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Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I noticed a knot on my clavicle to the right of the "angle of Louis" . Recently I notice it has grown and spread in size. Should this be something to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn According to my surgeon he found chipped away bone from the clavicle, which is why the bump formed it. It is just ossification of the clavicle, which usually ossifies before other bones. You probably damaged your clavicle sometime in your life, but never new until you got older and the osteoarthritis started setting it. Basically, you think the bump formed a year ago, when in fact, it has been around longer than your think. Just notice because it is starting to hurt you, which is normal.
Avatar n tn Pain at the back of right ear suggest, some kind of nerve compression at the exit from the cervical rib. As you are computer specialists and have to be in one posture for long, also points that it might be related. You need to see an orthopaedician and if possible a neurologist to rule out any pathological state. X-ray of cervical ribs will help to come to some conclusion. Examination by a specialist is foremost important.
Avatar f tn My 46 year old son has bony growths on each clavicle near the sternum. Nuclear scan gave diagonsis of plasmacytoma, but Incisional biopsy revealed no malignancy. Dr. who did biopsy said he removed "chunks" of bony and soft tissue during the procedure and called it osteoarthritis.. But the growths of growing again. Biopsy was about 4 weeks ago. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Degeneration causes the cartilage that cushions the joint to wear out. This type of arthritis is called osteoarthritis. Doctors sometimes refer to this type of arthritis as arthrosis. There are some really good weg sites on Osteoarthritis. It might be worth the time to investigate this because of your symptoms. Please take care and good luck with everything. Let us know what the outcome is.
17845748 tn?1460669562 if the reverse replacement fails (a regular shoulder replacement has the reverse replacement to try if the initial surgery fails). This is of concern because the life of the reverse shoulder replacement is only 20 years. Let me say that I understand his reluctance, I respect and agree with his reasoning. Since it's bone on bone, how much worse will it get to make the surgery more necessary? Thanks for reading my saga, I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas that you may have.
Avatar f tn There is a chance that she has bursitis of the shoulder joint (inflammation of the lining of joint) or rotator cuff injury while swimming or multiple joint arthritis as seen in osteoarthritis. Pain in legs could be due to over exercise causing compartment syndrome or due to deep vein thrombosis or due to painful joints. Compression of spinal nerves in the lumbar region too cause pain in the legs.
Avatar f tn In that case I have multiple symptoms. Each has been diagnosed seperatly and for the most part none is being treated. It is my belief that is because I have no insurance or capital even thogh I am a full time student and part time receptionist.
543791 tn?1216385377 I'm pretty sure I had a right clavicle fracture a few years ago but was discouraged by friends because there was no outward signs of injury. Last July I found swelling over the inside of my collar bone. There is crepitus when I raise and bring forward my right arm. Also have great pain bending forward, like a tendon (?) gets caught and has to snap back into place before I can straighten!
192055 tn?1263559137 When I was 19, after basic training and AIT, I started having a lot of neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. I went to the doctor again... turns out the pain was coming from my collarbone- everytime it dislocated, it was irritating my muscles and nerves. I found an amazing heart surgeon that was willing to do my surgery- no if's and's or but's about it! When he first cut me open, the doc found the muscle just floating around (The muscle that held my joint together.
Avatar n tn There are small osteophytes arising from the medial end of the left clavicle, in keeping with osteoarthritis as seen on prior MRI. There is hyperintense fat-saturated T2 signal in the central aspect of the right clavicle (series 7, image 3/35 and series 9, image 7/14), suggestive of marrow edema. In addition, there is thin, linear hypointense signal in the medial clavicle (series 8, 10 and 13; images 7/14), that may represent non-displaced fracture. Suprasternal fat pad is maintained.
Avatar f tn Emphasema (A-1 antitrypsin type), Degenerative Disc Disorder, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis, Endometreosis/Endometreitis, Osteoarthritis, TMJ, Nodules on lungs, Thickening in left Axilla, Swollen Lymph Node without infection in left Clavicle, Lesion at Dome of Liver, chronic UTIs with blood & protien, Migraines, Anemia, high Cholesterol,high WBC (barely but consistantly), low & high MCH.
Avatar f tn I have type 2 diabetes. Degenerative Osteoarthritis, osteopenia. Over a year ago partial tear in my achilles tendon.C5-6 disectomy and fusion Right shoulder acromioplasty, miscroscopic nissan fundiplacation. Hysterectomy, Appendectomy. Right & left carpal tunnel syndrome. Multiple EMG's NCS, etc. etc. etc. Rapid heart rate,, slight enlargment of right ventricale. Seeing Cardiologist on Oct 11. My question, (yes, I'm finally getting to it) is this. What type doctor should I be seeing?
Avatar m tn yet all my symptoms were indicative of just 1 condition. and that was a herniated or rupture of a lumbar disk. anyway, my problem continues to worsen as my shoulder now locks from time to time at my clavical and i cant even grasp a fork or spoon to eat with half the time. everything im typing is done with my left hand because it hurts to much to try and use my right.
Avatar f tn I know that the chances of really bad news are minimal - read lots of literature, but it's not like talking to real people who are also dealing with this. The only person I have known who has had a thyroid problem was my sister's mom-in-law who last October was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and she died in November! I know that it was a very rare form of cancer, but it scared me then and I didn't even know I had a lump then!
Avatar n tn For me, the neck issues are the most disconcerting of any of my post-tx problems, and really detract from my quality of life. So I would appreciate hearing from forum members as to whether you have NOT had any of these problems, or if you have, how would you describe them. How frequent, how severe, and how widespread in physical location. Also, please mention if you have or have not treated in the past, and if you are now SVR.
Avatar n tn Additionally, she has had X-Rays that revealed the development of osteoarthritis in both her right shoulder and right wrists in areas which she has exhibited signs of severe and constant pain in both areas...most especially when these areas are moved. We feel that these issues may be contributing factors in the difficulties she has had in fully participating and progressing while in her physical therapy sessions.
552681 tn?1215136132 The numbness continued to the point that I lost use of the arm and it extended down into my right foot and leg and eventually into the right side of my face. Thinking that I was experiencing a stroke, my primary MD transferred me to a larger hospital where I underwent an MRI of my Head and Carotid U/S, and nothing was found at that time that could explain what was happening to me.
Avatar n tn I have bulging discs and osteoarthritis and the avascular necrosis. The hip pain has been the worst of what I have experienced. The Dr's tell me having my hips replaced will cure most of the pain. I am now bone on bone , no cartiledge with cysts. I am just worried I have waited too long as now I have lost my muscle tone am not able to exercise at all now, sleeping more than an hour or so at a time is not possible most nights. My legs have a weird feeling now are numb and my feet and tingle.
Avatar n tn The muscle relaxant my md gave me to try for a week last spring worked the best for the pain, but put me to sleep so I discontinued it. I went to a neurologist in August bec of 5 months of pain. It is located in front of ears, behind jaws, radiating up to eyes and down to throat--adams apple and the back of my neck feels stiff. I have since had periods of double vision, ears ringing or throbbing, and increasing difficulty swallowing.
Avatar f tn I had some shortness of breath and just sat for a moment and tried to catch my breath. I have osteoarthritis in the neck and spine, sit at a computer all day and happened to be stressed and feeling a little under the weather. I've had previous episodes of my chest tightening up for no reason and then the feeling goes away.
Avatar n tn For years I've been having occasional episodes where small areas of my skin feel sore and tender. It tends to be on my torso somewhere, but I think I've experienced it on my upper legs and rear end as well. Right now it's an area starting at my spine below my ribcage, and wrapping around my side to the front a bit. It's a sensation that my skin is raw, as if it's been scraped or carpet-burned.
211940 tn?1267884866 nor does it start in the shoulder as in the case of bursitis mentioned above. It starts and ends in the middle of my humerous, on the outside side (away from my body). Your posting is the first I have found that offers anything close to a similar symptom.
Avatar f tn I have been having all the symptoms you guys refer to since as far back as I can remember (I'm 54). I am teaching my students of my theory of the super importance of the Vagus Nerve. I am currently conducting research into this and how energy medicine can help. I'm astounded with what I see and how it all seems to relate back to the Vagus Nerve and more. Keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 yr female and recently been having some issues. Of which include bursting vessels in wrists, hands, arms, elbow joint. etc. I have pain then I instantly get the reddish bruise (which fades in days). I also get deeper pains but never see a bruise to accompany it. I also have petachie on my arms, legs, & upper chest. I have lost over 30 lbs without changing anything in my diet over the last 5 months. I am now eating high fat to keep from losing more.
Avatar n tn All fusion surgeries carry a risk of permanent post-op pain, and it appears that the likelihood of such pain increases as you move up the spine. Perhaps this is due to the very high density of fine nerve fibers in the head and neck region. Part of the problem lies in the fact that to obtain access to the regions to be fused, large quantities of otherwise unrelated nerve fibers are subject to trauma as they are pulled and pinned back to clear the working field for the surgeon.