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Avatar f tn Birth control pills are oftentimes prescribed to prevent and even shrink ovarian cysts but I don't know how effective they are and how quickly they work. I am not aware of any natural remedies but there may be some (such as DIM that helps metabolize estrogen). I was also 49 when I developed an ovarian cyst. I would think that the sporadic ovulations and therefore lower progesterone (and fluctuating estrogen) at this age would be the cause but I don't know.
Avatar n tn Hi there, If you are premenopausal, tamoxifen does cause ovarian cysts. In fact, tamoxifen was first developed as an ovulation induction drug for women with infertility. However, if you have breast cancer, you maybe at higher risk for ovarian cancer. You should ask your doctor about a consultation with a genetic counselor to go over your risks for ovarian cancer. you should consider testing for the gene mutation BRCA 1 and 2.
Avatar f tn They wantedt to wait and see if they changed in two weeks times so I have a new ultrasound scheduled for next week. i have read alot of posts and seem that ovarian cysts are very common and especially after chemo. If they stay the same can they biopsy my ovary and the cysts before removing the ovary. Or should I just bite bullet and have them take it out? More chemo? What's next.
Avatar f tn HI, Even though you may not want any more children, you are too young for a hysterectomy. The bleeding can be stopped with help of haemostatic medicines and with use of hormones like progestins. Also a D&C may sometimes be necessary to stop the bleeding. The ovarian cysts need further evaluation regarding their size and nature. Many of the cysts in young women respond to birth control pills or regress spontaneously. Hence it would be best to consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation.
Avatar n tn I will not have it out by Christmas. But I need to know the results and risks before and after surgery. Can anyone tell me anything? I would like to hear from people who have already gone thru this...or who are currently going thru. Did this have anything to do with my 2 years of bleeding? My entire right ovary may have to be reomoved. What is this going to mean. When will I recover. PLEASE TALK TO ME!!! PS. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A CYST SO HUGE?
Avatar f tn I just went and got an ultra sound and found out that I have ovarian cysts. Will I still be able to get an abortion? I really did not want to get surgery, I wanted to take some medications.
Avatar f tn After multiple tests (ultrasound, ct scan and MRI) I was told I have complex ovarian cysts 5×4 cm on both ovaries and pancreatic cyst that is over 1cm . I have 2 questions. 1. Since I very much refuse and will be refusing contraceptives , how else naturally can I cure ovarian cysts? 2. Can acidic taste in my mouth with coating on my tongue and lower back pain be due to pancreatic cyst?
Avatar n tn Have a history of very bad periods. Having a hard time getting info on complex ovarian cysts. What are the risks of COC? Can they be early signs of cancer?
Avatar f tn I'm usually more of a person who reads other peoples' posts about their complications with ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids but no one seems to experience the exact same thing im experiencing and I really wanna get to the bottom of it. I'm 19 and discovered i had fibroids when i was 16. it didnt really effect me and didnt give me any complications until december of 2015 (when i was 18).
Avatar f tn Are you saying your history of ovarian cysts puts you at risk for uterine cancer? Do you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and miss a lot of periods? Other than that, I have not heard of ovarian cysts increasing risk of uterine cancer (or ovarian cancer). Have you tried birth control pills to try to prevent the cysts and regulate your cycles?
Avatar f tn I have read a lot of literature on the subject never come across anything like this - it strikes me as something the doctor made up to make me feel better and/or to cover the fact that they may have seriously messed up my surgery. So here are my questions. 1. Ovarian cancer risks. I read a large study that summarized the long-term follow up from hundreds of dermoid cysts, and this included information on 19 patients with multiple dermoid cysts.
Avatar f tn I am a 47 year old mom of 3 boys, ages 6, 10 and 12. Last month I had a pelvic ultrasound and was told I have 2 complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I wasn't too concerned about it until I "googled" complex ovarian cysts..then I became terrified of ovarian cancer. My GP has scheduled a follow -up ultrasound next Monday (4weeks from the first u/s) I dont't know the size of the cysts or any other details at this point. I am premenopausal, healthy, I exercise and I'm not over weight.
Avatar n tn In answer to your question about ovarian cancer risk due to hereditary factors, I don't know if the risks are the same as far as breast cancer is concerned but was told it's a greater risk if it's a first degree relative - mother, sister or daughter rather than a grandmother. Has anyone else had alot of problems with perimenopause such as fibroids, cysts or endometrial thickening? If so, how did things turn out? Thanks!
1643224 tn?1300894123 http://www.buzzle.com/articles/ovarian-cysts-causes-risks-and-treatments.html In my opinion, since you did not state you needed surgery, I assume that your Dr. thinks the cysts will heal on their own. Because the Radiology Tech noted "numerous" cysts, this may indicate that this has happened during multiple cycles. Although you are young and this isn't expected yet, do you get regular monthly cycles? Have you not had a period for a couple months or longer?
Avatar f tn I too have Ovarian Remnent Syndrome...and have had re-curring cysts in the pelvic area. I too am an Ovarian Cancer survivior, stage 1A. I too have cysts on my kidneys. Now, all that being said, I have had a total of two surgeries and although there are more cysts...the doctors are not too keen on a 3rd sugery because of all the risks. The doctors have also mentioned that some people are just cystic and develop these things....doesn't mean that it is cancer. Not always easy to live with...
Avatar f tn I know some of them could be from the cysts, but I'm not sure that ovarian cysts could cause everything. I'm worried that there might be more going on that this doctor isn't seeing, even though he is a gyn/oncologist. * weight loss of 15 lbs. in one month (without dieting) * lack of appetite * swollen abdomen (even with a weight loss of 23 lbs. since July, the last 15 of which weren't intentional, my tummy is so large that my pants I wore before the weight loss are tight!
311310 tn?1214442997 Size, composition, are they both on one ovary, other factors such as ascites, ask for a CA125 blood test - ask her what her instinct is - she will have one. Even if they remove your ovary you can still go on to have children (here is hoping lol thats where I am) I dont know if I have helped but feel free to ask any more questions!
Avatar f tn I've been perfectly healthy my whole life and now the idea of getting cut open is terrifying to me. What I really want to know is what the recovery is gonna be like? Also are there any major risks during the surgery? Thanks!
Avatar n tn These cysts from tamoxifen stimulation are benign. However there are otehr reasons for ovarian cysts and if they do not go away, they should be removed. However, you should talk with your gyn about the option of prophylactic ally removing your ovaries. You should think about what your risks are for ovarian cancer given your breast cancer history. It may be helpful to consider genetic testing to see if you have the BRCA mutation.
1813956 tn?1316719423 Most range from 2-5 cm and disappear or shrink around the 2nd trimester when it stops sustaining the pregnancy or disappear all together by the time of birth. Ovarian cysts are common, most women get them every cycle when ovulating, however they remain very small and usually burst on their own without them knowing. The risks are minimal until the cyst gets larger than 8 cm.
Avatar f tn hi, I have Ovarian Cyst for 3months now, original size was 4.6cm 1st transvaginal, 6.4cm 2nd Transvaginal, 5.3cm transvaginal this was lat Oct 2017. had recent transvaginal 9.6cm. with IOTA score 2.6% using LRI.suggestive benign. I know its a big cyst and should be removed immediately, but can I delay the operation since I'm a single parent who has 2 small kids and are both studying.I want to wait till the school ends this March, is it safe to wait that long?
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are dealing with this! Most ovarian cysts, even complex ones, are benign. If you do not have a family history of ovarian cancer, then these are likely benign. Plus I have read that ovarian cancer usually does not present on both ovaries at the same time. In the U.S., a woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is less than 2% if she does not have a gene mutation / family history. The characteristics of complex cysts can give a clue. Do you by chance have a copy of the scan report?