Pancreatitis and normal lipase

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1264088 tn?1279484422 I would try to find yahoo support groups or facebook sod and pancreatitis groups and see if anyone is in your area and can recommend a doc. You really need testing done to see if you have CP or SOD . I have ran into people in other countries on these groups I just cannot remember who was treating them.
459325 tn?1274758674 I have been feeling very sick for about 2 months and with my blood tests have recently been given a diagnosis of pancreatitis. About a month ago my ALT and AST were 2-3 x normal and the last few times they have been normal but my lipase has been slightly elevated, usually about 20-30 over the norm.
Avatar f tn Hi, understand your concern. With pancreatitis usually the lipase and amylase values are increased many folds. And if chronic the imaging studies will usually show pancreatic fibrosis. In the absence of these findings its unlikely that you have chronic pancreatitis. The other causes for the pain could be infections of the bowel and bladder, prolapsed intervertebral disc or inflammatory diseases of the colon. So, if your symptoms persist discuss these options with your doctor. Regards.
Avatar n tn Ended up in the ER with elevated amylase and lipase. I just recently had an MRCP and have some questions on the results. It showed mild intra and extrahepatic bile duct dilatation with some beading involving the biliary system of the left lobe of the patient's liver. No retained stones. Normal appearing pancreas. My question is does this mean I have chronic pancreatitis or can you not tell on a MRCP?
Avatar n tn 7 (high end of normal). He is having normal stools and has a great appetite and is not vomiting. I feed him a little over 1/2 a cup (warmed or room temp canned food) 4-5 times a day so as to not overstimulate his pancreas. Next lab check is in 1 month.
Avatar n tn There are several ways to test for pancreatitis and to reach a diagnosis of either acute or chronic pancreatitis or both. Bloodwork can be checked to look at amylase and lipase levels, if they are elevated it is a sign of pancreatic inflamation, yet some people who have had the disease for a while no longer show elevated a&p levels. Other tests include fecal fat analysis, trypsinogen tests, ultrasounds, ct-scans, EUS and ERCP's.
Avatar n tn I always do that now and check and see what your amalyse and lipase levels are. If they are high it would indicate pancreatitis. Just another piece of the puzzle. Good luck.
Avatar n tn About two years ago I developed chronic pancreatitis. Some people can have an acute pancreatitis attack, recover, and never have any problems again. I wasn't one of those lucky ones. The chronic pancreatitis is here to stay.
Avatar n tn Go to your PCP and ask for 2 bloodwork orders. 1 to check your Amylase and Lipase levels now, that day. And one to go and do the same test when your experiencing pain. Ask for a fecal fat test also. This will check for mal-nutrition which is consistant with pancreatitis. Stop drinking alcohol completly! See how you feel. It may take weeks before you actually feel a difference. Also please visit this website where I belong.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar f tn X-Ray showed no abnormalities, and 24 hours later my lipase levels are back to normal. Doctor has ruled out pancreatitis and gall bladder, celiac seems unlikely as I'm forty pounds overweight. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn He has lost 25 pounds in the last three weeks. X-rays, CT scan and ultrasound all confirm pancreatitis. Is it normal for the lipase level to come down so slowly?
Avatar m tn Your lipase normal test results are between 10-140 you are within the normal range so I wouldn't worry and if you are not in pain going to hospital and vomiting then I wouldn't give it another thought
Avatar n tn I have had a colonoscopy, abdominal CT scan, ultra-sound within the past 2 months and all were normal. I have seen a specialist (gastroenterologist) and he said he is not concerned unless the blood levels are 2 - 3 times higher than normal (only about 50 - 70 points higher now). I also have a mildly elevate AST for the past 4 years and tests have not shown a cause. I do not drink or smoke. I am otherwise a healthy 42 yr woman. What would you do if you were me?
Avatar f tn Almost everything I've found relates to gallstones, gallbladder and bile duct problems and pancreatitis/pancreas-related disorders. I found one article that listed the appendix as a possible cause. Here are some links that might help:
Avatar n tn Amylase and Lipase are Pancreatic enzymes and are related to Pancreatic function. The elevations you describe are mild and there can be many factors involved in these elevations. I can see the Liver enzymes possibly becoming elevated by Tylenol # 3 but I'm not sure about the Pancreas. You may have had a mild case of Pancreatitis. I would consult your physician.
Avatar n tn The Lipase and Amytase levels wre both about 4200, and the party I asked the questions for is currently hospitalized and being treated for pancreatitus. Thank you for responding.
Avatar f tn Upon arriving back in the states, I was readmitted to the hospital due to elevated amylase and lipase. I didn't have the severe pancreatitis pain until later that night and then only one other bout two nights later. A CT scan, ERCP, and internal ultrasound were all normal and I was discharged after 5 days. At the end of the week I followed up with my primary care physician and found my amylase and lypase were even higher.
Avatar n tn I have pancreatitis and you can tell if you have it bc of your lipase and amylase counts would be high. It also affects my bile duct and i have to have a stent put in every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it biliruben count gets high every time i have a blockage in my bile duct. It could also be your gallbladder i had the hida test done and had my gallbladder taken out...For both pancreatitis and gallbladder attacks, it has a big deal to do with what you eat.
Avatar n tn He has gone through massive blood testing throughout the month and everything is normal except for the elevated Lipase levels, had quit drinking a month ago, had an Ultrasound, CT Scan, and MRI which were all normal. I have noticed signs of depression, anxiety, and his stomach discomfort for at least the past 6 months. His specialist told him that they didn't believe at this time it was Pancreatitis because they stated the levels would have gone down to normal by now.
Avatar f tn They at first thought I was having a heart attack, but ultimately diagnosed me with pancreatitis. My amylase levels were normal, my triglycerides were normal, and I do not drink alcohol. I had CT scans of my abdomen and my liver and pancreas are both fine. They took I don't know how many heart related tests - all great, negative for hepatitis. However, my lipase was off the charts - 6,802 per the lab results.
Avatar n tn My husband (58) who is fit, very active, no diabetes, BP 120/80, cholesterol normal and all bloods in normal range (except very high lipase and at times, very high amylase). This has now been monitored over three years. He had two years with no alcohol and the levels remained high. He went on a holiday ten months ago, ate only Asian food, drank alcohol again and on return, the tests were NORMAL. Now, ten months later - Lipase up around 3,600 (yes, always that high) and amylase up a bit.
Avatar f tn I have been to the GI several times for answers regarding my URQ pain but my doctor does not seem concerned because my blood work is normal. I know something is wrong. I was a heavy drinker for over 20 yrs and quit 16 months ago. I have lost weight and I believe that I have Terry's Nails. My recent lab test came back with my Lipase at 399 range (73-393). I'm trying to find out if elevated Lipase is common in people with Cirrhosis.
665361 tn?1225276972 While in the hospital i was told my amylase and lipase were in the 200-300 and the next morning were back down to the 20-40's. I didn't havea fever at all and my BP was normal.
Avatar m tn I had several stents inserted by ercp and now I am diabetic, but otherwise aqm feeling almost normal. I just had some routine blood tests an my lipase reading was 1192. About a month ago it was about 350. I have to admit I eat almost constantly from about 4pm to 10pm--pistachios, popsicals anc cherries. I don't have any severe pain--just what I hope is gas pain every now and then. What can i do to get my lipaser back to normal?
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old, very active, mid stress level job, do not drink or smoke. I had an ultrasound and CT scan and pancreas, liver, gallbladder - all look normal. I took everything out of my diet - gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, etc. and slowly introduced those items back in to see if I was allergic and no results from that either. My abdominal cramps come and go. Sometimes I have them for two or three days and then nothing for months.
Avatar n tn 5 inches below left breast), soft bowels at time w mucous, and now left shoulder blade pain. My lipase is always slightly up as well. Id think if they saw damage on your EUS it is CP. Drs do not throw this DX around lightly-in fact its taken me 5 yrs for drs to say yes, it may actually be early stage CP. Why stop enzymes? I was told they are safe?
Avatar n tn They did a CT scan and ran several blood test. My CT scan showed a mass (4mm) on the tail of my pancreas. My lipase and amylase were slightly elevated. I also had masses in my kidneys, which is a symptom of AIP. My doctors at first thought it was cancer, and rushed me to a pancreatic cancer specialist in Seattle. I had 2 ERCPs done, but they just showed nacrotic cells.
Avatar n tn •Pancreatitis - also known as inflammation of the pancreas, can cause amylase and lipase levels to be increased up to 3 times normal. Both values should be increased, in order to carry the diagnosis of pancreatitis. •Lipase may be increased in tumors of the pancreas, or stomach certain stomach conditions. These conditions are usually painful. •Gall bladder infection - Inflammation of the gall bladder (cholecystitis), may cause increased lipase levels (hyperlipasemia).
Avatar n tn I posted couple of weeks ago . I went to the Er on 3-11 & was admitted for 4 days for pancreatits with mildly elevated Lipase (28) & a -sudden- severe pain in upper right quadrant(close to breastbone) that went straight thru to the back that was excruciating after eating that night. I also have ongoing pain in my back and a 'shooting & spasiming pain ' thats tolerable for now directly in my left ribs.