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Avatar n tn The only time I've heard of doctors checking previous films was to check previous mammograms, not previous ovarian ultrasounds (at least not 3 years back). It's not just the sizes of cysts that matter, what about the nature of these cysts? If there are solid or irregular featues, that is more likely to prompt a response from the doctor to screen further.
Avatar n tn History: March '05 started w/ a very light period and then heavy prolonged bleeding. Went to the gyn, he didn't feel anything on exam, prescribed meds to get the bleeding to stop, they worked for about 2 weeks, bleeding then continued. When I mentioned constant cramping was sent for a pelvic ultrasound (ab & transvaginal). Results came back showing bilateral ovarian cysts.
Avatar f tn I am a 47 year old mom of 3 boys, ages 6, 10 and 12. Last month I had a pelvic ultrasound and was told I have 2 complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I wasn't too concerned about it until I "googled" complex ovarian cysts..then I became terrified of ovarian cancer. My GP has scheduled a follow -up ultrasound next Monday (4weeks from the first u/s) I dont't know the size of the cysts or any other details at this point. I am premenopausal, healthy, I exercise and I'm not over weight.
178783 tn?1197303699 Before Ashley was first diagnosed, she felt fine. No symptoms, no real discomfort. In July, she had some cramping during menstration, easily explainable and not severe enough to raise an issue. In October she had a slight backache, but had slept on a hardwood floor the night before, so easily explainable and not severe enough to raise an issue. Nov. 29, she said she had some swelling, it was at her diaphram, very slight, barely noticable. No pain with it, no discomfort.
Avatar n tn I know they are experts, but I also know that until it's out, there is no guarantee what's in the cysts. We don't know what was in the cyst that ruptured or it's size. I just want them out and almost feel prepared to do something to aggravate the cysts into either rupturing or twisting. I am not worried about the contents being let loose in my body, because it's already happened. Does anyone have similar experience?
Avatar f tn Then the poor patient, who would have had contained Stage 1 cancer removed (in open surgery) and no need for chemo, was now at a more advanced stage of cancer that has spread and needs treatment. Laparoscopy is the less invasive procedure, yet some doctors are so worried about the above occurring they will refuse to remove certain cysts via laparoscopy. That's how my doctor felt, and he is a gyn/onc with massive experience even though none of my US results or CA-125 indicated cancer.
Avatar f tn Andi, it is so frightening when you have a child and no other parent involved. Right now I am more worried about her and what will happen to her if something happens to me. That is why I know that I need to be as informed as I possibly can. The doctor suggested I begin with chemo and then have the debulking and then more chemo. Is your surgery close to someone who can help you? That is a long distance. Have they said if they suspect cancer?
Avatar n tn you may have what is called an ovarian remnant syndrome where residual ovarian tissue forms cysts. or it could be that you have cysts of the lining of your abdominal wall.
Avatar f tn made an appointment to see a urologist to review my CT scan and to completely rule out a kidney stone. His findings matched: no kidney stone, but suggested that since I was still feeling so much pain to see my OBGYN and to also have a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. He said it could be something related to my gull bladder or appendix. Now I had two referrals to have a pelvic ultrasound. At this point I started taking pain meds. But was feeling like the pain was actually getting worse.
Avatar f tn So I saw her on Tuesday, the pain was still a 7, bleeding, no bowel movements and painful to pee. She got concerned about my appendix, did CT, ab ultrasound, vag ultrasound, then upper ab ultrasound after fluid was seen. She started me on a serious dose of anti-biotics until she could review all the scans. Today she said I have bilateral complex cysts, blood in my tummy and some free flowing complex fluid.
Avatar n tn I've had 2 check-ups with no cysts found throughout this ordeal. Neither of the Oncologists I'm working with think surgery is necessary.
556467 tn?1225381291 I feel stupid asking this but can ovarian cysts cause severe lower back pain and abdominal cramping even after a partial hysterectomy? A CT scan (to look at liver b/c of pain under right side rib cage and elevated liver enzymes) showed bilateral cysts on both ovaries. I am scheduled to see my Gyn and have a US on Nov. 3rd. The pain is getting worse and I didn't know if I should try to see the Gyn sooner or if this might be something different going on. Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn If you have a combination (ruptured cyst and still one or more other non-ruptured cysts), it could cause a whole variety of symptoms, including alternating constipation/diarrhea, pain, bloating, and other disturbances that make one think they have gastro-intestinal/digestive disorders when really it's all the side effects of cyst(s) pressing on intestines and bowels, bladder, urinary tract, and nerves (sending pain signals to the back and legs and elsewhere).
Avatar f tn Gyn requested hospital records of hysterectomy.......confirmed both ovarys were removed....no endo or cysts were ever mentioned to me. No prior abdominal surgerys so I should not have had adhesions or scar tissue at time of hysterectomy.. My gyn said the mass was probably an ovary fragment and all was normal. I am worried that the mass may be adhearing to my intestine causing the pain I have been experiencing each day (in rectum/vigina area) about half hour befor bowel movement.
Avatar n tn Another approach is to try and suppress the remnant that is making a painful cyst by birth control pills or by Lupron. Your question is a good one. What is the risk of ovarian cancer in an ovarian remnant? Are you at risk for cancer in this remnant given that you have experienced a cancer in an ovary before? There is not alot of guidance from the literature. It looks like there are around 7 published cases. That suggests that it is rare.
Avatar f tn I am 36 years old 5ft 6 and weigh 13 stone before my last csection in 2014 I always was abit over weight around 11 stone since having my csection in 2014 also had a tubal tie at this time I noticed a small bump asked my doctor was told it was a hernia it became pretty large so I had a hernia repair in 2015 12 months after csection I was over the moon but had infection fluid was leaking from the wound and I was like this for two years at first the pain was impossible constant dressing changes ant
363281 tn?1518219421 Right ovary ovarian dimensions are 18 x 10 x17 mm (volume 1.6mL) The left ovary is normal in appearance. No free fluid seen. CONCLUSION: On this examination, the structure in the right corneal region is convincingly the right ovary and is not a small degenerating fibroid as was considered possible on the prior exams. The right adnexal mass is unchanged. The right ovary is positioned between the mass and the uterus, but the fundus does approach the medial margin of the mass more superiorly.
Avatar f tn no kidney stone, but suggested that since I was still feeling so much pain to see my OBGYN and to also have a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. He said it could be something related to my gull bladder or appendix. Now I had two referrals to have a pelvic ultrasound. At this point I started taking pain meds. But was feeling like the pain was actually getting worse. I could still feel the cramping, twisting and sometimes sharp pain through the meds!
662103 tn?1237999917 Appendectomy when i was 10 Ceasarian 3X (1998, 2001, 2003) Subtotal Hysterectomy Left Ooperectomy NOW HERE IS THE LATEST TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND I HAD 4 DAYS AGO Transvaginal scan shows normal size cervix with nabothian cysts largest=1.0 X 0.9cm. The Uterine corpus and left ovary is surgically absent. The right ovary is normal in size with a unilocular cystic structure with irregular thickened border, measuring 1.5 X 1.4cm could be a Corpus luteum.
Avatar f tn I hope that my case will turn out as well as hers. I have been reading about various types of ovarian cysts and having trouble figuring out, being post menopausal, what type of cyst I may have. Is it possible for a woman who has been post menopausal for quite a few years to have a luteum or follicular cyst that formed prior to menopause and then grew slowly in the following years? Or is it more likely to be one of the other types of cysts?
Avatar f tn I been having back pain, side pain under rib cage, pressure in my uterus, spikey pain in my ovary/hip area, nausea, and frequent urination. worried sick and feel terribly alone! Any input would be great. My problems with ovarian cysts started this past January where I had a US/TVUS that found a complex cyst the size of a small lemon. My Obgyn was confident it would go away on it's own.
Avatar n tn And why does it seem like the doctors are trying to cover up things from me? I was told if I got a complete hsterectomy I would have no more female problems, now a year later here is problems. Please tell me what my next step should be?
Avatar n tn showed a 2cm cyst w/septation on R ovary. uterus, L ov normal July: showed no cysts, but a '6mm hypoechoic area within the myometrium, possibly representing a small fibroid, or a focus of adenomyosis'(what's that?
Avatar n tn complete hysterectomy, exploratory surgery, and the diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer Stage III C. We, on this site, are here for you. No dr. can tell you when you are going to die. Please know we, that have been diagnosed with this insidious disease, really feel your pain, anguish, disbelief, horror, denial, sadness....it is so real, all the emotions. It takes months to even come to grips with these different emotions. And they change, and you have constant mood swings....it is the worst!
Avatar n tn Hi, I posted my question earlier on 19.11.2006. Dear Mommy2four, you were right. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually having problem with my hormone. I finally manage to do my D&C and Hyterescopy & the report came back with no malinancy seen. Doctor said its due to my hormone inbalance and prescribed me with a medication "NORCUTIN". I can't find any info on this drug.
Avatar n tn I'm 34 and have very little history of cancer in the family, but a lot of my aunts have had various ovarian cysts, mostly dermoid. When I was 31 and pregnant with my 4th child, they found a large cyst (9cm) in my left ovary during my 8 wk ultrasound. I had follow up US's to monitor it, and when it didn't change, they ended up removing it at 19 weeks (I also had the option to wait until delivery and have a c-sec and remove it then). (My baby was fine...it's amazing what they can do!
363281 tn?1518219421 Other facts pointing to the likelihood of this being benign are that you have no family history of OC and ovarian cysts are common even after menopause and are almost always benign. A U.S. woman's lifetime risk of OC is less than 2%. Many ovarian cysts resolve on their own and just need to be monitored via ultrasound.
Avatar n tn I know they my GYN/ONC will not see someone because they have ovarian cysts, he requires either a referral, or will review someone's medical records before committing to an appointment. If you have any doubts with your current doctors, then I suggest a 2nd opinion and if you can get one from a GYN/ONC, that is even better. While most ovarian cysts are benign, I also agree with Dian, you only have one chance to get it right. Good luck everyone on your up coming surgeries....
Avatar n tn No more bleeding and no cramping. Then I went in at 8 weeks and saw my baby with a great heartbeat!! I had brown spotting for 4 more weeks, but at 12 weeks everything was completely normal and healthy. The bleeding was caused by my placenta lifting up at the edge a little. This is fairly common and usually everything turns out okay. So, there's one story. No false reassurance---it really could turn out to be just fine for you!!! Like it did for me and many others on here.
Avatar n tn I haven't ever been this late so I called my doctor and asked her what she thought. I have to pain, no spotting, no sores, regular bowel movements, no soreness or redness, no stinky discharge and am almost positive I am not pregnant. I have taken 7 urine test and 3 blood tests. I am so confused. I have been stressed but I don't think that stressed. I don't have the signs of any STD's but I need some comfort. My gyno told me to relax and said to come in in February.