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Avatar n tn (I get re-occuring cysts, acne and bad mood swings - controlled by antidepressants) The symptoms you're describing almost sound like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Do you have irregular periods? Weight issues?? You might want to do some research on PCOS. Check out Webmd. I've gone through a gazzillion ultrasounds & now a laparoscopy - nothing abnormal found. But NEVER have the doctors checked my hormones. I'm definately going to bring that up when I go in next week.
Avatar n tn hello, i was hoping to get some feed back about ovarian cysts, is there anyone else out there who had ovarian cysts removed and now have children. i have a son and was recently dignosed with ovarian cyst they have removed them and now we are hoping to have another child. i am looking for some hope by other women telling me that they were able to have children after ovarian cysts removal. thanks so much for all your time.
Avatar f tn got results from ca125 blood test - was 22. does that mean i'm ok? only, i read that ca125 results are not a completely reliable test for ovarian cancer. should i now be asking for some other test to rule out ovarian cancer or should i be content with the results from this blood test? any use in asking for another ca125 bloodtest some time in the future (to compare it to this one)?
Avatar n tn Please talk to your doctor about a transvaginal ultrasound. Your symptoms sound very much like ovarian cysts, endometriosis (sp?), etc. but the ultrasound would tell for sure.
Avatar f tn I haven't gone to any sites like WebMD because those always just scare me, but I really wanted opinions from people who may have experienced or are experiencing this. I'm scared, I've had painful ovarian cysts in the past but it was nothing like this. Am I just coming up on my menstrual cycle and I'm overreacting? I haven't been able to go to class because of the pain. I'm really scared I've been noticing these symptoms for a long time now but I had to do something when the pain got bad.
Avatar n tn uk/Breastcancer/Youngerwomenandbreastcancer/Ovarianablation/Inwhatcircumstancesisovarianablationused I, personally,had developed ovarian cysts from the Tamoxifen and am now getting Lupron shots for chemical ovarian ablation. It is working well for me.
Avatar f tn The only reason I found out about the cysts was my gastro dr. did a CT scan and discovered the ovarian cysts. Thank goodness the surgery is one week behind me today. The reason I was hospitalized in May was because I became very sick with vomiting and the ER dr admitted me for pancreatitus. I do not drink at all and had my gallbladder taken out in 1988 however I do have high tryglycerides which were in normal range in the hospital test the next day. The dr.
458511 tn?1206469258 What questions should I ask him to find out the specifics of what is going on? Ovarian cancer does not run in my family, though every female over 45 has been treated for breast cancer. They told me to come back to the er if the pain didn't stop in 48 hours (by tomorrow morning) and I have not seen any improvement as of yet. Also, is it common treatment for cysts to give people antibiotics (combo Zithromax and Rosephin...yeast infection, here I come)?
Avatar n tn I recentlly found out that i have ovarian cysts, and i have been hjaving these same pains. im only 13, and havent had a regular period at all. these pains come randomly, and lasts for a minute or two.
Avatar f tn My gyno told me that it was ovarian cysts that burst. She said it would be better if I didn't have the cyst but since I do, having them burst and evacuate is better than having surgery to remove. It is annoying and unfair but it's better than having cancer. Good Luck ladies.
Avatar n tn b. I just had a baby c. I have ovarian cysts. (I know it is not an std because Ive only been with 1 person since the last like 3 times ive been checked) P.s I just saw that you said you were a nurse so I figured you'd be the most reliable(ish) person to ask, assuming of course that you've seen or dealt with something like this. I can however say, it IS NOT AN INGROWN HAIR .-.
Avatar f tn I experienced every side effect possible, I had the most excruciating bouts of pain at random, which felt like someone thrusting and turning a japanese sword in my gut repetitively, pain that made me scream a loud against my will kind of pain, headaches that were beyond my belief of intolerable, and I was the meanest, nastiest ***** for no reason at all and in denial about it.
Avatar f tn Luckily the ER doctors were persistent and did a lot of work to rule out things like appendicitis, ovarian cysts and torsion...they weren't going to quit until they figured it out. They told me that the most effective way to fix the problem is to have a hysterectomy (sounds like you all heard the same story), but I made it very clear that I want that to be a last resort. Instead we're trying progesterone therapy, so I've started taking NoraBe everyday.
Avatar n tn I researched ammenorrhea and ovarian cancer and my symptoms dont match up. I dont have an obgyn or a doctor. I dont know what to do. My boobs are tender, but i really dont have anything like moods swings or food cravings. Its comforting to know that im not the only one who is going through this, but i would still just like to be normal again. If anyone can help, please do so.
Avatar n tn I have had the EXACT same symptoms as you were having with the pain under the right rib cage. I had also had many ovarian cysts and pain from them. My doctor also thought gall bladder problems because of the are and type of pain I was having. An ultrasound revealed nothing. Nexium for one months helped but when I stopped, the pain gradually got to the same level again, especdially when I woke up most mornings. I will tell you what I did.
Avatar n tn have you been tested for polycystic ovarian syndrome?WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I USE TO HAVE CYCLES FOR weeks at a time they ran test after i went to doctor after doctor even had several d&c,laporascopy,histerpeniograms, still they found nothing then in 2003 i found uot i had pcos.try getting tested it's worth a try.
Avatar n tn My cousin showed me this site and I am SOOO relieved that there are other people out there like me! I hate going through this so much! I am a flight attendant and have been staying in so many different hotels and wondered if maybe it was the different detergents. I have little paper-cut like things too. I even told my cousin that was exactly the wording I used.
Avatar n tn I hear a lot of talk about nerves which makes sense - growth of cysts can put pressure on the nerves cant it? Help - please keep me posted. I will keep you all posted too.
Avatar n tn Take a deep breath and relax. Try to stay away from the internet sites. If symptoms are real, you don't need WebMD to identify them for you. You'll know it. Feeling like you're facing imminent death will not help you, whether you're sick or not. Wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn I am having more and more symptoms everyday. I called the doctor and they sat me up for an appointment way in September. I guess they wanna make sure I don't see no period at all for the whole month of August and the beginning of September. I already know I'm not gonna see anything cause I don't have any feeling at all in my body that a period is even trying to come. I guess we all just have to take it one day at a time, cause at this point, I guess that only time will tell.
Avatar n tn This web site came up after I punched in symptoms of abdominal vibrations. Does this fall in the category of paresthesias (abnormal sensations like numbness/tingling etc????) and where the heck are the doctors in all this? You would think there would be at least some paper(s) published or something! Sometimes I feel the only symptom you don't have to prove is pain! ...sometimes..?
Avatar n tn Masses of the umbilicus may be related to lesions of the skin, embryologic remnants, or an umbilical hernia. Masses associated with the skin include dermoid cysts, hemangiomas, and inclusion cysts. Umbilical drainage is associated with granulomas and embryologic remnants. Delayed separation of the umbilical cord: The umbilical cord usually separates from the umbilicus 1-8 weeks postnatally.
Avatar f tn ( Just also for a side note, ecstacy and stimulants seem to strengthen these symptoms for one reason or another,sometimes alcohol, which caused me to think it was a heart related problem. Ive had blood tests done, EKG, nothing heart related as they could see. They told me it is just bad GERD. (which to be quite honest i hope it is.) any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I'm sure theres 1000 other people that have this problem exactly.
Avatar n tn - I think that's what it's called - the part you shed when you get you period). I was diagnosed with PCOS, based on symptoms. I was put on BCP to regulate my period. I know there's a risk for weight gain, but I still weigh under 100 lbs even after almost 1 year on BCP (yes, I eat a lot.) It worked for me. I've been getting my period regularly and with a moderate flow until now. I was suppose to get my period on Monday/Tuesday, but I still haven't gotten it.
Avatar n tn How reliable is that result since I usually have such a normal cycle? I don't have any other symptoms besides frequent urination and butterflies in my stomach that could just be from the excitement of the whole situation. So I guess my question is whether or not it is "worth it" to take another pregnancy test; if so, when; or, what else could even be the cause of such a delay in my usually predictable period? Thanks for any comments, etc! Katie L.
Avatar n tn The entire vaginal area is very itchy and if I scratch or rub the skin at all I often give myself one of these tears. It seems as if the skin is very thin. There are no other symptoms that I am aware of. I have had blood work and a biopsy done. Some of the things that I was tested for were; genital herpes, lichen sclerosus, lichen simplex chronicus, lichen planus, vulvar vestibulitis. All results came back negative. The biopsy tested positive for "healing ulcers".
Avatar n tn I am so relieved I found this. WebMD had no information on this. I was playing on the Wii yesterday and out of no where I felt my finger tingle like it was swelling a few minutes later it was turning blue. I have been freaking out since then looking all over the internet. I thought I was havng a reaction to some new medicine I am taking but I went to their site and it is not listed as a side effect or reason to call Dr. Then my husband said maybe I popped a blood vessel.
Avatar n tn or even a colonoscopy (the hepatic flexure is right where u describe the pain) i have some huge ovarian cysts and my first symptom was indigestion for 2 years and high blood pressure then pain under my right rib ... i urge u to ask because without looking at the whole area u may not get a diagnosis ...
Avatar n tn I have been doing some serching around the medical journals and such, but haven't seen anything that resembles your symptoms yet. I will post back if I do. I know this is a silly and personal question, but are you wearing cotton/breathable undergraments and looser fitting pants? Sometimes that really helps, keeps the air circulating.