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Avatar f tn .Hi I'm 32 and was diganosed with ovarian cysts years ago, my problem is I've been really sick for @ 2 yrs and recently went to ER because I was so sick I couldn't move, that's where they found a 5-6 cm cysts growing. I switched Dr. last year because it just seemed that she wanted to put me on pills that didn't produce periods. I havn't had a period in 2 yrs and my symptoms are horrible.
Avatar f tn Hello, Castor oil may cause diarrhea and loss of water but is not a treatment for ovarian and any other cysts. Oral intake may cause such side effects and some may be absorbed even by topical application. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn She was on a low dose pill but was still producing cysts so doctor put her on the strongest dose pill there is, and she felt horrible with all of the side effects. She hasn't had a regular period all year. Spotting, cramps, pressure, pain. I am trying to get her to eat healthier, but she is in a dorm and cannot cook for herself. Has anyone had luck with accupuncture? The other thing I would like to check out is a natural homeopathic supplement...any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I am 32 and for the last three years I have started having problems with ovarian cysts. Pain ranges from dull ache to crippling spasms that make me double over and unable to move. I have had four cysts ...all on my right ovary. I have had three of them rupture which is agony. I have tried taking contraceptive pills but they didnt make any difference. I had a plaproscopy and had a cyst drained but it returned three weeks later as big as it was before the op...
1148191 tn?1271821246 I went to the doctors and come to find out I have a cyst on my ovary, my question is I still think I might be pregnant, just how common are ovarian cysts in early pregnancy and is it possible that if I'm having pregnancy symptoms that I could still be pregnant. And can ovarian cysts cause a missed period making me think that I am pregnant? I don't normally have any PMS symptoms except cramping the day of my period.
Avatar f tn My questions are is it possible the mirena iud causes the cysts. My doc. says no but the commercials and side effects note 12% of women will develop cysts. But my doc ignored that and said 12% of women will develop cysts anyways. I have never had a problem with cysts prior to the iud. Also, is it safe to take b/c pills and have the iud? I am concerned it could increase even more the chance for blood clots as I am 35. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My doctors OBGYN and Medical Oncologist both say Tamoxifen does not cause cysts but I have read many articles saying there is a high percentage and correlation of ovarian cysts in premenpausal women. It appears to be recent studies in the last few years. Are my doctors just not keeping up with readings or are these journals on the internet not accurate? What is the Cleveland Clinics view on this topic. I am trying to decide whether I should stop taking Tamoxifen or not.
1473788 tn?1286978727 I am 23 years old and I have had so many ovarian cysts rupture that I have lost count! It's affecting my life dramatically. I have a cyst rupture every few months. I was put on birth control to regulate the growth but I have 2 different types of cysts and the larger ones that my fallopian tubes wrap around aren't controlled by the medication. When I was 16 I was having pelvic discomfort and my abdomen was distended. I looked about 6 months pregnant.
Avatar n tn The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.
Avatar f tn Lack of sexual intercouse/lack of masturbation cand lead to fibrocystic breast disease,breast fibroadenoma or ovarian cysts?I am celibate since 2008 and this does not bother me.Not at all.But my friend still told me that lack of ”pleasure”can cause hormonal imbalances(overproduction of estrogens etc).Is this accurate,or just a myth?
Avatar n tn Some IUDs have side effects that can develop after long-term implantation in the uterus, and these side effects can mimic diseases. The symptoms that you describe remind me of the side effects associated with the Mirena coil (if I have that spelled incorrectly, then please excuse me!
Avatar n tn Hello, I have several small benign ovarian cysts. I had sex on day 19 of my cycle. I was using spermicide and a condom but the condom broke. I had been taking medication for the cysts up until this cycle and this is my first cycle in several years without some kind of hormone (birth control pills or progesterone). I took Plan B 48 hours after the condom broke. I was due for my period yesterday (day 28) but have had severe cramps for the last two or three days, but no bleeding.
Avatar n tn Hi .... I have been told that ovarian cysts can be a side affect of tamoxifen. I, too, am taking tamoxifen and just recently was told that I have a cyst on my ovary. My concern is that it will turn out to be more cancer and not just a harmless cyst like I have been advised.
Avatar n tn From a transvaginal ecography done on 6 February, their ovaries seemed in a perimenopausal situation. Tamoxifen side effects include ovaian cysts. I am wondering if she should immediately stop Tamoxifen therapy and if aromatase inhibitors are a convenient alternative. Many thanks.
Avatar n tn I started out with one very small ovarian cyst on my right side ( 2.3 cm i think) so i was put on the pill. 2 months later the cyst leaked and i ended up going ot my Ob the next day. come to find out another cyst had formed on my left ovary. only this cyst is bigger then a golf ball. I was then given the Depo shot to hopefully reduce the size/ get rid of the cyst all together. i am a month and a half into having the shot in my system and i feel horrible.
9039460 tn?1401809405 Hii everyone, i am 21 years old, i`ve been married for 2 year(been together 4 years b4 that) and we are TTC. My period was always irregular, so i did and ultrasound when i was 17 and found out i have PCOS. I would miss my period for up 2 to 3 months but this time i missed it for 5 months, so i went for another ultrasound and i found out i have more 12 small follicular cysts in their periphery on both ovaries. My doctor prescribe METFORMIN (500mg) once per day.
Avatar f tn Few women may also have weight gain as one of its side effects. Few women may also develop ovarian cysts while on nexplanon. It is best to discuss the risks and benefits of any birth control method before starting to use it. It is best to have a frank discussion with your gynecologist about these side effects. He/she may suggest an alternative birth control method which may be most suitable for you.
Avatar f tn hi was wondering if anybody as any side effects while tacking tamoxefen.My mum as had ovarian cancer now for two years and she as had lots of chemo through this time but dr now as decide to put her on tamoxefen ,nowsince she as been on these she as been suffering with very bad fatique and sickness and loss of appitte she did not feel this unwell when she was having chemo but as soon as she started to take these within a week she felt terrible.
Avatar n tn i was first diagnosed when i was 16 with ovarian cysts....it has been a problem ever since. when i was 19 i started hormonal therapy...nightmare...i was crazy and vomiting until i found the right hormone (nordette). I decided when i was 29 to stop all forms of birth control because of the side effects and increase potential of blood clots. now at age 33 i feel 16 again...in excrutiating pain either during sex or after...
Avatar m tn I would have a period for a couple of months, then not for a month, then for 3 weeks at a time, then not for 2 months, then finally last month (May) I started for one week very light and went for 3 weeks very heavy, and one week light. I have always had problems with cysts on my right ovary and have always had pain on that side during ovulation. Well, I had a pelvic ultrasound and they told me I had septated cystic mass on my right , 6.4 cm. Of course, I freaked out!
Avatar n tn And as for the shot causing irregular periods, for me it did the complete opposite. I was diagnosed with bilateral ovarian cysts or polycystic syndrome, which caused me to have irregular and heavy menstral cycles. And after a couple of months on the injections. I had found my cycle to be more regular and not heavy at all. And upon having my second pelvic ultrasound. Found my left ovary to be completly normal.
Avatar f tn This estrogen dominance can raise your risk for many cancers in addition to causing more cysts. As far as the negative side effects, I agree with the above poster who suggest trying different types of pills to see if one causes less unpleasant symptoms. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have been on Lupron so it should have controlled it, but they are still growing back I am 25 years old please let me know I wanted to have children , was supposed to wait for period after lupron and then start Clomid. But now i have a cysts back and clomid will cause ovarian enlargement and cyst as well. So Do you think I will have to have another laparoscopy and then heal from it before I will be put on clomid?
618913 tn?1234751200 I tried merina and ended up with chronic ovarian cysts. Apparently my mom had then frequently but didn't tell me so I didn't think of it being an issue for me as a side effect. I have had the Implanon in for almost a year. I have gained 30 pounds, haven't had a cycle in 5 or 6 months. Have almost constant PMS symptoms, cramping, bloating, mood swings but no relief. I have an appointment for an Ultrasound on Wed. and a follow up a week from friday with my dr.
Avatar n tn And, sometimes, women develop ovarian cysts (OHSS). In my mind, these just don't count as serious side effects. You can have an allergic reaction to ANYTHING and infection at the injection site is completely controllable if you use sterile technique. So that just leaves the possibiltiy of ovarian cysts which is a risk I, personally, and willing to take to get the weight off. Dr. Simeons has studied this drug for decades and his patients have not experienced serious side effects.
Avatar n tn I saw this posted on a website about side effects of IUDs: The Mirena IUD can cause ovarian cysts. Some women using the Mirena stop bleeding altogether. Usually their menstrual periods return when the IUD is removed. Mirena can cause weight gain, headaches, increased blood pressure, acne, depression, and decrease in sex drive. Also, I have repeatedly seen information that states if you have a strange fluid or odor coming from you vagina, you should get in touch with your health care provider.