Ovarian cysts and groin pain

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Avatar f tn Pain in the area, sometimes heavier periods, and if the cyst is large a swelling on one side near the groin can happen. 90% of ovarian cysts resolve (fix) by themselves. If you are having any thing like the symptoms I mentioned go to the doctor who will do an ultrasound. Ovarian cysts sometimes need surgery. In rare cases they can turn to cancer.
Avatar n tn Hi. I have multiple cysts on my left ovary that are little over 2cm and causing pain in my groin,lower back and leg. I have had a hysterectomy and removal of my right ovary 5yrs ago. I am 41yrs old and menopausal. I can't focus and in constant pain along with suffering from incontinence due to this enlarged cystic ovary I also suffer from IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). Should I just ask the doctor to remove my remaining ovary to end this suffering?
Avatar f tn I started to get my period almost every 10 days, give or take a couple and it lasts longer than usual. I have low back pain, leg and hip pain, and groin pain in my left groin. I am bloated and I get fairly bad abdominal pain and/or indigestion. I also have been going between diarrhea and constipation. And I have to urinate a lot. I've also been having a little shortness of breath, which seems to show up after I have eaten an then feel more bloated than before I have eaten.
Avatar n tn Can you get ovarian cysts anytime during a pg??? I am having stabbing pains on my left pelvic area that cramps into in my upper thigh and groin. Could this be what that is?? If so could it cause m/c??? I am 17 weeks and I cannot lose a baby this far along. Please help if possible. Chloe congrats on a possible boy. They said the same thing to me so maybe we will have boys together. I want to wish you all a SAFE & HAPPY EASTER also!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I have had a cat scan in Oct. 06 and then a vus every 3 months after and they have multiplied and have daughter cysts attached to them. You can't even see my ovaries because of so many cysts. My doctor said some have septations in them and are now complex. He wants to remove my ovaries next month. I have alot of bloating, pain in the abdomen and groin area penetrating down my legs and feeling full after a small amount of food, whether it be a handful of chips or anything.
Avatar n tn I have had a hysteroscopy (Oct) and NovaSure (March), and I am still having periods. The pain in my ovary area is killing me. I had my gall bladder removed on the same day I had the NovaSure. A week later, I was having major pain in RLQ and so I went to the ER. They did an x-ray to rule out appendicitis. They found a bone island in my pelvis the size of a quarter. I went back to my doctor and he ordered a CT scan. It showed cysts on my ovaries about 2 cm in size.
Avatar m tn For the past 4 almost 5 months I've been experiencing severe right side groin pain, lower back pain and pain going down the inner part of my upper thigh. My husband took me to the ER about 2 months ago and they said that I "probably" had a cyst that ruptured. ll continued to have pretty bad pain. I finally went to the doctors about 3 months into it and they scheduled a pelvic ultrasound which showed multiple (6-8) ovarian cysts and a lot of free flowing fluid in that area.
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with abdomen pain (which at times can be quite severe), lower back pain, right hip pain (in the groin/joint area), fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and pain when having a bowel movement. I was referred to a GI specialist who ordered a CT of the abdomen and pelvis. The only thing that came back was a "4.9 cm well defined, thin walled cystic lesion at midline in posterior culdesac?...possible GI duplication cyst?....unclear....endemetrioma is not excluded....
Avatar n tn It could be a variety of things, from cysts to pulled muscles, (my dad pulled his groin muscle and he said he got spasms there too). Best thing to do is go get it checked out by your physician. All we can do is give advice of what it could be, but they can definately tell you what it is. Good luck!
Avatar n tn hi im new here reallyworried went for transvaginal ultrasound not had periods for 2 months im usually every 28 days radioligist says i had slight thickening on uterus im 42 and 33mm cyst on left ovary got back to my doctor says everything normal because i wasnt bleeding but started bleeding that lasted for 3 weeksstopped for 4 days then started again for 5 days stopped again pain in left groin and numbness down leg and buttock area waiting to go to gyne anybody help thanks carolin
Avatar n tn HI, I have been experiencing some groin discomfort on & off for a few months now, and I was wondering if you can have groin pain from an enlarged cyst on an ovary. I recently found out that the cyst I have is 5.5cm, and the groin pain seems to come & go with my cycles, & they're both on the same side.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had cysts return and return that quickly?? The pain is getting worse and worse and the agonizing pain in my hip and groin is also returning. During and after sex is becoming more and more uncomfortable and painful. I am confused as to how a problem with my colon can cause the exact same pain as prior to surgery and hip pain... I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2007 and it came back just fine. A little insight would be great. The pain is starting to affect my work day.
Avatar f tn i feel confident the problem is ovarian cysts from the pain she is describing. she is pretty non-functional w/ the discomfort. i am treating w/ motrin/tylenol every three hours. she had 10 days of pain, followed by 2 days of feeling great. 5 days of pain w/ one day of relief. 5 days of pain w/ another day or two of relief. we have been seeing our regular pediatrician for this but now feel we are getting nowhere. are continual cysts dangerous for a child?
Avatar n tn The main thing that bothers me is the pain that radiates through my groin and down my left thigh at the front. It's excrutiating and this comes from someone who has had degenarative annulus bulging in 3 discs in my spine for 12 years! I guess we shall just have to wait and see.
Avatar n tn I have been under antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, all kind of patent chinese herbs and (vile tasting) dried herbs.I am still left with the sharp groin pain. The pain is wearing me down and prevents me from moving on and lack of definite diagnostic and progress costs me a lot of money I do not have. Help! What is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Well here I go again and in complete agony just 5 months post op after 14cm left ovarian cyst which stuck my bladder and bowel down, and at the time I was fobbed off by my surgeon, it all came to a standstill when my bowel and bladder virtually stopped working, when ever I tried to open my bladder i would hear a large clicking noise, my surgeon told me this was nonsence and sent me home 2 weeks later i had to have an emergency op, the cyst was begnin, my recovery has been very slow and painful,
Avatar n tn Dear Kim How you would manage your chronic pain and recurrent ovarian cysts which i assume are from endometriosis will depend on how old you are and whether or not you are trying to have children. For women with your history who have completed child bearing, the most effective solution is to consider the surgical removal of your uterus and both tubes and ovaries. This will cure endometriosis.
Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old female and have had left sided groin pain for about 1 and a half years. My GYN thought it was due to ovarian cysts and endometriosis and I had a hysterectomy in May 99 to remove all but my right ovary. After the hysterectomy, I continued to experience this pain in my left groin and the top of my thigh. It seems to bother me the most when I am on my feet for long periods of time or sit for long periods of time. Bothers me the least when lying flat.
Avatar n tn They hurt BAD!!!! I have had so much pain the past nine months that i feel like i am going crazy. And my cyct is gone and still there is a lot of pain. Some say that after they are gone they leave wounds... Good luck and I deffinetly shar your pain.
Avatar n tn Hey there Penny. Back pain is soooo common with ovarian cysts! It seems they press on everything. I am glad that you are seeing a gyn/onc. Believe me, they are no strangers to what is going on inside of you. Although 99% of ovarian cysts, tumors, and masses are benign, you are very wise to seek medical attention. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn he examined me more thoroughly and told me my urine wasnt infected and the such as back and groin pain may be due to ovarian cysts and told me to have another follow up with my GP and that i may need a scan. i am generally feeling fatigued and washed out...the dull pain is nagging and im feeling dizzy and near to fainting at times. i am getting tired of being fobbed off by my own GP and would like to know if these are possible symptoms of ovarian cysts ....
Avatar f tn I have a history of ovarian cysts (had an ultrasound at 15, they found a cyst and put me on birth control; i was only on it for a year then stopped because it made my eyes very dry). I also have a history of painful periods, about 1-2 days pain, which are unbearable. I started taking birth control, Loesterin 24FE, approximately 3 years ago because I was in a relationship. I stopped taking the Loesterin in mid September because i lost my insurance and do not get new insurance until November 1.
Avatar n tn Hi, I agree with Tascha you definently need to make an appointment with a gynecologist. I also have mild endometriosis and the symptoms are very simular to ovarian cysts. Have your symptoms changed within the past few months? I'm also experiencing simular symptoms to you. I put on 25 kgs in a space of 2 months, my stomach was and still is so bloated that I look as though I'm 8 months pregnant, and the bloating has left me with stretch marks on the lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn i dunno what to tell u but i had the same problom there was fluid in my side and it had been a cyst that bursted it had took them 4 years to diagnose me with haveing ovarian cysts they didnt know till i was in a great deal of pain and had went to the ER and thats what they found but since u dont ahve anything im guessing that u dont have ovarian cysts but maybe u can still get cysts there. idk.
Avatar f tn I am having the same things and they did colposcopy and endometrial biopy on me and i had ultra sound done and thy sd i have acyst but also have abnormal tissue in there and they are running tests on it in the lab.. have they checked for abnormal tissue?
Avatar f tn Inflammation or infection of the large intestine can at times be responsible for groin pain as can ovarian cysts. Spinal structure issues can also cause hip or groin pain as can a lingering kidney stone(s). The list is long. I initially had groin and hip pain when I first developed chronic pain that was later diagnosed as SIJ (sacroiliac joint) Dysfunction. Sitting was next to impossible when it flares. I wish I had a more conclusive answer(s) for you. There are just too many possibilities.
Avatar n tn Just hoping that someone will read this and perhaps shed some light on my problem. I have Stage 4 Ovarian cancer, and it's just been discovered that I had a cancerous lymph node in the groin. My Surgeon tells me that this is not a common place for ovca to travel. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen....or knows of anyone who has had this, and how did they treat it. At this stage, I'm not sure if it's isolated to the one node or not. Any responses are most welcome. Thankyou.
Avatar n tn You mention "severe back pain,leg pain, numbness and pain in vaginal/rectum areas and inner left thigh and bladder and bowel probs" and since you quote your doc as describing you as a lady, I guess we can assume you are female. :) I've been spending some time over in the ovarian cancer support forum, and the symptoms you describe sound like some of the gyn problems discussed over there, many of which are not actually cancer, but things like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 40 years old and have recurrent endometriotic hemorrhagic ovarian cysts in both my ovaries. I was given a shot of Depo Provera about a month ago. I'm experiencing pain in my lower abdomen constantly. The pain radiates down the side of the groin so to the medial side of both the thighs. I've gone to the ER twice with this pain and they sent me home after giving strong painkillers. My question is if this pain I am having issues normal.