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Avatar m tn forget it the pain from was enough for lifetime! use produts out in market, or ask drs at burn unit.. they are full of answers. not like any other drs i have ever met. not many burn drs. or nurses. they are a rare breed.
Avatar n tn I have been in pain management for 3yrs.I have DDD of cervical and lumbar spine with pinched nerves and annular tears causing headaches,neck,arm,mid-back,low back,leg pain and also severe restless leg syndrome.Pain averages 5 on 1-10 scale.I have been taking ultram 2x and lortab 3x daily for 2 yrs.Doctor continues to ask me if I would start fentanyl therapy,which I have tried and only helps for 2 days and not 3 days which the dosage is set at.I have declined the fentanyl treatment and now DR.
667913 tn?1242700488 I started Suboxone last saturday for pain management NOT for WDs. It is NOT U.S. approved for pain management but my doc loves it and LOTS of his patients are on it for management. His office staff ALL think its the new miracle drug. One of the side effects "that I had" was headaches, but thats just me. It does work for pain but NOT like the other pain meds, its different. And after 1 week I found that I couldnt afford it so its back to Roxycodone as of today.
Avatar f tn That can be very hard to tell the difference, but they could not really help me with the actual kidney pain. Being out of alignment can increase pain and even cause chronic pain. We have an inverter table on our porch that I use regularly to keep things in alignment. As well as having exercises that help too. I also found a Pelvic pain PT who has been excellent and helped a lot with my pelvic floor muscle issues.
Avatar n tn t do much as far as alternative pain management options. I would research other options and avoid the pain management clinics (if you can).
Avatar f tn I have been in pain management for about 2 years and before that my reg. Dr gave me pain pills, I have had 3 back surgeries and all failed. My question is I have been on 4 40 opana'sER a day plus 6 Roxie 30's a day now that opanas are off the market until about June or July my pain Dr.
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor recently switched me to hydrocodone 10-500 due to pharmacy crack downs and I am itching like crazy and having bad nightmares and don't sleep well and grind my teeth bad. I must be having an allergic reaction? I'm not allergic to anything but this now. I'm suffering in pain cause I can't take these side effects! I was on Oxycodone 10-325 and didn't have any problems.
1689696 tn?1305819097 Hi nomorepills727, I'm VERY happy that your Dr.'s office sent a prescription for the Tramadol. You should follow the directions on the bottle as to the use of the pills. If you don't understand it totally then don't hesitate to call the Dr. back and ask them exactly what they want you to use the Tramadol OR you can always call the Pharmacist and clarify it with them.
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3055553 tn?1346558533 Hi Codielou I am in the UK and unfortunately endo is very badly managed over here. It's an effort just to get a diagnosis so pain management is unheard of! I am also allergic to paracetamol and codine so the only pain killer I can take is Ibroprofen and I am currently over dosing on them.
Avatar n tn Yea, AD med withdrawl ***** bad. It worst when your not switching over to a different medication. Hang in there and It will fade, but expect to feel like garbage at least another 4 weeks or longer. Can't wait until Valdoxan hits the market. It has absolutly NO withdrawl effects and works even better than SSRI's. At leats that what the stidies have shown thus far. Come on FDA, lets go!
317787 tn?1473358451 PROP, Physicians for Responsible Opiate Prescribing, are now asking the FDA to Immediately remove oral pain medication over 30mg from the market. The FDA is requesting feed back from people. I am sharing with as many people as I can think of. The goal is to remove all pain killers/opiates from the market. In Virginia they have mandated that only patients dying of cancer or in hospice may receive pain management. Please comment on below link before February 18th.
Avatar f tn Hi Snobuny, Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. You've asked a good question and although it may seem straight forward there's a lot to be considered. Oxymorphone is seven times stronger then morphine while hydromorphone is five times stronger than morphine. They are in the same synthetic family of drugs. Although on "paper" Oxymorphone is more potent then Hydromorphone that doesn't necessarily mean that one is more effective then the other.
Avatar n tn There are many long release pain medications on the market that will help you. You need to ask your Dr about your options and go from there. There are many different strengths and kinds to choose from and your Dr will know which one may be right for you.
Avatar f tn Last month I received a letter in the mail from my primary-care physician's office. It stated that since new legislation in Ohio for pain-management has been passed, my doctor is referring me to a pain-management clinic and can no longer refill prescriptions of narcotic pain medications for patients who have been taking them for longer than 90 days.
Avatar f tn The cause of a bone cyst is not definitely known, a few that have been implicated include osteolysis, trauma, vascular issues etc. Management would primarily depend on the size and he location of the cyst; and may be medical or surgical. It is best advised to discuss the situation and the management plan in detail with our orthopedician. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn They use and epidural because the medicine doesn't go to the baby it's strictly locale and made to numb mom only. I had one with my first baby and didn't have pain afterwards besides the minor bruising from the injection site, that healed well with no complications later. It's up to the mom whether she wants pain management or not, I don't get what ur complaint is about? I personally choose to block the pain.
Avatar f tn Sorry not market them but they have developed them and there ready to market...
1354757 tn?1277144350 I will be seeing my pain consultant in about two weeks for diagnostic injections in thoracic area, but for now my question is what else can be done about the hemangiomas and the facet arthritis because the tramadol isn't working.
618559 tn?1296440282 pain that disrupts all aspects of our life. Finding good pain management along with ...if needed...a Pain Management Therapist is often the key to treating the Situational Depression brought on by Chronic Pain. If the majority of physicians could just understand this we'd all be in a better place. As a side note I am happy to report that I am in on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida....the Beach is just outside my front door!!!
Avatar f tn Do everything Jerry said. He did give you great advice and I think if you do these things everything is going to be alright. Yes, they do put all prescriptions on one or two pages now. It's not like it used to be where you would get one for every single script. Your regular pharmacist was not the one who filled them. And why in the world do these DRs think any of us would ever sell our medications?!!!
11214965 tn?1416269155 I'm currently on 04 mgs of Percoset every 8 hours for short acting and 15mgs of Morphine every 12 hours and it seems like the Percoset help me with the pain after taking the Morphine it's like 6 hours in I'm in extreme pain again I need to know how to ask the Pain doc if he can up the dose from every 8 hours of percs to every 6 , the morphine is hurting my stomach and giving me headaches and I have not been on perc's that long less than a year, they will not give me 10'
11214965 tn?1416269155 ve e been putting off this therapy should I try the therapy and see if the pain goes away the pain doctor my pain will never go away I was supposed to have a disksectomy and a hemilaminectomy I need some advice if you don't mind
Avatar f tn After reading about pain management during labor I have decided to not have any medication unless it is absolutely necessary. However, I am still back and forth about an epidural. What is everyone's opinions or experiences with it? Trying to weigh the pros and cons.