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1253696 tn?1269302898 I was diagnosed in 2003 with severe endo and ovarian cysts and told I could never get pregnant.I had lap in 2004 and 2 laps in 2005.Miscarried in april 2005 and fell pregnant in August 2005 and then again in Oct 2006.so it is possible.I also had 6 months of Lupron and it was horrible.But it never worked anyway.But yes you can get pregnant.I was told I would never be able to conceive but we did twice.Hope you have a great dr to work with you.
605458 tn?1539232408 for possible endometriosis tomorrow
Avatar n tn I've been on BC for about 4 months and still bleeding and hurting from ovarian cysts. It's to a point that it's gotten to be so painful that I've been to the ER once already. My doctor just want to do a hysterectomy and get it over with, I thought they were supposed to do the pill then laparoscopy, then hysterectomy. At this point all I want is a partial hysterectomy, I'm frustrated, in pain and just plain miserable.
Avatar f tn I now have had at least 4 ovarian cysts in the last year. In January I had one on each side, and I'm waiting to go in for an ultrasound in a few more weeks to see if they are still there, or if I'm currently experiencing symptoms for a new one, (I was feeling great in February). I also have a new Dr. cause my old dr just shrugged off my concerns, and this last time only told me I had one, and saying it was no big deal. I actually found out I had 2 and one was complex.
Avatar f tn My symptoms disappeared and then returned again about three years later and I had the same procedure done again to remove another cyst that had formed. My dr. said that ovarian cysts are quite common but they usually resolve themselves and no treatment is necessary. When they begin to cause problems is when you have to have something done. I don't know if this helps you very much, but yes they can return. My dr. also put me on birth control pills to try to keep the cysts under control.
Avatar f tn hi!...i am 25 yrs. old and have found out that i have ovarian cysts. My ultrasound result is this: There are two, closely apposed complex cystic pelvoabdominal masses, more to the right, each cyst measures 10 x 7.7 cms. and 9x6.9 cms. A complex cystic mass is also noted at the left adnexa measuring about 7 x 4.3 cms. Impression: Complex cystic masses as described probably due to bilateral ovarian dermoid. the cysts on the right may represent a single mass with loculation and lobulated contour.
Avatar f tn I've had the ovarian cysts for a year and the polyps and fibroids and endometriomas. I have also read that they may be able to alleviate pain by trying low does anti-depressants. I know you don't want to hear this but my daugher recently was put on these and it has made a huge difference in her life. I'm going to talk to my OBGYN and see what she thinks. I can always have the Hysterectomy later if it doesn't work, but I can't go back if I'm unhappy without my organs. Just a thought.
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Avatar f tn Previous and during the IVF treatment I was in good health and had normal thyroid blood results and normal ovarian ultra sounds. Before I started the IVF treatment I had a laparoscopy which showed nothing abnormal in my uterus and ovaries. A small amount of endometrosis was taken from the Pouch of Douglas area of my abdomen. My FSH levels at this time were indicating that I was early menopausal. Since the end of the IVF my menstrual cycle was returning to a regular cycle.
Avatar f tn Hence it is best to conceive as soon as the treatment for the endometriotic cysts is done. This can be laparotomy for removal or medical treatment. Success of IVF will depend on other factors like age, quality of endometrial lining and sperm factors and embryo quality. Consult an infertility expert for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn Hence it is best to conceive as soon as the treatment for the endometriotic cysts is done. This can be laparotomy for removal or medical treatment. Success of IVF will depend on other factors like age, quality of endometrial lining and sperm factors and embryo quality. Consult an infertility expert for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn Long history of ovarian cysts and had a 12 cm. cyst and right ovary removed in 06. all pathology OK. Now I have been having ovarian cysts being followed since 10/06 with repeat ultrasounds every 3 months. Doctor said there was one, then a couple of them and they were small so he continued watching. Since Octorber 06 I have had all the symptoms that I know are related to the cysts, but now have had bleeding.
Avatar n tn The cysts are coming and going and as long as you have an ultrasound at least once a year, they can be monitored. Hormone treatment will not likely make the cysts go away any differently than they would on their own.
Avatar n tn Then came the transvaginal ultrasound on July 25 stating that there is simple appearing (physiologic) ovarian cysts, one on each ovary, which measures 5cm on the left and 4.3 on the right. My concern is that these may be the same cysts and they have grown substantially and if there not the same cysts is it out of the ordinary for cysts to continue to appear on both ovaries?
231903 tn?1281486184 I actually went to a doctor today to get a referal so they can do an ultrasound to check for any ovarian cysts, so on and so forth. I've been suffering from the pain since I started my period at 12. I went to a lot of free clinics (which are the worst) because I never had health insurance, they all thought I was crazy and I was a drama queen because I would call EVERY month whenever I got my period and explain the pain to them. They claimed it was because of my slanted uterus...
Avatar f tn Yes, that is how cysts that are larger than the incision opening are removed via laparoscopy. Unfortunately, there are sad tales where cysts do have cancer and the bagging does NOT contain the contents and cells get released into the abdominal cavity. Then the poor patient, who would have had contained Stage 1 cancer removed (in open surgery) and no need for chemo, was now at a more advanced stage of cancer that has spread and needs treatment.
Avatar n tn I've copied it here for you again. Dear ik, I am confused by your question. Ovarian cysts are not ovarian cancer (A diagnosis of ovarian cancer would require a biopsy). Ovarian cysts are not a side effect of tamoxifen, however menstrual irregularities can be. Discuss your concerns with your gynecologist perhaps they will be able to put this all into perspective for you, having all of the correct information about your individual case.
Avatar n tn I had a laparoscopy 8 weeks ago removing 2 cysts my right ovary and falopian tube. I stayed overnight and was told to take it easy for 72 hours. Fortunately all was benign. After 3 weeks the pain across my lower abdomen was excruciating along with an offensive discharge. My doctor gave me 2 lots of antibiotics as he thought I may have an infection. The pains seemed to improve by the end of the tablets and I had two days pain free.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any luck with pregnancy after a laparoscopy? We've been trying for two years and decided it was time. I have mine scheduled in two weeks and am wondering what my chances are afterward and was hoping for some success stories! Also, what all is involved with this and what is the recovery time?
Avatar n tn I only had the laparoscopy and my diagnosis was endometriosis. Our ovaries can produce cysts on a monthly basis during ovulation. That is why my Dr. wanted to wait to see if it went away. He told me that he did see a couple of these ovulation cysts on my left ovary. I had my right ovary and the cyst removed.
1813956 tn?1316719423 HI, The treatment of ovarian cysts depends on the nature of the cyst. In young women these cysts are usually functional cysts and often will resolve spontaneously or with medical management. However if it is a complex cyst or an endometriotic cyst then this will require a laparoscopy and/ or removal. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I'm 34 years old and have been watching my ovarian cysts for 6 months via ultrasound. One cyst is "complex" and the gyn/oncologist immediately suggested laparoscopy. I'm going to another doctor for a second opinion, but am having trouble finding info on my own about possible alternative treatments. The one cyst in question is causing some pain. Also, if they go in there and discover cancer, shouldn't they remove ovaries and nodes all at once, rather than open me back up again?
Avatar f tn Cysts can keep returning, yes, as long as you still have ovaries. Nobody wants to remove ovaries in your childbearing years unless medically necessary. Cysts don't mean cancer 95% of the time but they always need to be investigated...and removed if they get large, cause pain or problems with other internal parts, or are otherwise unlikely to go away on their own.