it for a total of 3 or 4 weeks and decided that I really didn't need it and just stopped it, I never went back to her. Now, I find myself feeling BAD everyday, just like I have the flu. In addition to the flu like symptoms I have a long list of other symptoms as well. I am having a complete tyroid work up drawn on Tues and then I will go from there.
Avatar n tn I started thinking the other day that the thyroid tests were only for TSH and T4, and whilst I was inside the limits, they were at the lower end, and T3 was not tested for. So I feel that I could have been chasing up the wrong road all this time. So I have started to wean myself off the latest meds (Lexapro), and when I am clear of them will go to a different Doc and, telling him 'Nothing', get tested for thyroid problems.