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547368 tn?1440541785 Another Community Leader in MedHelp shared an update with me on the CDC proposed Guidelines. Thank you so much! Here's the link: This particular update was posted on the Pain News Network - which if you don't know is a good source for Chronic Pain Patients. They share in our fight for better pain management.
Avatar f tn Last year we were told my husband would not have to worry about pain medication. My husband was seeing a Pain Management Specialist and the guidelines were only for PCP. Now pain doctors are running scared as well.
214864 tn?1229715239 s First Watch for February 11, 2009 Guidelines on Opioids in Noncancer Pain Issued Guidelines on the use of opioids in treating chronic noncancer pain have been issued by the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Among the 25 recommendations, appearing in the Journal of Pain: Before starting chronic opioid therapy (COT), physicians should perform a history and physical exam and should assess the patient's risk for substance abuse.
Avatar f tn My husband has been seeing a pain management doctor since 2011 for chronic back pain that radiates pain down into his leg. His doctor is always amazed how he can walk because of the nerves and discs in his back are extremely severe. In July of 2013 my husband, John, fell and broke his femur.
Avatar f tn With you being pregnant they have to go by any limitations the doctor set work wise for your pregancy unless its a almost total physical labor job then guidelines set limitations for medical reason (pregnancy one of them ) can be set and they have to follow them and they are being ***** rude etc. Cause by law they can't fire you for being pregnant so they are using tactics to get you to quit .
Avatar f tn Hi a pain contract is an agreement with your pain management doctor that you will not get pain meds from anyone else or you will be kicked out of the doctors office. There are normally urine tests done and on pharmacy to be picked as well as some people must bring in their bottles for counting purposes any time you are asked. It is very different than having a general practitioner prescribe medications for a short period of time. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn However, from 2008 APASL guidelines for HBV management ( Recommendation 9. For oral antiviral agents: In HBeAg positive patients, treatment can be stopped when HBeAg seroconversion with undetectable HBV-DNA has been documented on two separate occasions at least 6 months apart (II).
Avatar f tn Is your doctor a pain management doctor? It makes a big difference. Fntn good suggestion.
Avatar f tn Now I do know that the CDC has come out with new guidelines as far as prescribing pain medication and Vicodon has been moved to a different class of drug due to risk of addiction and I would look into that as I would also look up your patient rights as you have a ton of rights when it comes to your health care and not let the doctors bully you around.
Avatar m tn The critical issue, therefore, is that data-based treatment guidelines in areas where those data are insufficient should not be stated in a way that might be considered restrictive, but should, instead, allow providers the flexibility to use the sound clinical judgment that they, having knowledge of each patient’s individual circumstances, are the most qualified to render.
Avatar n tn My husband keep getting the stomach pain and yesterday we did a gallstone scan.. they told that he has a polyp in the gallbladder and they did not tell me the size. they suggested us to go to the gastroentrologist. I am worried about this. what could be the reason and what can happen for this?
Avatar f tn My daughter told me while she was staying with her daddy that he was planning on getting me kicked out of my pain management by saying I was selling my drugs. His gf knows of some fake texting app. Its an app where you can fake a conversation and make it appear its coming from your phone. I had no idea until recently that such an app existed. He told my daughter if she told me he would cut off her phone. She told me and he cut her off. A couple of days later I get a call from my Dr.
Avatar f tn Ur correct. Tuck & I have discussed this many times w/each other. There are no laws that state a Dr. can't give more than 4 pills a day. I'm 1 of the LUCKY one's that has a caring Pain Management Dr. that believes his patients should get the pain control that they need. I have the Fentanyl patch and get 5 oxycodones each day as needed. It doesn't control it all but makes it bearable so I can get my day to day things done.
Avatar m tn 1st diagonal is blocked 70%. Interventional cardiologist said he will do fine with medical management. He said that stents do not prevent heart attacks and can cause their own problems. He has no angina. We followed up with another cardiologist who recommended that the 100% blocked distal circumflex be stented as well as the 60% blocked and 70% blocked arteries. This is the treatment he recommends to preseve my husband's quality of life down the road.
Avatar f tn Hi I am sure someone else will be along to help you. In my experience with a family members pain management. The doctor has the power to do what every he/she wants to do. I'm sorry for what happened to you. I would hope your doctor would let you explain however if you signed a contract there could be a problem. All up to the doctor. My family member was hospitalized, the hospital said they did not carry his type of pain management and tried to substitute with morphine.
Avatar f tn 6 2226-2230) In addition, the AACP and British Medical Society have developed Guidelines for the surgical management of recurrent pneumothoraxand you might wish to review these guidelines to determine if they were followed by your son’s surgeons. I would note, however, that the literature and guidelines also contains reports of Open Thoracotomy being advisable, for instance, in cases of excessively thickened pleura. The surgery is done and is irreversible.
Avatar f tn s giving me or am I just being unreasonable. I thought pain management was just that, in this case my pain is not being managed like it should be. I'm scheduled to have epidural injections on the 24th and pray it works but in the meantime, shouldn't she be trying to manage my pain? Please help me with this because I'm sick of being in pain all the time. thanks!!
Avatar n tn Concentric narrowing or constriction of the gallbladder lumen does not appear to be present. There are no stones, however there is light transient pain/aching emanating from the gallbladder area. The wall is at the upper end of normal (4mm). Blood & unpine normal. Questions: 1. Is it likely this could be pre-cancer? 2. Do such polyps ever go away? 3. What causes thinkening of the wall? 4. What are the normal limits of the wall? Thank you. I appreciate your time and help.
9734245 tn?1407160118 Also I have a medical condition where I need pain management so if anyone found out that I ended up getting addicted to this stuff that would basically ruin my life as far as pain management goes. Anyway, thanks for your reply.
Avatar f tn Do everything Jerry said. He did give you great advice and I think if you do these things everything is going to be alright. Yes, they do put all prescriptions on one or two pages now. It's not like it used to be where you would get one for every single script. Your regular pharmacist was not the one who filled them. And why in the world do these DRs think any of us would ever sell our medications?!!!
11214965 tn?1416269155 I'm currently on 04 mgs of Percoset every 8 hours for short acting and 15mgs of Morphine every 12 hours and it seems like the Percoset help me with the pain after taking the Morphine it's like 6 hours in I'm in extreme pain again I need to know how to ask the Pain doc if he can up the dose from every 8 hours of percs to every 6 , the morphine is hurting my stomach and giving me headaches and I have not been on perc's that long less than a year, they will not give me 10'
11214965 tn?1416269155 ve e been putting off this therapy should I try the therapy and see if the pain goes away the pain doctor my pain will never go away I was supposed to have a disksectomy and a hemilaminectomy I need some advice if you don't mind
Avatar f tn After reading about pain management during labor I have decided to not have any medication unless it is absolutely necessary. However, I am still back and forth about an epidural. What is everyone's opinions or experiences with it? Trying to weigh the pros and cons.
Avatar f tn I have an infertility doctor who I know is wonderful with fertility drugs and IVF, but the pain management has been poor. Vicodin helps a lot, however, I cannot find anyone to prescribe it for me on a regular basis because it is addictive. I take a half of Vicodin 2 times a day. I dont think thats a problem, and it gives me a better quality life. What is Ponstel?