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Avatar f tn Hi everyone :) My Dad recently had a stroke, during which time they found occlusion in one of his legs, causing foot pain. He's currently on Oxycodone. But I'm looking for a better pain management option(s) for him. From what I've been able to ascertain, Vicodin, Celebrex, Darvo- or Percocet have seemed viable options. Can anyone share their opinions on this??? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Okay, so, I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to go, but I found this website off a search engine and found some of the answers to be helpful. I am 20 years old, and I do not abuse drugs. I have, however, had a generous number of prescription pain medications in the past few months. Mainly, for oral surgery, as I had an impacted wisdom tooth that was infected. My oral surgery was a little over a week ago.
Avatar n tn Primary stabbing headaches are short, stabbing, extremely intense headaches that lasts between five and 30 seconds anywhere on the head. The pain can also seem to occur in or behind the ear. People who experience Ice pick headaches are usually those who have migraine disease, or another head pain disorder. This is difficult to treat because the pain is so brief and it's gone before the patient can even take medication.
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Avatar f tn Do everything Jerry said. He did give you great advice and I think if you do these things everything is going to be alright. Yes, they do put all prescriptions on one or two pages now. It's not like it used to be where you would get one for every single script. Your regular pharmacist was not the one who filled them. And why in the world do these DRs think any of us would ever sell our medications?!!!
11214965 tn?1416269155 I'm currently on 04 mgs of Percoset every 8 hours for short acting and 15mgs of Morphine every 12 hours and it seems like the Percoset help me with the pain after taking the Morphine it's like 6 hours in I'm in extreme pain again I need to know how to ask the Pain doc if he can up the dose from every 8 hours of percs to every 6 , the morphine is hurting my stomach and giving me headaches and I have not been on perc's that long less than a year, they will not give me 10'
11214965 tn?1416269155 ve e been putting off this therapy should I try the therapy and see if the pain goes away the pain doctor my pain will never go away I was supposed to have a disksectomy and a hemilaminectomy I need some advice if you don't mind
Avatar f tn After reading about pain management during labor I have decided to not have any medication unless it is absolutely necessary. However, I am still back and forth about an epidural. What is everyone's opinions or experiences with it? Trying to weigh the pros and cons.
Avatar f tn I have an infertility doctor who I know is wonderful with fertility drugs and IVF, but the pain management has been poor. Vicodin helps a lot, however, I cannot find anyone to prescribe it for me on a regular basis because it is addictive. I take a half of Vicodin 2 times a day. I dont think thats a problem, and it gives me a better quality life. What is Ponstel?
Avatar f tn Today the pain is bringing me to tears and I was just hoping that I could get some ideas on other options of pain management? I need some help and the doctors around here have been pretty stumped on what I should do. Any suggestions would help!
5155542 tn?1364460322 when a pain management dr gives you a drug test and then writes you a script, why want he give you a dr would drug test me and give me a script+ a refill, he done tht for 2 all of a sudden when he drug test me; he will give me my scripts but no refill, bc he drug teste d me..tht seems odd...any advice as to why he wiuld change within a month...its like hes finding ways to get me in there every month now....i need serious abswers.
Avatar m tn Does your hospital that you go to have a Cancer care centre with a Pain management team? Our hospital here in Canada has a Palliative care cancer centre with Pain management. It is for all people with cancer not just paliative patients.
Avatar n tn I have been in pain management for 3yrs.I have DDD of cervical and lumbar spine with pinched nerves and annular tears causing headaches,neck,arm,mid-back,low back,leg pain and also severe restless leg syndrome.Pain averages 5 on 1-10 scale.I have been taking ultram 2x and lortab 3x daily for 2 yrs.Doctor continues to ask me if I would start fentanyl therapy,which I have tried and only helps for 2 days and not 3 days which the dosage is set at.I have declined the fentanyl treatment and now DR.
539841 tn?1235394722 The subject? Pain management. I am not going to be melodramatic, just honest- I have nothing to gain to be anything other than this. I am dying. We all are, right? Well maybe mine is just coming a little faster than others. This is the thing. My son is young still at 11. I want to enjoy him and my wife as much as I can. To do this it requires pain killers of the HEAVY variety.
Avatar n tn t do much as far as alternative pain management options. I would research other options and avoid the pain management clinics (if you can).
4303395 tn?1352484372 Hi , Iam looking for a pain management for my good friend of 10yrs and he has MS , he got it when he was very young at the age of 12yrs old and is now 29 and is now in a lot of pain . even doin every day things is now hard for him to do own his on , he cant be outside long becouse of the sun makein him want to sleep and walks wit a walker to help him when he is out for the lil time he can . any help would be nice thank you ...
3055553 tn?1346558533 Hi Codielou I am in the UK and unfortunately endo is very badly managed over here. It's an effort just to get a diagnosis so pain management is unheard of! I am also allergic to paracetamol and codine so the only pain killer I can take is Ibroprofen and I am currently over dosing on them.
Avatar m tn I have two diss located dics, stenoisis, arthritis and bone spurs, i am in EXTREME pain, I have been seeing a pain management doc for a year, this specific doc, i did not want, yet the office keeps giving him to me, he has NO compasion, thinks everyone is a drug addict...seeking another, ask him about a break through med, then wanted to take me off the med that works. a previous doc has me on soma to control the muscle spazms.
Avatar f tn Are you referring to head pain, neck pain, or pain somewhere else? For me, pre-op, nothing worked. I had headaches that would wake me up every couple of hours. Now that I'm post-op, I prop myself up on the couch with my Chiari Zipperhead pillow and that seems to help my pain meds work. The pillow is great (I had it pre-op, too) because it has filling you can add or take out.