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Avatar f tn No, but close. Lol I was born in sonora. My mom lives in modesto now. I live in orange county.
Avatar f tn San Jose CA, with family from San Diego to Redding lol :D I'm due August 29, and it's supposed to be one of the hottest driest summers in state history - I was sweating at 80° already- I might be living in my inlaws pool pretty soon lol
Avatar m tn I have done my research on the web for my particular pain issue. Usually the site will tell you but if your not sure, do the research and then call the doctor directly. That is how I have found my doctors but usually the big hospitals take Medicare. (CA) Unfortunately the big hospitals have their own politics and the waiting line is long for procedures etc. I had one hospital where I saw the doctor (had to wait a month for the appt.) then they scheduled me for the procedure a month later.
Avatar f tn I went to two doctors before I decided to go with Dr. White in Redding CA. The first doc told me to go out in the streets and buy more methadone and taper. I flipped out got really high the next day. Luckily the second doc actually wanted to help. I suggest doing a lot of research on suboxone or subutex before you induce. It can be horrible with an ignorant doc or wonderful with a knowledgeable doc. He wants me totally clean off sub in 3 to 6 months. Good luck and feel free to ask anything.
Avatar f tn ( I live in Redding ca
Avatar f tn As mentioned from the other post, while sodium bicarbonate is promoted by some alternative practitioners as a cancer management. treatment, this clam is not supported by clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology. It is best that you discuss the management plan with your attending physician and ask a referral also for such treatment in your area if possible. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I have travelled from my hometown to a nearby city (Redding, California). My hometown, Eureka, California is so bad that I cannot even get my medical records and test results forwarded to the seemingly “good” doctor in Redding. Here is my current condition and symptoms: I am very weak, I can barely walk. I get up and get dizzy. Nearly fall. I am tired most of the time. I have no appetite. I eat very little. I am constipated if I do not take the Generlac.
Avatar f tn Also consider the climate, medical location, mental health services, medical options, pain management, things like this. I guess I am considering moving out of my state and I am looking to move. So with that I bring this question to the community to find out where you all live or would like to live when you have MS to deal with.
Avatar f tn Do you guys know any good doctors that will help with pain management in northren Ca. I would like to get off this pills however I gotta do it slowly otherwise I feel like I am killing myself. Can you help!?
Avatar f tn Also Norco did little to help me so I was prescribed morphine 15mgs 3x"s a day. It worked better but now Um on oxycodone 5ngs 3x's a day, a very low dose but it was a little better for the pain then morphine. Its not addicting for me either because I never take more than 3 pills a day. If your taking 10 norco's a day they should switch you on something else. These pain management Doctors look upon almost everyone as being suspiciously in pain. Make's me mad.
Avatar m tn There are 2 schools of thought on management of calcium following surgically induced hypoparathyroidism. (1) increase active vit D (calcitrol) until ca levels can be managed with mostly dietary calcium or (2) take around 2000mg ca supplements and adjust calcitrol up or down to maintain levels. Anyone have any experience with the first method ???? I am getting conflicting instructions from different doctors.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the information. We live in Redding California and he has an excellent doctor by the name of Fredricks. He operates our of the Training hospital in San Francisco. My husband just got out of hospital here with signs of dementia, which they described to me as a brain seperation caused by his ammonia level. There is so much inforation thrown at me that I can't digest it all.
Avatar n tn Pain management doctors will help you more than any other type of doctor. They deal with pain patients day in day out and keep up with the new treatments. I feel you would greatly benefit from seeing a PM doctor. Ask your doctor that released you to refer you. What state do you live in? There may be another member from your area that has some recommendations on a good PM doctor in your area.
383834 tn?1233265604 Paul, Minnesota in the next year after I get done with my court appointments, and I was wondering if Anyone has an idea of where to look for pain management in Minnesota..
Avatar f tn While being on these forums I read so much about pain management soctors. From what I read they help with pain, with changes when tolerance occurs, they help with tapering, etc. Do we have this??? My dr has never suggested it yet even though he will write small scripts for percocet it has never been enough to help with the pain. I am in the process of detoxing because I'm out and want off the roller coaster. I still have the original concern of the pain.
703858 tn?1274669802 Just a question to throw out there - is her doctor checking her kidneys regularly? Chances are it's a side effect of chemo, but kidney issues can sometimes cause pain in the back. Does she have shots of Neulasta or Neupogen for her white blood cell count? That also causes bone pain for some. I admire your mother's determination, but pain management doesn't mean she is weak by any means. In fact, for all she's been through, she's a super hero!