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Avatar m tn Diet - Certain diet products interfere with fat absorption in the small bowel eg excessive Benecol use that reduces fat absorption in the small bowel Drugs - many drugs can interfere with fat absorption eg Xenical, Cholestyramine Small bowel Crohns disease - a form of inflammatory bowel disease Celiac (Coeliac) disease - a condition of the small bowel where the individual is sensitive to gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and barley with resultant damage to the bowel lining Click Here For
Avatar n tn My friends said the symtoms are like people who eat the drug Xenical (orlistat), having oily secretion from the anus flowing freely but, I did not eat any diet or anti fat drug, or Xenical.In fact, I didn't eat any drugs.When I go to pass motion, I drip oil first,that the stool and when I touch my anus,its extremely oily and it was so difficult to's was quite persistent.And there were drops of orangey red droplets on the toilet bowl.