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Avatar n tn I will put this into perspective from my OWN experience ONLY. I had a DUII 7 years ago, and as a result, was asked to go to 30 day inpatient treatment as a condition of my sentencing. First of all, if you are ANY kind of addict or alcoholic, inpatient treatment will likely save your life (if you can afford it). That is beside the point, however. I have a Rheumatological Arthropathy called "Ankylosing Spondylitis" which has caused my spine to begin fusing at the SI joint...
370181 tn?1595629445 Indeed, each doctor differs in their management belief. Also, the use of opioids as a treatment for non-malignant chronic pain remains a subject of considerable debate. Seeking another doctor's or rheuma's management opinion may be done. Any treatment with the potential to improve chronic pain symptoms should be prescribed and the results carefully studied. At the end of the day, decision still comes from you.
1050179 tn?1253899186 Chronic pain patients who have limited access to opioids may be redirected to methadone maintenance centers for management of their pain. Unfortunately, little information exists on the incidence and characteristics of methadone maintenance patients with chronic pain. The aim of this study was to survey individuals at methadone maintenance centers in order to determine the prevalence of chronic pain and to explore differences between patients with and without pain in this treatment setting.
Avatar f tn I was told at my last pain management appointment that I could no longer fill my prescription from my primary care provider for the xanax I am prescribed for my anxiety that I had to choose between my chronic pain medication or my anxiety meds is this legal
11214965 tn?1416269155 The fentanyl patch is meant for people who have chronic pain and are tolerant to opioids. When the percocet stops working and you need multiple dose escalations, your doctor may suggest changing to a long-active / extended release opioid analgesic, like Duragesic. There's another problem with Percocet -- it contains tylenol, and too much tylenol can stress or even damage your liver.
20798011 tn?1510865401 My husband has spontaneous pneumothorax and has had 2 chest tubes and finally a thoracostomy about a year and a half ago. Since then he can been having chronic pain in that side of his chest. Spasms, burning, stabbing pain and numbness in his arm and hand. He is allergic to ALL opioids. We are looking for advice and suggestions on pain management for him.
535089 tn?1400673519 Opioid drugs have benefit when used properly and are a necessary component of pain management for certain patients. Opioid drugs have serious risks when used improperly.
Avatar f tn When appropriate, anticonvulsants and antidepressants are options worthy of exploration in chronic neuropathic pain management in patients with advanced liver disease. " Full study here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar m tn What are the long term side effects of taking prescribed pain-killing medications (opioids) when the patient is using for chronic pain correctly. Specifically Hydrocodone and Morphine Sulfate as a chronic pain patient who is considered a narcotic dependent patient by virtue of time used, in excess of five years continuously.
Avatar f tn This should be a social and legal outrage that and increase in pain patients cut off opioids are committing suicide for pain relief .
Avatar n tn missing work Continued use of opioids, regardless of negative consequences SUBOXONE is appropriate for the treatment of people who have become physically dependent or psychologically dependent on opioids AND who are not in need of opioids for pain management. SUBOXONE is not indicated for treating pain.
Avatar m tn You are experiencing symptoms of opioid withdrawal -- one of which is hyper (high) algesia (feeling of pain). Hyperalgesia means you're experience increased pain for no apparent reason, other than opiate withdrawal. Opioid-induced hyperalgesia (OIH)is one of the most understudied aspects of opioid research.
Avatar f tn Are there any US groups that assist Chronic Pain Patients find a Pain Clinic that prescribed opioids ? I was sern at a Pain Clinic for years without issue. I became tollletant being on the same meds for over ten years. I asked to cut my dose but on a new type if medication. After months of complaining they wrote me a new RX snd it worked. But they said they wete giving me me final dose w instructions to taper from 97 MME to being in nothing in six weeks.
370181 tn?1595629445 ) LOL About 10 years ago when the pain become quite bad and chronic, I managed with just mega doses of aspirin and the odd script from the doc for a mild pain med. I have now been through prednisone, methotrexate, Enbrel, Humara(Humira? sp) then back to Enbrel.......then nothing. The Enbrel worked very well, but I have massive anxiety about the biologics. I just don't trust them and and it's very frustrating. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard spot.
4628837 tn?1364557915 We who live with chronic pain face a society that fails to recognize chronic pain is a serious chronic health problem requiring access to management akin to other chronic diseases such as diabetes or chronic heart disease. Chronic pain with or without diagnosis is highly stigmatized, and there are major deficits in knowledge of health care professionals regarding the mechanisms and management of pain.
1337425 tn?1278173987 Right on all counts...I had severe chronic pain and went through ALL the opioids...morphine kadian,fentanyl dilaudid (all in HIGH doses!)...and NOTHING worked until I was put on a low dose of methadone. My pain was gone, I felt NO high whatsoever and , unlike the other opioids I felt no urge to up my dosage for over 3 years. HOWEVER...It is not only EXTREMELY addictive, the withdrawals make heroin withdrawals feel like a a light cold with sniffles.
Avatar f tn You could try one of the non-opioid drugs used for neuropathic pain, though these may not be as effective as opioids and some may have a component causing dependence. It would be discuss this in detail with your treating doctor. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn There are many that are against opioids in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain but there are a few that believe in opioids for the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain. The goal is to seek out the doctors that believe in opioids for the treatment of your pain. You will get the same negative results going back to the same doctors you have been going to for years. You NEED to find a NEW doctor! Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn the decision to enter into chronic opioid therapy (COT) is not to be taken lightly. While opioid analgesics can be effective for some chronic pain, for certain pain syndromes, it does not relieve much pain. Also, entering into COT means that you will become dependent on the drug, and opioid tolerance will eventually lower the effectiveness of your medication. There is also risk of addiction in 5%-10% of people who begin COT.
Avatar m tn After I had switched from opioids to NSAIDs, there was in effect no pain control. My pain management physicians kept insisting that there was, and that opioids were not an effective long term strategy for pain care, and that the cognitive impairment did not justify any small relief "I thought" I was experiencing.
Avatar n tn Opioids do not reduce inflammation but instead attach to mu-opioid receptors located discreetly throughout the body in the brain, spinal cord, and other tissues to relieve many types of chronic pain, surgical pain, and acute pain by blocking pain signals from being realized by the brain. Combining an NSAID with an opioid produces a synergistic effect that may provide additional pain relief than one or the other taken by itself.
Avatar n tn I think the combination short-acting opioids are not good for chronic pain patients as daily ingestion of tylenol on a long term basis is not recommended. The current maximum dose of tylenol per day is 4,000 mg (1,000 mg maximum per single dose); however, there are new lower limits being provided by the pharmaceutical companies that suggest a 2,600 mg maximum per day.
Avatar m tn When people say chronic pain and nothing else it limits the responses to pain meds usually narcotic. If the source of the chronic pain is told then people with the same problem may give ideas for temporary relief thru other means,,for instance I"ve had multi back surgerys and can tell things that did or didnt work for me but only if I know that the persons pain comes from problems similar to mine.
618559 tn?1296440282 pain that disrupts all aspects of our life. Finding good pain management along with ...if needed...a Pain Management Therapist is often the key to treating the Situational Depression brought on by Chronic Pain. If the majority of physicians could just understand this we'd all be in a better place. As a side note I am happy to report that I am in on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida....the Beach is just outside my front door!!!