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Avatar f tn Hi! So sorry to hear of your pain. But I"d like to welcome you to the Pain Management forum. We're not doctors but we are all in pain management for a variety of reasons. We advise and support each other through our own experiences. In addition to the GI problems, you may have developed adhesions. There area nasty little buggers that bind your intestines and can in general make your life miserable. A laporascope could confirm this. They will not show up on traditional imaging.
3055553 tn?1346558533 Hi Codielou I am in the UK and unfortunately endo is very badly managed over here. It's an effort just to get a diagnosis so pain management is unheard of! I am also allergic to paracetamol and codine so the only pain killer I can take is Ibroprofen and I am currently over dosing on them.
Avatar m tn It does sound like a bulging disc and we are not doctors here but I also would suggest a neurosurgeon and then possibly a pain management doctor. Good luck and hope you start to feel better.
Avatar f tn I would suggest discussing the situation, the suggested management plan and the expected prognosis in detail with your treating doctor. Referral to a pain management specialist may be considered if there is inadequate pain control with primary measures and/ or it is difficult to control the primary cause. Take care!
Avatar n tn Will I ever go a day without pain with pain management. So far since Jan 2010 I've had 40 shots and still so much pain. Tried to go off my pain meds. Still in so much pain any suggestions.
Avatar f tn My uro was prescribing vicodin 5/500 since march. I requested pain management and they gave me baclfwn and cymbalta, neither of which address the severe pain of a flare. Now my uro has cut off the vicodin and pain management will not fill. What should I do? I'm considering going to the er but not sure what good that will do as this condition seems poorly understood. I feel ghat the doctors do not understand how much pain I am in.
798548 tn?1237503653 other wise i do not sleep well at all without them and am miserable. this pain management so far has worked for me. i am still in pain but no where near as i am without the meds. Tramadol is not considered a narcotic but you can become dependent on it which i am dependent on it. without it i am in a tremendous amount of pain and cannot functions daily.
Avatar f tn hi everyone this is my first time here the problem i have is my husband had a complete rupture of his right achilles tendon in march 2009 he decided to heal the conservative way by Sept he was in so much pain and no one would listen to him we looked for a second opinion and April 2010 he had his first op the surgeon removed the outer sheath of the tendon and shortened it by October 2010 it had degenerated and had to have another op where the surgeon took the tendon away and replaced it with his
Avatar n tn What can be done about the chronic Fibromyalgia pain when I am allergic to pain medicines or the pain relievers do not give relief.
Avatar f tn I had several disks fused in my neck in 2006 and shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in 2010. My pain is in the upper part of my neck radiating both down into my shoulder and into the area where my skull meets my neck creating a wicked head ache! Chiropractors won't touch me because of the plate in my neck. I've tried TENS units to no avail and massage therapy as well. I'm just absolutely exhausted! The pain in unbearable.
Avatar m tn Pain management doctors are usually very strict. You say you were warned once. What was in the Tylenol bottle that you mistakenly took? Depending on what is in your medical record, it may be hard to find a new PM doctor. Do you have a primary care that will give you care until you find a new PM doctor? It also sounds like you need to have your two other "wrecks" medically evaluated as they are new events with new pain.
Avatar f tn So, the state settled our annual reimbursement fight. Except the paper work has been sitting on someone's desk and we haven't got our reimbursement check. Our advocate is still trying to get them to sign off on earlier settlements made to other clients this year. NYC and Albany happily tax us - we propose a deal - they can have our taxes - minus his tuition.
Avatar f tn Do everything Jerry said. He did give you great advice and I think if you do these things everything is going to be alright. Yes, they do put all prescriptions on one or two pages now. It's not like it used to be where you would get one for every single script. Your regular pharmacist was not the one who filled them. And why in the world do these DRs think any of us would ever sell our medications?!!!
11214965 tn?1416269155 I'm currently on 04 mgs of Percoset every 8 hours for short acting and 15mgs of Morphine every 12 hours and it seems like the Percoset help me with the pain after taking the Morphine it's like 6 hours in I'm in extreme pain again I need to know how to ask the Pain doc if he can up the dose from every 8 hours of percs to every 6 , the morphine is hurting my stomach and giving me headaches and I have not been on perc's that long less than a year, they will not give me 10'
11214965 tn?1416269155 ve e been putting off this therapy should I try the therapy and see if the pain goes away the pain doctor my pain will never go away I was supposed to have a disksectomy and a hemilaminectomy I need some advice if you don't mind
Avatar f tn After reading about pain management during labor I have decided to not have any medication unless it is absolutely necessary. However, I am still back and forth about an epidural. What is everyone's opinions or experiences with it? Trying to weigh the pros and cons.
Avatar f tn I have an infertility doctor who I know is wonderful with fertility drugs and IVF, but the pain management has been poor. Vicodin helps a lot, however, I cannot find anyone to prescribe it for me on a regular basis because it is addictive. I take a half of Vicodin 2 times a day. I dont think thats a problem, and it gives me a better quality life. What is Ponstel?
Avatar f tn Today the pain is bringing me to tears and I was just hoping that I could get some ideas on other options of pain management? I need some help and the doctors around here have been pretty stumped on what I should do. Any suggestions would help!
5155542 tn?1364460322 when a pain management dr gives you a drug test and then writes you a script, why want he give you a dr would drug test me and give me a script+ a refill, he done tht for 2 all of a sudden when he drug test me; he will give me my scripts but no refill, bc he drug teste d me..tht seems odd...any advice as to why he wiuld change within a month...its like hes finding ways to get me in there every month now....i need serious abswers.
Avatar m tn Does your hospital that you go to have a Cancer care centre with a Pain management team? Our hospital here in Canada has a Palliative care cancer centre with Pain management. It is for all people with cancer not just paliative patients.