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506791 tn?1439842983 s sterile and will not ruin the wine if it is drawn into the jug. All wine has some level of sulfites, it is a by-product of fermentation.
Avatar f tn I know I have previously posted on this site and that I have OCD about HIV...but I had a recent experience that I was curious to know if any nurses or phlebotomists can comment on... I had a rapid HIV (Oraquick advance) test performed at a NYS dept. of health STD clinic. Anyway, the phlebotomist seemed to have a bad attitude altogther and was not very friendly. Before she pricked my finger, I looked at the tray table where she had the materials needed to perform the test.
Avatar f tn was drinking wine probably a lil to much went to sleep woke up with the fast heart beat
Avatar m tn t alive to been with and they are looking for antibodies to HIV not for the virus itself. The test tubes are never open. They all have a stopper in the tops.
1052633 tn?1311872678 s opened you only have 28 days to use it. It also has a stopper type thing on the tip. however, if it has never been open/used, it is good.
323243 tn?1211407409 Holy cow everyone, I'm nervous as heck, that or its all the caffine I just downed. My surgery has been moved up. I'm going in this MONDAY/11-26. Im not looking forward to the sternotomy, AVR and possible aorta replacement. Please pray for me, this may be the hardest thing I'll ever do. I just have to take a deep breath and take a step out in faith. peace.
Avatar n tn hello everyone i have a question about the open heart surgery my father made an open heart surgery 10myears ago, and now doctors r saying that he needs to make a second one i didn't find anything on the web about a second time open heart surgery he is 65 years old anybody tell me anything plz
Avatar f tn Had to expect that. Made Quorn in mushroom and wine sauce last night, course as the bottle was open I had to have a glass or two. Haven't had any alcohol for weeks so felt a little tired after but managed to hold on to my self control when everyone else was tucking into snacks - even if I was a little grumpy about it! So I'm pleased with myself for that. Will be good today, feel like I'm on the edge of a good drop, hope I'm right.
Avatar n tn Thought I could handle it. Wayne stopped me as I started to open a 3rd bottle. (I had drank 1 on my own.) Ended up falling asleep in Michael's bed. Michael was mad at me.
Avatar f tn We just found out i was pregnant, i quite smoking cold turkey, and im only 5weeks acording to the chart my baby doeant even have a heart beat. I was told with my first pregnancy that it was safe, and good for the babies heart beat to have 1 glass of red wine only a day.
Avatar f tn Yes it's good for the heart but it still has alcohol in it that's bad for the baby. Trust me! Take it from someone who misses her red wine and sangria DEEPLY!!
Avatar n tn Thanks. My boyfriend of 29 just underwent open heart surgery to have his aortic valve replaced. It was a congenital defect. He will now be taking Coumadin for the rest of him life, he's only 29. The risks and maintenance sound overwhelming. What about alcohol consumption? Can he ever have a beer or a glass of wine again? In moderation? Or ever? I am not sure if he will approach his Dr. with this question.
Avatar n tn Since this is an open forum I would like to see if everyone would put there own little 2cents in and let everyone else know(if not too personal)what helps them get throught there w/d be it long term or short. My self, I like listing to Trey Anastasio,Phish,and widespread panic. I also like The World of Outlaws sprint car racing, And watching Stanley Kubrick movies. these are just a few things that i feel theraputic twards my long term recovery. all fer now!
Avatar n tn Do any of you ladies know anything about drinking wine during pregnancy? I've had a couple friends tell me red wine is fine in moderation. One glass on a night. Anyone have any doctor tell them that is ok? I haven't drank any. Just curious...
Avatar f tn My OB (Who has had her firm for 21 years told me she did not agree with any drinking while pregnant.
Avatar m tn Non-binge drinking of alcohol such as wine is not known to be detrimental to the heart. Actually, small doses of wine on a regular basis is thought to improve heart health. If you are noticing increased heart rhythm after imbibing you may be reacting to the sulfides in the wine moreso than the alcohol. Also, while alcohol in small doses is not considered a health threat in the general populace, ANYTHING can be a problem for the individual.
Avatar f tn Like I want to celebrate my birthday so I'm think I can have a little wine seance it's good for your heart and I'm not drinking to get trashed but Its not like a fish bowl cup it would be maybe a 1/2 of a cup or less what are s one thoughts on it
Avatar m tn When i did a PFT on the treadmill my doctor noticed that my oxygen saturation went to the mid 80s and I could hardly keep my eyes open, it felt like i was going to pass out. They put me on oxygen for 30 min. which improved only a few percent. Since then I have done both a resting echo and a stress echo of my heart both trying to determine the cause of this. Both came back fine. My doctor is at a loss and is not putting out any effert.
Avatar n tn is it safe to have a wine spritzer (1/2 wine, 1/2 club soda)? I know alcohol is never recommended, by any stretch, but I'd just like to wet my lips, you know? I've been otherwise veyr good, eating well, taking my prenatals, exercising etc. Any harm? Thanks for your input!
Avatar n tn My wife has a tracheostormy tube inplace for several month and now we are planning to remove it but when ever we put a stopper on the tube she feels like she stop breathing and I feel she is not making it up because her situation start changing and she looks suffocated. I don't know what to do now.s this a trauma in trachea and it is swellon or what may be the case please advice.
Avatar f tn If you drink a glass of red wine then its healthy for your heart. One glass once in while will not harm you or the baby.
453731 tn?1225199508 Hello... I was only 19 when I had my first open heart surgery, I am now 29 and needing the 4th one... The first two OHS were both mitral valve repair, the 3rd one was a mitral valve replacement (porcine valve) all due to mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation. I just recently had a baby (now 4 1/2 mos old via an emergency C-section) and am now in bad need of my 4th OHS due to severe mitral valve stenosis accompanied by a moderate pulmonary hypertension.
1102528 tn?1257811511 IN Jan my husband had open heart and in aug i had a rupture that got me a colostomy. I am just so depressed over this, I don't know if i.m coming or going. 1 thing i did was stop smoking, haven't smoked sence aug, i know i'm going back under the knift so it's not all that hard. I;ll finsih this tomorrow ONE WONDERFUL THING THAT HAPPENED WAS WE GOT A GRANDSON. HE IS OUR FIRST, AND EVEN WITH THIS WONDERFUL BABY, I STILL FEEL SO ALL ALONE.